Sonic Drive-In

8002 N 43rd Ave, Glendale
(623) 934-2700

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Staff are really friendly and i can never complain about the slushies ((: if u are hungry their food is also really good too

Angelica Espinoza

Manager on duty as if 1139am REFUSES to provide her name. All I wanted to do was thank Her for doing as asked. I asked. I’ve called MANY times before NEVA had issue with others when I asked names.. except THIS Manager was be rude! I may reconsider ordering in the future from THIS SONIC! just cuz of her ugliness.. dam shame!

Jamie Newman

Friendly staff, quick paced, best place to get a refreshing cherry limeade!


Usually this place has well mannered staff. But today, the gentlemen who took my order was very kind, then the young woman who came out to bring my food mustve been having a bad day. She brought my food out, took my card and food back with her to run my card, then she came back gave me the food and my card back. Then I asked her for ketchup and it seemed like it was a hassle for her. I was very polite saying please and thank you, and she didnt have anything to say. Young people have no manners anymore! Kinda disappointed that I dont want to come back to a place I like because of the staff who will be serving me. Hopefully someone talks to her. Obviously, I love the food Great fast food and burgers.

Rayquaza Zeazer

This breakfast at this place disappoints me..The bacon, egg and cheese sandwich was soggy and burnt but it was okay..but the tea was good at least, and I will admit there was a HUGE amount of ice in my drink which was pointless-But at least the drive thru speaker was nice and legit spoke like someone at an auction house-My rating? 4/10.

Lorena Hendricks

Burnt bun and the slushie was weak. Disappointed. I usually don't come to this Sonic and will try to go to a different one next time.

Tammy Bevins

As usual Sonic staff were friendly & fast even though it was 10 minutes before closing. I could have been the first customer of the day. Food was delicious!

Jessica W.

I used to love Sonic and go regularly. The past few times I've gone I've been VERY DISAPPOINTED. It's like going to a high school hangout. My order is never correct and when I don't tip due to the lack of listening, professionalism, and customer service they get an attitude.

S Davito

They constantly mess up our orders ?? The person taking the order understands and rings it correctly.. But from the moment after that not sure how it always gets messed up!! But the managers are always quick to help and handle the errors.. Thank you:)

S Haner

We waited awhile after pressing the button on the menu but Christan came out with our food pretty quick and was very sweet and friendly, id go back to this Sonic because of him☺️

Angelica Martinez

Please do not come to this sonics . We went through the drive through and Illiana the manager took our order . After waiting 10 minutes I asked for them to confirm my order and apparently no one took my order. I asked to speak to the manager and guess who the manager was ? Ilianna. She denied ever taking our order and instead of making it right she continued to argue how she never took anyone's order . 20 minutes later we get out order and the order was wrong. I asked for the manager Above Ileana but she was too busy to speak to us. Poor customer service.

Matt K.

My husband pleaded with me to get out of bed after looking on the online menu at a few shakes. Also to my surprise they had a Reese's overload blast which is my thang. So I go and pick up make the trip home to find some very unsatisfactory product . Brownie batter shake just had brownie chunks . Reese's overload blast was definitely not overloaded infact it was vanilla ice cream with Reese's dust and a few Reese's pieces on top nothing like the picture at all Husbands pissed . Will be buying ice cream tomorrow to make our own at home . Yay! No more late night drives for me .

Joshua Hall

I had to tell the kid working the drive thru my order about 3 times and he never would confirm my order. I asked for mayo on the burger I ordered and there was none on it. I get it though it was 10:00pm and probably past his bedtime. Getting 4 stars only because the food was better than McDonalds which isn't saying much. The kids that work there need to treat ever customer like it's their first one of the day.

Joanna Lyons


Shannon Schillereff

Order taker was also the car hop. Think he was new, but very pleasant and service was quick. Food was hot and delicious.

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