Sonic Drive-In

8002 N 43rd Ave, Glendale
(623) 934-2700

Recent Reviews

Crista Cerebro

The service was good but I'm confused as to why sonic has their employees taking food back inside when they messed up our order... With the covid restrictions and precautions we should be taking...

Deborah M onroe

Live Sonic ! Corn Dogs and tots my favorite. Love the slushies, just give me brain-freeze too bad. Lol

Ana Calderon

Always delicious and quick. Staff is so friendly and sweet. Orders are accurate and fresh. My grandkids love going there for special treats.

Calvin Cummings

They are so quick getting your order an friendly I didn't have any small bills to tip the young man so I gave him a five.

Sarah Tompkins

Service is pretty average. Food is typical sonic food. But man I love the strawberry limeade!

Everett Goodman

Over the past year or so the service at this particular Sonic has gotten very good. I hope to keep up the good work.

Ronald Reed

Food was with old grease taste. Ask for ketch nothing in bag. Several people outside with no mask, no social distance

Howard Rosenthal

Great burgers decent service generally has good daily specials keep the bill reasonable

Kang C.R

Very nice business down fall is no walk in entry for order placing but pretty nice options of drive in to order and also have curve side pickup and staff always friendly and energetic.

The Facts

Good place to eat anytime at this location; while new state protocols are in act the employees are working to ensure customers are well taken care of and safe.

Derek Kappas

Its cool you get food brought to your car while you smoke all rhe medical mary jane to keep sane in a world thats dying from a virus your cat oe dog can give you.. Our country should display to others that we have cohesion, unity thus the UNITED States, but our two parties have acclerated the mudslinging into an out of control tailspin eroding eachother and themselves simultaneously. The great balance we have is to give each party a turn because from micro to macro it's obvious... Oh yes the menu at Sonic is superb and pleaae remember to tip the servers. Peace and Love

Rosiland Chandler

We love Sonic we go at least two times a day to buy your refreshments. Love the varities. There are few things I would change in the app like add a tip option and Big Red to the drink line up. Thank you for the experience.

Naruto Uzuamaki

The food was great. The ocean water is always tasty. And they were fast with my order.

Max A.

I had an entanglement with sonic today. I wanted something fast and savory. Originally was going to get a big juicy burger but instead I got my usual because I'm basic. I went with the chicken strip dinner it comes with 5 piece chicken strip and some fries and 1 onion ring and an route 44 cherry limeade the food was hot and ready.the lady that took my order was very polite and respectful I left her a 5 dollar tip.Long story short it it still is fast food but the customer service was A1 they got me in and out. Much love guys, I will definitely be coming back because I literally love like 5-10 minutes away depending on traffic. The food was yummy and fulfilling and I love the car hops and their roller skates. They food was good I scarfed it down as soon as I got home while watching some ESPN

Joshua Bettger

20 minute wait, in the drive thru for a burger 2 shakes and a chili dog. They said the order didn't get entered. Everything was kinda warm, shakes were runny.

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