Sushi Plus

5830 W Thunderbird Rd # B1, Glendale
(602) 595-9891

Recent Reviews

Lady Firewind

First time here and the reviews are 100% accurate. Amazing service and food. Had Tonkatsu ramen, cali roll and teriyaki salmon. Cooked to perfection. I had some odd requests and they were fulfilled without question. Will definitely come here again.

Angela Lang

Pretty good restaurant. Clean too

Henry T Trushel CPA

Great chicken breast and rice with vegetables made without over butter fantastic even took some home

Chad W.

Delicious! Love getting the sushi combo. Great fried rice. Haven't had anything i didnt enjoy.

Heather Raymond

Super friendly staff and wonderful sushi, yaki soba, and beef teriyaki!A couple of things to note: the kid's menu only goes to age 5 and they have stopped their happy hour.

Deyanira Sanchez

Bad experience y pay for seafood soup

Kaylee Gaertner

Absolutely blindsided by this place. Called because it was close and I wanted sushi. Was totally taken aback by the quality and attention to detail. If you're on the fence, give it a go. I recommend the North Carolina roll!

Anthony Balisteri

Grade A Top Choice High Quality Sushi!!!!! Each roll packed with fish taste like butter. So good. The Tennessee my fav.

Adele A.

Been there a few times and love this place! Food is great and very polite and professional staff. They have vegetarian and vegan options and everything is seasoned to perfection. It's my favorite Japanese restaurant so far :)

Alicia A.

I've been going here for many many years and we went this week and the waitress who's always been so friendly was unbelievably cold and rude. We asked for a refill and she filled it up halfway. She was unfriendly and we had to ask for things like a fork or refill. They stopped selling wings. We asked to replace veggies with rice and she said it was a $5 up charge on a $10 meal. We had to get the high chair ourselves. We all ordered separate sushi and she brought EVERYONES at the table on the same plate. They no longer allow anyone to split checks or payments. We went back again tonight and was told it was a 40 min wait but they wouldn't let us put our name down on a list. Again -- she was rude as could be. They got rid of their happy hour that they used to have all day every day to none at all and raised their prices. It was over $100 for 3 of us to eat lunch. The sushi wasn't amazing anymore and I really don't think I'll ever go back.

Priya Khandelwal

WORST RAMEN EVER!!!Wish I could give negative rating. I tried spicy ramen and they served a ramen with lots of kimchi salad in it. Full of cabbage and taste was weird. It was not a Japanese ramen. Told upfront to the server and she agreed it was Kimchi in Ramen lol

Palaina Nocturn

I loved eating here, the sushi and sashimi were very good and fresh! The staff was very courteous and polite, each person wore a mask. The restaurant was very clean.

David L.

They close the dining room 45mins before closing so if you want to eat in, keep that in mind. I ordered ramen which was really good. They separate the broth from the ingredients with takeout to prevent the ingredients from getting soggy.


The food is amazing!! While it can get a bit expensive, the quality and quantity definitely makes up for it. 10/10 would go again.

Jim V.

Great variety of rolls and extremely fresh fish. We got a spicy tuna roll along with the the Arizona, Oklahoma, Nebraska, & West Virginia rolls. Our server recommended the Tennessee roll based on preferences. Finished with the Unagi for desert (huge pieces!). It was a great recommendation! Very delicious and worth a visit.

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