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For proclaiming "better ingredients" the pizza really doesn't taste fantastic, or even "better." It tastes "meh." I ordered two pizzas and the cheese sticks. They seem to be very stingy with their cheese. There shouldn't be any bare spots on the pizza and especially not on the cheese sticks. I had issues with both. The last time I had Papa John's Pizza was 20 years ago and it's good to know I wasn't missing anything.

Had not ordered from any Papa Johns for over a year. Only did this time because it was close to the house and didn't want to pay the ridiculous delivery charges they all have now. The pizzas were hot, just from the oven. There wasn't much taste or spice to either one. Had one large pepperoni/mushroom and a large pepperoni, pineapple. Skimpy on the cheese and the sauce was bland. Be a long time gain before we go there.

If I could rate this lower I would... I called the lacanada store and they told me I had to call this place to get delivery... ok so I did and I told I wanted to the 7.77 deal... the other lady at the lacanada store was going to do it no questions asked.. so this new lady tells me it only online ordering if I do it over the phone I have to manually do it... let's just say that if you want papa John's it's better if you go to the lacanada store than this one you wont get full review

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About Papa John's

Papa John's crust is famous for being soft and flavorful. There are a variety of pizza choices from basic cheese pizza to pepperoni to choose from. You can also create your own pizza by choosing the toppings you want the most. Others prefer ordering something classic, like John's Favorite, a six-cheese blend topped with pepperoni, sausage and Italian seasonings. Papa John's also offers vegetarian alternatives like the Spinach Alfredo, Tuscan Six Cheese, and Garden Fresh. And for those that want pizza but don't want to derail all their healthy efforts at the gym, Papa's Lighter Choices offer a slice of the good stuff without guilt. The Mediterranean Veggie is a fantastically flavorful option with 300 or fewer calories per slice. With a lighter portion of real cheese made from mozzarella, Roma tomatoes, onions, banana peppers, mushrooms, and ripe black olives, it will satisfy your pizza cravings. Make tonight a pizza night and order a Papa John's pizza to enjoy with your family or friends. With Papa John's, you'll see why better ingredients really do make a better pizza.