Angels Trumpet Ale House

810 N 2nd St, Phoenix
(602) 252-2630

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Gino G.

Nothing worse than a bartender that has a frown and treats you like crap this bartender was ridiculous she was cleaning up an hour before even closing why we're eating she's pulling the mats on a Friday night


We have been patrons of Angels Trumpet for a few years now. It's our midday weekend staple. The casual, relaxing atmosphere and clientele make this the perfect place to chill with friend, family etc. The staff is extremely friendly and informative, also well versed on the ever-changing beer selection. All this being said the food is amazing. I've probably ordered 90% of the menu and never received anything I didn't like. This is not bar food, this is legit from scratch fare that is incredibly reasonably priced. The ever changing homemade pop tart dessert is a must, and the super cool 80's alternative music is the icing on the cake. I simply cannot recommend this place enough.


This was all around a great place. The food was perfect and the prices were very reasonable. The large tap selection ensures you should find a beer you will like. Their house made pop-tarts are great and not too sweet.


Very good food, large craft beer selection, great atmosphere. What's not to like!

Nathan R.

Odd the Arcadia Location Went Out Of Business... We were willing to Blow Up Their Meeting Room With 30 people every Saturday, Were they spent $900-$700 Since it hardly got rented out. But the Manager & Event Coordinator Denied us every time. Wanted to charge us more than normal too just to use it. No wonder that Place went out of business. Bunch of Piss Poor Management.. who were too childish to run a business. Hope they are fired.

Angel R.

I I gotta say it. The wings are bomb !! The endless amount of beer. There's about 35 to choose from. Definitely a place to be

Jake K.

Wow. You cannot tell from the street the personality this place has. Great beer list. Wine on draft too. But waaaiiiiiiiitttttt, They have a really good menu here too. And the food is as good as it reads on the menu. The warm sausage plate was just alive. I also had the Central and attached a pic. I mean wow. Breaded perfectly and fresh. Staff was great: friendly and on point. Patio has a sprinkler system to keep you cool too, I just didn't challenge the heat today. Outstanding place to eat and hang for a good time. Highly recommend.

Kenneth J.

Still our first choice when eating downtown after nearly 7 years! 32 beers on tap, recommend a flight! Wife usually goes for the wings, I've never been disappointed in the bbq brisket grilled cheese and fries.

Addie Livingston

First of all, my husband says he’s taking their Jefferson Quesadilla to the grave. He says it’s the best thing he’s ever eaten which is saying something. Also, THE FISH TACOS. literally what dreams are made of. I’ve tried several other Phoenix restaurants looking for good fish tacos and I’m here to tell you that better fish tacos don’t exist. If you’re not into fish, try them anyway. My husband didn’t like fish till he tried these and now he raves about them. SO ?? GOOD ?? The riblets are also 10/10.

Jay S.

BURGERS WERE DEVINNEEEE. And they have a veggie burger sub option. Thanks for keeping up with the times, Angel's Trumpet. We got the outlaw and brewlee burgers, and they hit! We used our pubpass to try a couple of brews including the Damber (Red IPA from AZ) and the Iced Tea Lemonade (Kombucha from CA). Both tasted great. PS: they have around 30 beers and some draft wine options as well so there's surely something for everyone. BONUS: Their outside patio is dog friendly! Would definitely come back.

Zach H.

This place is awesome! A great variety of beers. The food I have tried has all been good. There is a nice patio. 'The Mess'(basically poutine) as an appetizer was delicious and would definitely be ordered again.

Emma S.

We came in to watch the Suns game! We had a great time! Vibes were good and staff was friendly and kept the beers coming! The flights are for sure the way to go here! We had the mess which was yummy but they did get soggy quickly! Taste was good- similar to a French onion soup on fries! And then we had the apple pop tart which was the featured flavor and so tasty!!!

Alessandro B.

I've been wanting to try this place and finally did last night, unfortunately I won't be going back there again.. service has a lot to wish for, the waiters don't have the best attitude, specially the bartender was awful! It was hot in the patio and I asked a couple of times for a water bowl for my puppy, eventually I went inside and politely ask the bartender for a bowl or anything to get water, she gave me this nasty look and repeatedly asked if I had a server not giving me a chance to say another word.. I understand we can be busy and probably having a rough day, still no way to treat a customer. There are so many better places to grab a bit and a beer

Brionte R.

The BEST wings in Phoenix. But you gotta get them tossed in both sauces. There's always some fire beers on tap too.

Wealth Builder

From the moment we touched down in Arizona, my family member listed Angels Trumpet as a must try restaurant while we were there. We ended up going on the last day of our visit when the temperature was at a high of 99 degrees. By the time we parked walked around the hip and urbanized neighborhood, we were Very HOT and very THIRSTY. When we walked in, all of the waiters immediately saw us, but they just continued to go about their business. We are hard not to see. While waiting, we kept on looking for a menu but didn’t see one. At that point we were told we could sit anywhere. We chose a table by the window. After sitting at the table, we waited and waited for one of the waiters to serve us but it seemed like no one wanted to work our table. All 3 or 4 waiters and waitresses continued to walk past our table over and over again without even a hello to us. Honestly, if we were not with my relative and they had not had such high hope for this establishment, I would have walked out. It was clear to me at that point that they really didn’t want to serve us. For the sake of my family member and keeping peace, I stayed. We finally get someone’s attention and the male waiter comes over but seems to have a bit of an attitude. We ask to see the menu and he tells us that we have to take a pic of the QR code. So we get up and walk back to the door and take a picture. We were finally brought water and utensils. I had no idea it was an ale house and none of us were ordering beer. There weren’t any other drink choices. If you are a beer drinker, they have a vast menu. We had to stick with water. Checking out the appetizer menu, we decided on their Angels Wings. I have to say, the wings were a great size and had great flavor. They came sauceless and had an incredible crunch to it. What I also liked about this appetizer was it came with 4 dipping sauces. I truly enjoyed the house hot sauce and moose drool. As far as our meals, there were 4 of us so we ordered the Outlaw Burger, Brewlwee Burger and 2 the Centrals. One Central chicken sandwich was served with coleslaw and one with fries. With so much anticipation and their great presentation, I was ready for an amazing burger and chicken sandwich. What I will say is that they definitely use quality ingredients. Everything was super fresh but it lacked the flavor I was hoping for. The coleslaw was neither sweet nor sour. I needed it to choose a flavor. The house ketchup tasted like tomato sauce. For all of the exciting extras, I wanted more. The overall experience was disappointing. If it wasn’t for the wings and family, the total experience would have been disheartening. I would not go back.

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