Bobby-Q BBQ Restaurant and Steakhouse

3154 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix
(602) 626-8856

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Skyler P.

Had checked out the Phoenix location a few weeks back and it was so good that I had to visit the Biltmore location too. Would definitely recommend reservations as it was completely filled when we arrived. Luckily we were able to grab the last table outside. Overall was a great experience. Server was friendly and attentive. We got our complimentary cornbread which was delicious. I did have a coupon to get a free zucchini app, however they couldn't honor it (even though it had both the Phoenix and Biltmore locations on it). Turns out that after looking at the menu, it seems that each location has slightly different items and I didn't even see the zucchini app as an option. Also note that the prices for their menu on their mobile site is not up to date (desktop version is accurate). All their bbq is absolutely amazing. My favorite is the brisket but you can't go wrong with any of the options! Definitely a top bbq spot in AZ!

Betty B.

Terrible. Do NOT expect anything other than reheated food service crap. Had the beef ribs. Silver skin not removed. Tough and rubbery and slathered with sauce. Mac and cheese was microwave quality. Completely and totally forgettable. I overheard a gentleman at the bar tell the bartender that his fries were "hard as nails". Bartender says "well, now I gotta do something" and asked if he wanted him to order some new fries. Customer says never mind.Totally embarrassing BBQ. Take a little pride in the food coming out of the kitchen.

Ari B.

This was my first time at Bobby Q and I must saw the meal and the experience were unmatched! Our server, John, was on it - and I believe he was training! We ordered drinks and very tasty starters (that were eaten before any pictures could have been taken lol ). The Q-Rolls and Cajun Shrimp were A-One!! Our Meal?! The Sunday Feast with a slab of ribs, brisket, chicken, pulled pork, Brussel Sprouts, Mac & Cheese and Beans!!! Everything was so good! There was nothing lacking about this meal from start to finish! The vibe in the restaurant was super chill, there were families and couples, with sports playing on the TVs. This was a great Sunday vibe that ended with Donuts as a thank you! No Thank You Bobby Q! What a meal indeed! Good luck, John!

Thomas S.

Exceptional service from the greeter to the server. Got a very comfortable table for 2 without a reservation on a Wednesday night. Our server was well versed I. Both dinner and drink menus. My wife had the Chai Espresso Martini and she says that's the best she's ever tasted and I had the Raspberry Sangria and that was excellent, it tasted fresh and flavorful. We started with the Q-Rolls which were fantastic! Shredded beef wrapped in puff pastry with their signature sauces on the side, absolute winner. For our main course we split the 10oz Smoked Prime Rib and a Caesar Salad, Mac & cheese and beer battered fries complemented the meal perfectly. All throughout dinner our server and the manager checked in on us to see if we needed anything. We still ended up needing a to go box and was given some churros to go on the house!When the check came, I honestly expected it to be twice as much as it was. A great value for a great meal and great evening out.I highly recommend this establishment and I'm looking forward to going back.

Jon Schmidt

Decided to try Bobby-Q with my friend for our regular night out. Started the meal with an order of the Q-Rolls. They weren't bad, but they were just meat wrapped in an egg roll shell. The BBQ sauce was sweet and had a good flavor, but I wasn't super impressed with the chipotle ranch. Mixing the 2 did provide a nice balance between them both though that I liked. I ordered the 3 meat platter for dinner with the coleslaw and potatoes salad. I got the sausage, pulled pork, and brisket, all of which were very good. The sausage had a nice bite to it with the spices used, and all the meat was nice and juicy. I would have liked a little more sauce on my pork and brisket, but that's a personal choice. The coleslaw was really good, and the veggies crisp. The potato salad was about average for my taste, but that's because I prefer a little sweeter, but it was still pretty good. Overall, everything was good, and the service was top-notch. The waiter was friendly and offered lots of suggestions when asked about his recommendations, all based on things he personally liked, which was a great sell to try things. I had lots of leftovers that reheated well for lunch.

Jen Meier

We loved it. My God, their smoked sausage is outstanding as is the pulled pork and lest I forget the pecan coleslaw. The Mac and cheese was pretty good. Kinda reminded me of cafeteria style mac. We nabbed one of the 2 booth seats in the bar in front of the TVs which was sweet. Service was excellent. Just an all-around great food and service and ambience experience. Great music. Great bathrooms. Are you catching my drift? Just go. I am still jonesing for that smoked sausage it was that damn good. The cornbread with honey butter they give as a starter is super good but the utterly delicious warm cinnamon sugar donuts they give you free for dessert to go are heavenly. Yeah, we ate those in the parking lot. They didn’t make it back to the resort LOL. Thanks Bobby Q. You are solid and we will be back. Your staff is awesome.

James Stevens

Took my wife and sister in-law here tonight and we all enjoyed it! Service and the food was fantastic as always.

Abhishek S.

This is the best BBQ joint in the area, the meat, the service, the ambiance, every category. A must eat place in Phoenix, put it on your agenda as the go to place for the top places in Phoenix to eat. Our server was super friendly and extremely knowledgeable about the menu and was very very courteous, & added to the charm and experience of the establishment.The meat is smoked to perfection, & the sides, they can hold their own..!! The donut robot is the icing on the. Meat cake ..!! Hope you get a chance to visit and relish..!!!

Colton P.

Bobby Q was one of the first places me and my significant other visited our first time around in Vegas. We visited the other location but enjoyed the food. The ribs had the meat falling off the bone. Good service all around. Servers are always checking on you. The only downside is that we preferred the other location; it just seemed more vibrant and had a beautiful outdoor seating area.

Marfa Esaulova

Cozy & nice place :)Food is tasty. Great place for lunch time.Restrooms are clean and lady’s room has bouquet of flowers.P.S. they gave donuts to go so nice of them!Keep it up!Recommended!


Wow! Delicious! Amazing! Possibly the best tasting pulled chicken sandwich I’ve ever had. Very good Mac & cheese. The BBQ baked potato was huge. Service was outstanding. The next day, when anyone asked where we are, they ALL said “oh, that’s the best BBQ!” Overall - if you’ve read this far - go and try it!

Sharrell Majors

This was our first time at BBQs. The first thing I noticed was the amazing modern rustic feel the ambiance presented. The second thing was how attentive, informative and nice our server Blake was! Great guy! The food was really good with the chicken being juicy and tasty. The beans were a pleasant surprise as well. My partner enjoyed his beef brisket and loved the BBQ that came with it. My favorite part of the whole experience was Sarah the bartender. I asked for a Manhattan up (my go to drink) and she came up with this very creative bubble smoked Manhattan that tasted just as great as the presentation. We stumbled upon this place by accident but will definitely become regulars in no time. As a manager in restaurant hospitality I was truly impressed by my experience. Thank you all so much!

Kayla R.

This place blew my mind. The staff? Incredible. We had our server give us his best recommendations, and that was the best decision we made. Definitely enjoyed this location better than the Mesa location. The General Manager was wonderful as well! She made my husband and I feel so welcomed. The three meat plates are the way to go. The Cajun shrimp is a must-have, too! Don't think, just get to Bobby Qs already!

David Empey

Since the bar nearby was full, we took a chance on barbecue for a happy hour. Not only were we welcomed and taken care of by multiple staff, but the food was great and the staff were attentive throughout our visit. We ended up staying well past the end of happy hour and are glad we did. It's totally worth a stop in, even if you're not a barbecue fan.

Christie Peldo

A friend recommended this place… so glad we went. Server was the best. Complementary corn bread was amazing. Brisket was phenomenal. Fries were crispy. As if that wasn’t enough they gave us complimentary homemade donuts to end this fabulous date. ?⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Bobby-Q BBQ Restaurant and Steakhouse

3154 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85016
(602) 626-8856