Dairy Queen Grill & Chill

4231 W Dunlap Ave, Phoenix
(623) 939-9228

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mitchell werndli

There was a huge miss communication with the order. When i went back still missed one thing we wanted to order. So after the 3rd attempt and sitting in the drive threw 3 times the lady didnt charge me for it gave me a pint of ice cream and asked me to next time to ask them to repeat the order or something real nice and respectful and not in a tone that felt like i was being talked down to. With how most places customer service has gone way down. Those people should go ask the manager on tips for customer service

M Cee

Horrible drive thru service. The lady was soooooo rude and acted like someone stole her favorite crayon.SO HORRIBLE!!?

Adrienne Cochran

Giving 4 stars ⭐️, I put in an online order for my sons birthday cake 2 days in advance, I received an email confirmation. The day to go pick up, they couldn’t find my order, the girl at the counter tried her best to look for my order, the manager came out and apologized that she didn’t have the cake I preordered, very apologetic and offered me another few options of ones they did have made already, I picked one out, she offered a discount n huge apology which I was grateful for. The manager did a great job, I recommend if anyone does put an online order in to call n confirm, luckily I wasn’t a picky rude customer, n said, is what it is. Hopefully they’ll work on communication with online ordering moving forward! Props to the crew, not their fault!

Connie Robles Crawford

The ice cream cake animal cookie blizzard. Made for my grandson Baby Guy. Was made with love. Everyone enjoyed it

Ricardo Saucedo

One of the oldest and still the best place for hot ears and cool treats.

itzayani luque

Got to the store at 1050 ( the OPEN sign still on) , saw 3 people inside the store I front of the register, went through the drive through no answer after a few minutes went around just because I thought maybe the drive through isn’t working went to try open door locked. The people inside just stood there and laughed and looked out and then turned off the light !!!! Btw Google said it closed at 11.

Daniel Shrewsbury

Great customer service and awesome ice cream cakes!

G Star

Dairy queen is known for their blizzards, but the food is surprisingly good! I decided to give it a try and wasn't let down at all, I kept it simple with chili cheese dogs & a chicken tenders basket and of course I got a blizzard... so as far as critiquing the food, the quality eas very decent , portions were good and overall freshness was good. The fries weren't oily, the chicken wasn't too dry, and the chili cheese dog had the perfect snap and flavor. Everything was pleasantly pleasing to the pallet... and the blizzard was spot on. Service was fast and order was accurate this establishment is winning in the fast food department... great job

ICUniforms Arizona

Always worth driving by the Dairy Queen that is a mile from my place to this one with a drive thru. Staff is SUPER friendly and focused on customer service. Whether I spend $3 for some ice cream or over $20 for dinner, they treat me the same. Nowadays places actually charge you for water or give you those small plastic ones without lids, but this place will won't. If you're like me and want to support the local businesses and their employees, pack the family in a van and have a night out.

Crystal Mundall

I've come here a few times and they either dont out enough of the ingredients in the blizzard or dont mix it very well. I always get to the bottom and it's just plain vanilla. This last time I waited almost 5 mins in the drive thru lane and my husband went inside and waited another 10 mins. There size comparison from a small to medium is ridiculous. My husband paid for a small and medium blizzard and the small is not worth what they charge. His bill was $10. That to me is to much they are asking for what you get. I rather of went to Sonic and probably will from now on.

Jeff Pleune

I love this Dairy Queen. I ask for special stuff often and they never say no and always help with a smile and a great attitude...

Sgt Fred

Ice cream. Yum. With the covid long wait. Was worth it.

Michael Williams

That cheesecake blizzard so good .. I almost had to rob a Circle K to pay for it...but I found my debit card. We all good.


Great food, nice people, but they need to mix the blizzards more :((

Jill Whinery

I went thru the drive thru and Brianna was very rude. No greeting when I approached the speaker. After placing my whole order she asked for me to repeat the whole order again. After I did she said ok. When I approached the window she just said rudely 17. ??. I handed her my card then she just handed it back and walked away. When she handed me my order I asked for my other banana split and she said I order 1. I told her at the end add another banana split. Then rudely she just she 5.?? No apoligy or anything. A different lady brought me my split so I asked for the girls name and I told her maybe if she read the order back she would get it right. Needless to say I will never go there again.

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