Restaurant Progress

702 W Montecito Ave, Phoenix
(602) 441-0553

Recent Reviews

Hiram Barker

I was introduced to this by a friend who lives nearby. Truly a spectacular meal - much of their ingredients are locally sources, and there is an emphasis on organic, as well. The servers are well acquainted with the wine list and make excellent recommendations for food and wine pairings. The prices are reasonable, especially when considering the quality and service.

Bradley Harkness

We were in town for a business trip and heard that Progress featured some very creative people in the kitchen and behind the bar. It did not disappoint. The food, service, and drinks were prepared to perfection. The staff was very knowledgable and lots of fun. I can't say enough about the experience and we will definitely be back!

Michael McDermott

This small restaurant is a diamond in the rough! A culinary delight with a surprisingly unique menu. Not only that, but a wine list to fit the taste of any meal on the menu. If your looking for a new experience try Progress. I did and I loved it!

Maryann Ingram

JOB WELL DONE! This restaurant is one of the best in the area, and the food that I like the most here is their rib-eye steak. The taste of it is really the best, and everything else is great too. This place is really nice, and I want you guys to try them too. Truly mouthwatering food and desserts! Strongly recommended!

Jennifer Anne Wootton

Ambiance and service was great. We will certainly go back for some more menu tasting

Beata Kus-Aplass

Phenomenal experience at this beautiful restaurant! Best dessert I’ve ever had! Cocktails were unique and delicious. Mouth watering entrees! Wished we lived closer because I’d definitely be in often!!

Kelsey Pearsall

My husband and I went here for my birthday the other evening and it was such an amazing experience. We did the 5 course meal and each course took you through a layer of fabulous flavors. My tastebuds were the happiest they’ve ever been! The food is fresh and there is a lot of passion put into it. The service was also spot on. Everyone was warm and attentive. They go above and beyond to make sure you are well taken care of.


We went on a busy day as a walk-in and arrived at 7:30. There were 2 events already in line so we supported them. In 5 mins the line grew to such as 20 individuals, so absolutely obtain right here early if you would love to be seated right away. I had actually listened to a lot of hype concerning this place, and also I finally got to go as well as now all I can consider is just how much I want to go back !!

Kelsey McKie

My husband and I went here for my birthday the other evening and it was such an amazing experience. We did the 5 course meal and each course took you through a layer of fabulous flavors. My tastebuds were the happiest they’ve ever been! The food is fresh and there is a lot of passion put into it. The service was also spot on. Everyone was warm and attentive. They go above and beyond to make sure you are well taken care of.

Courtnie H.

I've you haven't been here, you are missing out. The food is incredible and the hospitality is even better. Craft cocktails and the wine list is fantastic. The atmosphere is bright and if you're lucky they will brown some butter while you're there and the aroma will make your heart swoon.

Fabby C.

Okay. So, the name itself reminds me of a struggling restaurant that is continuously trying to improve their food and failing to do so. But on the contrary, Restaurant Progress knows exactly what it's doing. I had originally intended to visit this place when it first opened. But a publicized negative review, as well as mixed opinions from diners in the beginning made me move Progress down on my queue, where it quietly sat for the last few years. Finally, I decided it was time. Honestly, Progress is a tricky place to rate just going off of one visit. The menu is constantly rotating, which seems to be an increasingly common approach these days. There's a tasting menu, but my girlfriend and I need to establish "trust" with the kitchen before taking a risk on that. You can immediately tell from each dish that we tried that a tremendous amount of detail and care goes into their creations. They're using all the right sources and their ingredients serve a purpose, as opposed to just experimenting for the sake of experimenting (which many similar places are guilty of). This was my first experience with a tartare, a tri tip one no less. We also had the opportunity to try their noble bread and butter starter, grilled cauliflower, as well as their pork belly, which was, by far, the best of everything we sampled. The risotto-styled garnish-like addition that surrounds the pork belly is so good, in fact, that it could easily stand on its own as a separate dish. A respectable chocolate cake dessert made the overall meal quite impressive. Keep in mind, their prices straddle that mid to high-level dining experience, but given what they're doing here, I see it as mostly justified. And now that I've learned that the kitchen can be trusted, my girlfriend and I will probably return one day to try out that tasting menu. Highly recommended!

Texas H.

Long story made short, the chef at this place doesn't hold back on pushing amazing flavors, and squeezing the most out of them with other flavor profiles that compliment. The result is like holding a bull horn to the plate. The food doesn't just speak to you, it screams. It reminded me of reading through Le repertoire de la cuisine, or the flavor bible, how every component of the dishes sang harmoniously. The tasting menu is totally the way to go here, and you are selling yourself short if you don't get the wine pairings. I love eating this caliber of food because you can taste how much time goes into it. The ingredients used are hard work, knowledge of food, creativity, and experimentation. And the outcome is happiness. The service was spot on and the food was almost flawless. One hiccup on the foi gras course was the only chink in the armour I could find, and I know where to look. Overall I was really impressed and happy I picked this place for my 40th.

Ryan S.

We just love this place. We went for my birthday last year (January 2019), than again for a 12 person birthday dinner for my wife (March 2019) and we are going again this month (February 2020). The servers are amazing and we love the Manager Ester. Not to mention the food. We haven't had anything we didn't love. We wish we could go more often but it's a bit far from our home.

Elizabeth Echeverria

Nice place good atmosphere and delicious food. We arrived and as soon as we got in we were immediately greeted and help right away. Nice hosting and very charismatic waitress. Really recommend this place!

Marybell G.

How do they make 4 leaves of romaine lettuce taste so flipping amazing?! We choose Restaurant Progress for our special occasion/celebration dinners because they never disappoint. I suggest you go with "Leave it to the kitchen" you will not be disappointed. Food so good!

Michael C.

A friend and I checked this out for the first time this weekend. Overall, this is a good spot and I don't believe a solitary experience can qualify for a fully-informed review. However, we did have a really bad bottle of wine and, for the first time in my life, sent it back. I have a very experienced palette, and know fully that a good Zinfandel should never taste like white vinegar; It's not a good sign that it was stored properly, or at the right temperature. (Or it was simply a bad wine) Both of us felt like the wait staff and kitchen threw shade on us for sending it back, which was why I don't give this review more stars. The wait staff seemed unsure, and inexperienced, in contrast to the chef and kitchen staff. I know it is in the early stages of making a mark, so I will definitely go back and try again. I just hope that, until I can be confident in their wine menu and the wait staff understanding their customer's expectations, I can bring my own wine.

Christian C.

I was expecting amazing food from this restaurant based on the reviews, and man I have to say I wasn't disappointed. The combination of flavor that the chef creates was amazing and breathtaking. I had the buttered radishes with pistachio as an appetizer and man what a mixture of crunch, spicy, zest, and crisp accompanied with the pistachio butter. I followed with the seared foie grass and uni, man!!! I've never had something that delicious in my life , the combination of the foie grass , Polenta cake and uni was excellent! I followed with dessert and it was super delicious as well, vanilla ice cream with peaches , I think it was Rosemary? And house made cream. I didn't had any of their drinks but had coffee and it was pretty good as well. Overall super good experience eating at this place. I can't wait to go back and try something different!

Topher R.

Was recommended by a neighbor to try Restaurant Progress. We loved it! The bartender and 2 ladies that were working were amazing and very customer focused. I will say the menu was kind of confusing in that the descriptions didn't really tell you if it was a pasta or meat dish and they weren't really divided by aNy main category. We travel extensively and even in foreign languages you get the gist of appetizer, starters and main dishes. The portions and prices are perfect in my opinion. You are paying for a higher quality, so pricing comments in previous reviews are silly IMO. You can look at prices and decide if you can afford it. It's not the restaurants fault that you want an expensive meal that's above your budget. Drinks, meal and dessert were perfect for my entire family We did not have reservations so we had to sit at the bar, which was fine. The bartender was very nice and very attentive. I definitely recommend this place for anyone thats looking for a good environment, and great food at a fair price. If you're looking for never ending pasta and bruschetta go to olive garden or postInos.

Brittany N.

I went here for dinner, as a test I wasn't allowed to look at yelp prior to choosing a restaurant. We chose based on the location on a map... and I definitely wasn't disappointed. From start to finish, it was such a great experience. Laura was our server, she was super knowledgeable and friendly... and also had great recommendations for me because I'm super indecisive. We had the pork belly and the house made sausage. They were both perfect sized portions, enough to feel full without being miserable (which I tend to do). The restaurant itself has a changing menu, it's a bit dark inside, romantic. Perfect for a date night. My only complaint was, the door doesn't always shut all of the way and in the winter it can get chilly, as we were seated next to the door. I will say, they do an awesome job and trying to keep it shut. This was such a great experience, somewhere I'd definitely love to come back to!

Roselle A.

I have dined at Progress a few times now (four? five?) which means that it kept me coming back for more. I've always had the tasting menu just to have a little bit of everything (protip -- bring a date so you get to try their plate!). I can say that I've always had one stellar dish out of the 5, and all 5 are good. But I can't say that all 5 have been so slam dunks, which is why I can't quite give em the full rating. Nevertheless--few of my faves: (1) That magical soy-watermelon dish. My tastebuds were so confused and elated at the same time. (2) The usual starter crudo that they have. So fresh. So light. So yes. (3) The service! Solid team. They're fun and attentive. Cocktails are good as well. Ambiance? Another yes for me.

Sanjay Lokare

Always a great experience. Did the whole 5 course meal and wine paired by the staff. Perfect. A gem in Phoenix. For 2, expect $100 and top end about $225. Worth the experience with your special person??✨

Bill Graham

Restaurant Progress was recommended to us by the Arcadia Meat Market staff, and we are really pleased they did. There is a very well-considered menu with lots of options for any dietary restrictions, and the friendly staff were very able to discuss options and make recommendations. Same for the excellent wine list, and recommendations were spot on. The decor is interesting, and the atmosphere is not excessively loud. Highly recommended.

Janet Williams

Stellar food and service. It's the best kept secret neighborhood joint tat gives you that amazing meal, with high quality ingredients without stuffiness. Be comfortable, be casual, but bring your discerning palate and appreciation for truly fine cuisine. And the wine doesn't disappoint.

Diana M.

What can we say, Restaurant Progress hits all the marks! We were finally lucky enough to catch them for brunch and it was so lovely. Everything here is made with passion and thoughtfulness. You can see the worldly influences on the dishes and not one thing tastes like the other. We went with the Pork chop and chorizo hash; the sourdough bread with delicious goat cheese and jam; and a lovely Brussels sprout salad to finish the meal. The patio is beautifully set up with perfectly matched music, and let's not forget our lovely server! She was sweet, attentive and truly wrapped up the whole experience. If you go for dinner, order the foie gras!!! Chef TJ; you have a beautiful thing going on here. But i am sure you already knew that! Cheers to the New Year!

Nathan Thomas

Really awesome little restaurant in Phoenix. The menu was wonderful and the cocktails were awesome. The staff was extremely nice and helpful with explaining each of their menus. I took a business client here for dinner and will definitely be coming back with more. They were extremely impressed with the service and food.

Albert Craven

Most amazing experience I have had at a restaurant. Took my wife here for her birthday. From the time you walk in the door till the time you leave you are taken on an epic journey in the world of food. The atmosphere, the staff and the amazing pairing of flavors in the different dishes is simply amazing. This is definitely a hidden gem in Phoenix that everyone needs to experience at least once.

Stefanie L.

I couldn't find anything wrong with this fab little place in Melrose. We came for Sunday dinner when the pizza folks take over with an Italian menu of pasta, salads and pizza. Wine by the bottle, half off! Service was kind and attentive. We ordered half the menu - the burrata with heirloom tomato was awesome and would have been next level with some proof bread. We then got the Alfredo pasta which my picky husband obsessed over; the chicken parm which was light and perfectly balanced; an anti pasta salad which I could eat every day; and a pizza with hot salami that was perfect. So good. SO GOOD.

Jaina Mistry

The set menu is with it if you don't know what to get and want to try a bunch of things of the menu. The food is good. But not quite there when it comes to what they're aiming for. Great flavours, but just needs a bit more... Refinement.

Spyro Malaspinas

Absolutely superb in every way. A well traveled/dined group of four, ordered 80 percent of the menu family style and was impressed with each and every plate.

Charlie Hiralez

Phenomenal experience. Well worth the price. Wish there were more spots dedicated to quality, fresh, local products. Thank you for raising the bar

Adrianna N.

I'm so glad I finally got to try the famous Restaurant Progress. My dad and I visited right when they opened, so we had no problem securing a seat at the bar. I love that the kitchen is visible and that when there's a lull in conversation, you can simply look over and watch the chefs filling tortellini or pan-cooking beef. The atmosphere is adorable--perfect for a date, which I plan to have with my boyfriend next time I visit. I'd highly recommend the Proof sourdough with manchego. It was very Italian-chef-kissing-his-fingertips!

Evan Hansen

Amazing spot for a special occasion dinner. The wait staff were all welcoming and accommodating. Each dish had it's own character and blended multiple flavors that were expertly balanced. We also were able to have the bartender create a cocktail that wasn't on the menu to better suit our tastes. Highly recommended for any foodies out there!

Mark LoGiurato

Great place to get small shareable dishes. The food is terrific and made with fresh ingredients. The cocktails are amazingly good. The staff is very friendly and accommodating.

Myra Romero

Amazing food and service, loved the attention to detail. Servers were well versed on all dishes and drinks. Will definitely visit again.

Carrie R.

Small restaurant inhabiting an old pharmacy space. We went last year and decided to check it out again. The menu is ever changing (unfortunately much more meat heavy this time for this pescetarian), however they catered the tasting menu to my dietary preferences and I was thrilled with the results. The 5 courses were standard menu sized and definitely shareable with my husband. Whether or not you do the tasting menu I recommend at least a couple of shareable dishes for the table. The charred leeks were standout with blue cheese and a deconstructed sour cream and onion vibe. Staff was informative and friendly. Small but thoughtful wine list The liquors were reasonably priced. Great for a date night or special occasion, we tend to spend a pretty penny here, but we'll worth it for the leisurely dining experience on the beautiful patio. Will be back !

Travis J.

We have been here a few times now, every time we leave we are blown away. First things first, the staff is amazing! Every employee at Restaurant Progress is very engaged, knowledgeable, and willing to do whatever it takes to make your visit a phenomenal experience. The food is exquisite and artfully crafted. Every bite is more delicious than the last. We highly recommend the chefs prix fixe menu with the wine paring. All this deliciousness comes from an open kitchen right in the middle of the restaurant with everything in an open view. The restaurant itself is impeccably clean but also very comfortable and inviting.

Krissy Meyer

What a cute little place! Unfortunately we did not have a reservation and wanted to wing it, and the wait was too long. So we had a drink at the bar and left with plans to go back surely and hopefully soon.Eating is based purely on the quick experience we had having a drink and what we saw. More to follow.

Dana C.

The food was absolutely delicious! Prices were high especially for the octopus $30 for two small tentacles over tomatoes on a 8"round dish. It was more like an appetizer portion. Portion was fine but price was very high compared to other restaurants where they serve octopus. The flavors were amazing. We enjoy sitting at the bar mostly because we like a variety of cocktails with our meal and enjoy the input from the bartenders. Our bartender manny was very nice but he was too busy making drinks for the restaurant guests to offer us the service that we expect when we dine in this capacity. We had to ask for water we had to ask for cocktails and we had to ask for to order food. And each time we felt as if we were a bother for Manny. It's not his fault. But there should be someone making well drinks and someone servicing bar guests especially when we spent 150 on 4 drinks an appetizer and a very small dinner entree. We would have stayed and continued but we felt an imbalance and decide to continue our meal at another establishment. We will definitely return and give it another try because the flavors were great and hope to have a better experience the next time.

Nicholas R Dodaro Jr.

Great service and amazing food. Definitely recommend this place for a romantic dinner or dinner date with friends. Amazing experience.

Ramon Arrowsmith

A CUT ABOVE! Excellent food. Good environment. Great service. Interesting wine list. Appropriate size portions, nice and tasty.