21001 N Tatum Blvd, Phoenix
(480) 664-6210

Recent Reviews

Suzanne S.

If you're going to get Smashburger, I recommend not getting takeout/delivery. I ordered delivery via Postmates and everything was just thrown haphazardly into a bag. All of our side items were spilling out everywhere and the bottom of the bag was soaked through with grease. They really need to take more care when packing up takeout/delivery orders. I will never order from them again. Hopefully the dine-in experience is better.

Holly H.

I know we are in a delicate time of life having COVID. However, if you can't run the business up to the expectation, perhaps you shouldn't. The lint of a call ahead order is to have plenty of time to make the order. We walk in, no one was there, no line. No bags ahead of us to pick up. Clearly NOT busy! The friendliness of the staff was sorely lacking. Barley a hello. Food.... orders hamburger add bacon... NO BACON. Such a disappointment. Call the store after getting home, NO ANSWER!! So with all of the employees there and no answers the phone. Seriously NOT customer focused. During these times when we have to choose who to support for our dinner choices, one would thing you would be spot on for customer service and order accuracy. Sorely disappointed.

Lauren G.

This burger place is quick and delicious. The best part about Smashburger is if you order a milkshake for dine in, you get a milkshake and then the extra milkshake in the container they mixed it in. I think that highlights the care Smashburger has for not wasting food and maximizing the costumer experience. Every time, I walk into this Smashburger I am always greeted by welcoming cashiers and cooks. Smashburger at desert ridge tries their best to improve someone's day by ensuring they have a delicious meal.

Keishawn Pounds

OMG. That turkey burger was delicious. They was out of red onions but offer some grilled onions for my burger. Best decisions after all ????. The staff was awesome

Cynthia Lewis

SMASHBURGER keeps making hits now they offer Fish sandwiches. Best Turkey Burger in Arizona so far. The turkey burger is my new favorite with some smash fries!!!

Mindy P.

When you think of Smashburger, you probably have a fabulously decorated cheeseburger in mind. As a loyal In N Out customer, I challenge you to try something else here. Smashburger KILLS IT when tasked with grilling up a turkey burger that leaves you wanting nothing more. Turkey burgers often feel like a "diet" option but the Smashburger turkey burger (you can order single or double) is juicy and loaded with condiments that make it fresh and super satisfying! Consider this Smashburger specialty!! Also love their Smash fries which basically have garlic & rosemary on them! The only reason I took off a star is that I routinely have to wipe down the table we end up at...the staff is so busy at the register that it seems like it's hard to keep the tables not only cleared but also wiped and sanitized. Management here is hustling and checks on customers, which I love! Also, download the Smashburger app so that you can receive free sides and awesome perks. Love this place!

Chris K

The burgers and smash fries are amazing. It's been a while since I've been because I dont work close to any location anymore but was recently reminded of how delicious these are. I will have to detour my way over more often.

Winfred Brown

Good food, but don't honor their coupons

Jacob S.

Damn went in hoping to get a smashburger but instead got a McDonald's/BurgerKing looking burgers. We had to get it to go also because they were closing in 30mins and they needed 20 minutes to clean up the cashier said so we couldn't eat inside. Good thing we sat in the splash pad area luckily not going home right away the order was wrong the Burgers empty had to go back and add condominiums. I don't understand how do you forget to put the basic essentials on the burger. It's not worth the price might as well go to McDonald's or Burger King at this point lol. What a joke.

Jess K.

A young man namedVictor rang me up. Very polite, Ordered a Oreo shake. it was very good. Highly recommend .

Colt K

Very good burger, melts in your mouth. The fries where a little cold but overall very good.

Dr. C.

Ordered from this location on Uber eats. They don't take the time to read the notes when you order so our food was wrong. I called and spoke to the manager and he agreed to replace the good but I had to go back and get it myself. He left by the time I got there. They gave us a voucher for shakes for the trouble then refused to let us get the shakes now. We had to make another trip back to use them. Which will NEVER happen. Food quality matches the service. I highly recommend picking another burger place.

Daniel Wint

If you want a bacon double cheeseburger this is the best burger you will ever eat. The 1st time I was there, I got up and ordered a 2nd one


This just isn’t my cup of tea when it comes to burger places .. You have to line up to get a mediocre burger .. Too much competition in AZ to be just OK ..

Sandy Tracey

Simple quick burger. Love the straw onions!

Denise Winter Decker

Trash laying all around the floor throughout the whole place.

Connor Erickson

I mean the people or nice but it takes them like half an hour for just a regular burger when there are only 5 people including me

Alicia Salmon

Good food. The restaurant was not very clean.

Cynthia Stinnett

Great food. Nice place and friendly

Melody Kopp

I love Smashburger and for a couple days have been craving a burger- since I am gluten free, SB is one of the only places that has GF (and I never want just a patty and lettuce.) We didn't feel like leaving the house though last night and for the first time decided to order delivery- straight through Smashburger's website, not through a separate delivery service.

Brennan O.

I'd give this place 0 stars if I could. Just ordered on DoorDash and it took an extra half hour because they told the driver the order had already been picked up?? But hey, they gave us a free sprite for the wait. Truffle tots spilled oil all over the bag, apparently the idea to put an item like this in some type of contained packaging is lost on them. On top of that, one of the sandwiches we received was not what we ordered. Won't be going back here, suggest you steer clear as customer service doesn't seem to be a priority.

John Kolakowski

Great burger, served hot, and lots of options for toppings. Everything very fresh, especially the bun. Good basic sides too. This place is the favorite of my kids and they've had a lot of burgers from a lot of different places.

Samantha G.

Everytime I come here they are so rude and talk shit about customers by the registers. I feel very uncomfortable everytime I come into this location. Their customer service sucks. Kolby rang me up this time and I hope his customer service gets better. I asked for a drink carrier and he gave me the dirtiest look and threw it into my hands. He's suppose to be the manager there, but him and two of his employees were talking about who even comes to eat at 2pm, saying only people that go to church come at 2 & looked right at me & said don't worry it's not about you. These few people working today have no respect for anyone. Highly disappointed.

Leslie Ostrander

First time at a Smash Burger. We are visiting from Indiana and decided to stop in. Their burgers are amazing!! Very juicy and fresh. Paul definitely made us feel very welcome!! Great hostess !!! Will definitely be back before we leave!!

Chad K.

Food was great and the service was awesome as well. This will be my lunch spot while working in this area.

Anthony S.

I love their food but this location failed at customer service. The young man behind the counter spent 5 minutes flirting with two girls while my family especially in line. He actually described a sports injury. He was a young man and I fault the lack of management in education a newer employee on how to do business.

Orlando T.

This place was filthy!! Desert Ridge 7pm on a Saturday, Only 3 tables were taken and no one in line, all other tables and seats were extremely dirty, even outside. Had to ask to have table cleaned to only have it wiped down with a soaking wet rag that left the table and seats wet. We had to grab a handful of napkins to wipe dry everything ourselves. Then when we sat down and looked up, the lamp shade with filthy as well. The floors was a mess. What Happened to this place? Sad service and dirty place!

F. S.

Norman at the Desert Ridge Smash burger was very helpful and fullfiled our order accurately! This is our favorite location!! The service and quality of ingredients are excellent!

Marquis Berry

The one working a younger girl was great. She took the order and made suggestions that would've worked well. With only a few customers the workers in the kitchen were extremely slow. She had to go back and assist. The food was greasy and not at all what I expected. If I have a craving for a burger I'll just go to Five Guy's Burgers next time.


I'm pretty certain I Uber Eats from this location... I'll check my phone later. 👇😎 .

Kay G.

This review is basically about this location only and the lack of cleanliness as you should already know what smash burgers menu is/food quality. This site opens at 10:30 am and we went in at 11:00 am. The women's restroom was completely clogged already and when staff was informed they said they had called maintenance. While there at least 3 other people informed staff...why? Because apparently putting up an "out of order " sign is too obvious of a concept! Even if you don't have paper and pen to just hand write one you'd have to have a yellow "slippery when wet " type sign for spills that you could place in front of the door. While sitting at our booth it seemed pretty apparent that the staff must not have cleaned the night before when closing as there was food everywhere . I'll skip this location in the future and frankly just take my kid to McDonald's instead.

Taylor Engbrocks

Definitely my last time coming here! Not only did I get sick from it but I got sick at my own workplace!

Neto Vargas

Dirty place not coming back

James Trent

They need to take some lessons from franchises in Idaho. Quality, CUSTOMER SERVICE, and taste. Every Smashburger I've tried in Arizona has been a disappointment.

AceMace InSpace

We had a very pleasant experience with this location. The food was the best Smash around, and the employee at the register, Paul, was very helpful and delightful to interact with


We often visit to this location of the smash burger but recently we have having issues with team members attitude. Last two visits of mine has been very unpleasant.

Benjamin Wilson

The good bit not great they need to add more flavor to it

Jose Munoz

I saw this restaurant had a three star average and it is accurate. The cashier was nice and attentive taking our order but fumbled on giving us the right drinks. The burgers were fresh and tasty but excessively dripping fat. I ordered tots and shoestring onions. The tots were good but the onions were burnt and tasted old as if they had refried a batch. I ordered tots with my kids meals and I got fries instead. When I asked for the tots they kindly replaced them. What was rude was that once we were eating our meal one of the cooks returned for the fries that were incorrect. I will not be returning to Smashburger.

Becky P.

Just left this place. Says it's open til 9:30. They shut the lights off at 9:27 in the dining area and kicked about 12 people out. They were not friendly when we ordered at all either. The gentleman working the register must have had a bad day today but we all felt it.

Monique G.

I paid almost $7 for their avocado bacon club with no tomato and dressings on side. I expected to receive a great burger filled with tomato and bacon, but what I got was a sad greasy burger with three little slices of avocado, one floppy piece of lettuce, and three small slices of bacon. When I bit into the burger each time all I tasted was oil. Not much flavor and not much toppings even though the whole burger was based around it. All I can say about the burger was, at least it was edible.