Tacos Culichi

3004 E McDowell Rd, Phoenix
(602) 368-4518

Recent Reviews

Deni G.

Don't Judge a Book by its Cover My lunch companion and I went to Culichi for some take out based on a recommendation of a friend. Culicao's is truly the definition of a hole in the wall. However, dont let the teeny, no frills, appearance scare you away. On this visit we ordered the carne asada burrito and the al pastor quesadilla and both were delicious. The meat was flavorful and both entrees had the perfect balance of meat and toppings. We were each given two salsas- the tomatillo green and a red. The grren was my favorite which had a bit of a kick. We washed down our entrees with a horchata and a Mexican Coke. If you find yourself in the area stop by the food and service are great, the prices are reasonable, you wont be disappointed.

Ferrara Rosita

Great little taco place!!! Fresh pineapple on pastor tacos, that made them taste fresh and delicious. Service was fast friendly and super helpful, answering all my annoying questions. Parking is in back and have to walk around building but small price to pay for good tacos.

Call S.

Now these are the BEST tacos, SO FAR, I have had in Phoenix. If you are looking for tacos, THIS PLACE IS A MUST. Make this place your first option, believe it, your taco experience will change.

Anthony J Fuhlrodt

Some of the best tacos, i got my office hooked on this place and we order at least once a week. The pastor is amazing.

Brendon Biegel

One of my favorite taco places in all of Phoenix. Their carne asada is my favorite. Their menu is limited to a few items that they do really really well.

Isabelle M.

Driving by, this place is not a place you would say "oh we have to try that place next time!". Drive by slowly so you don't miss the parking. The place itself is cozy and cute. The burrito portions are FANTASTIC. My fiancé and I got the carne asada burrito and one Sonoran dog to share. The burrito was gigantic, not the most amazing burrito I've ever had, but definitely very good especially if you're too tired to cook dinner after work. The only negative about the burrito is that there was way more cabbage than any other ingredient, or so it seemed. Overall my fiancé and I were definitely satisfied. The Sonoran dog, I had one bite, but oh my goodness so flavorful and delicious. I wish I had gotten two Sonoran dogs instead of the carne asada burrito. The salsas were...eh. I've had my share of both authentic and Americanized salsas, and I wasn't too impressed with their salsas. The red is very spicy, I grew up loving heat but this salsa is a bit too spicy to enjoy. The green was a bit spicy but more flavorful- my favorite one at this place. The avocado salsa, it was lacking flavor as a whole, I didn't like it at all. Summarized. Portion of burritos , GREAT. Taste of burritos very good. Sonoran dog, get at least two! Not my favorite spot, but I'm sure I'll be back to try the other menu items.

Ariana M.

Ok, this place is amazing!!!! Saw good reviews so thought to check it out but when I had my first bite of the carne asada taco I was like oh my gosh!!!! Super delicious and quick!

James Santana

Definitely one of the best in the valley. Amazing food.

Amanda J.

Seriously ... best little hidden gem. Food was super fresh and great for the price. I had the carne asada taco to dip in the birria juice- so fire. And also a couple pastor because that's where it's at. I wanted try their take on a Sonoran dog but was too full. Will be back again, it's not close to home, but worth the drive!

Andrea M.

Amazing. Straight shot of dopamine to my brain. Tacos Culichi was such a perfect choice for Taco Tuesday, the hot dog is delicious slammed with authentic flavor. The carne asada was tender, juicy and paired perfect with the onion and cilantro. The pastor has its signature pineapple and I'll start to compare this Pastor to any future pastor I'll try from now on. Radishes and cucumbers compliment every plate to add a little texture and crunch to your meal. The green and red salsa were both fire and spicy which I personally love.

Natalie C.

I've tried this place 3 days in a row. The birria, pastor, and carne asada tacos are amazing. The beans on the side are also super tasty. The salsa aren't too spicy and add a great flavor. I've already converted my loved ones and coworkers to this place. Can't wait to try their other options on the menu.

Elvia A.

Its been months that Ive been eyeing this place & today was finally the day we went to try it out. First of all, we must have driven passed it 2 times, its difficult to find & parking is in the rear with no real signs indicating where it is or which parking is theirs, moving on...the service was great, the young woman was very attentive. I ordered 2 tacos de asada, the meat had great flavor & was loaded with meat, however...it was alittle dry. The side of beans & rice were ok, the rice was spanish rice(mexican rice) but I've had better, it had an off taste to it & the beans were pork flavor beans or something. Not very authentic. None the less the tacos & broth(consome) that my company & I had were delicious! Reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is small things...who doesnt serve beer with tacos, also they dont serve chips & salsa with your order. But its definitely worth the try, the tacos were bomb!

Ed C.

Excellent food excellent service and the Cabras tacos are killer! Definitely a place to hit!

Tiffany O.

Fail it just smell good like they bbqn the meat and they ain't doing shii them tacos was full of fat glad it was only 10$

Mirella R.

We drive from Mesa to try these tacos. The drive was totally worth it! The meat was juicy and tender. The only thing I did not like was their guacamole. But other than that I give this place a 5 stars.

Armando O.

Great little taco place!!! Fresh pineapple on pastor tacos, that made them taste fresh and delicious. Service was fast friendly and super helpful, answering all my annoying questions. Parking is in back and have to walk around building but small price to pay for good tacos.

Enrique J.

Was really excited to try the birria tacos here after reading about them on the reviews but unfortunately I left disappointed. I decided to try all 4 tacos they had on their menu as well. The birria and the cabeza tacos were ok at best, they had very little flavor and had to add ton of salt and salsa to make the taste better. The asada taco on the other hand was way too salty... the al pastor taco was my favorite, didnt really have any complaints about that one. We also ordered a hot dog, again no complaints there, just a decent mexican hotdog. The place is clean and the staff was very friendly, but the food just wasn't up to par in my opinion.

Bekah K.

This place is very unassuming from the outside, and essy to drive right by....but super cute and clean inside!!! The food is also amazing...and the service is great too. We had Monse as a server and she made us feel right at home...answering all of our questions and going above and beyond to welcome us in. Highly recommend checking this place out if you haven't, you won't be disappointed!

Joel & Joseph Hernandez

Great taco awesome service ????? time but I’m definitely coming back

Kevin Rigg

The service was great, the atmosphere was comfortable and the food was amazing! I will be back.

Ana G.

tl;dr - Authentic double tortilla tacos, rice reminiscent of the delicious homemade kind you're served at a Quinceañera, but skip the horchata. Yes it's the building with the metal window bars that turns out to be a sit down restaurant and accepts card payment. Let's start with finding this place. If it's night time, you'll probably pass by it even if you're following Google Maps. You actually may pass it during the day too. Google Maps is accurate. U-turn and try the drive again, this time extra slow. You see the place with the metal bars all over the windows and door? Yeah that's the place. Now for the parking lot. Keeping that same extra slow speed, keep an eye out for the turn that looks like it leads down a short dead end alley. Once you start turning into it, you'll see the small "Parking" sign. The parking is free, but on the left there are a few spots with "Beauty Salon Customers Only" signs. Stay away from those. There's plenty of other spots. Then lock your car and walk on over. Although this place has all the elements of an authentic taco shop, the logo and cute puns on the wall look like something you'd see at a casual restaurant in Scottsdale. Despite the exterior, the interior is very modern and clean. This is a sit down restaurant with servers, so be prepared to tip. They do accept card payment and even had the equipment for Apple Pay. The horchata is extra sweet, like if extra sugar was added to it. It tasted like a desert drink instead of refreshing. I wouldn't reorder it. They do have Mexican Coke in glass bottles. I'd go with that instead. The tacos were delicious and are double tortilla style. They do already come with the onions, cilantro, limes, radishes, and cucumber slices. (Other taco places have the self serve area for these toppings. This place does not.) The rice was so good, definitely order it! The beans though tasted a bit like chorizo. They were still tasty, but I was expecting plain beans. Price came to $30 before tip for 2 people. (6 tacos, 1 hot dog, 1 rice/beans side, 1 horchata, 1 Coke) Would I return? No.

Analaura Perez

One of my favorite places! So clean and the food is fresh.

Mary F.

I don't usually write bad reviews. I usually use yelp to tell people about the awesome restaurants I find but I HAD to write about this one. The restaurant was nice and clean, the food was decent for the price. It really wasn't bad food honestly it was pretty good. It was on the same level as Fillaburtos. The reason I am giving it one star is because of the service. The girl at the counter had one airpod in the whole time and kept asking me to repeat myself. Which I did loudly. I'm a vegetarian and wanted just bean and cheese tacos. She looked annoyed and then started to argue with me saying that they had beans but because they weren't refried that you cant put them in tacos. I insisted that they just try it. Eventually, she agreed and then she went on to ask me what meat. I said no meat over and over just the beans and cheese. I think I said no meat at least 5 times. But instead, she kept yelling and pointing at the menu telling me I HAD to choose a meat. After about the 6th time and me slowly explaining that I only wanted beans and cheese she sighed in annoyance. God forbid I ruin her day by trying to order food. After all that I asked for chips on the side. Then with an ungodly amount of attitude gave me a cup with a lid and said it was for chips. and then typed out my order printing it out and handed it to a man next to her. He then went on to laugh and make fun of my order in Spanish thinking that for whatever reason I couldn't understand him. OH, I COULD. Thank you for criticizing me for only wanting beans, cheese, and toppings on my tacos. They went on goofing off for a while all while my coworker stood there waiting to order after me. Eventually, our orders were called. I stood there with this cup looking for chips for 10 minutes while waiting. I showed it to the man who looked at me confused and he then looked at the receipt confused. I guess she never put it on the order. While I was standing there waiting for him to hand me the food he went off and started joking and playing around with the cooks and register girl as well. It was just one big party back behind the counter where no one gave two flying frogs about the people who all waited to order and get their food. A good few minutes later I eventually got my food. WHICH WAS RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM THE WHOLE TIME. OVER ALL. Extremely bad customer service. I don't plan on going here ever again. The general attitude of " why are you bothering me" mixed with the " we're having fun leave us alone" and the " all these customers are stupid and can't understand what we are saying so let's talk shit" was LOADS OF FUN. (Sarcasm) do not go here.

Joel Hernandez

Great taco awesome service ????? time but I’m definitely coming back

Caitlin C.

HIGHLY recommended!! absolutely favorite place to get tacos and birria juice! PERFECT tacos and just a greasy friendly atmosphere! very clean and modern looking! staff is absolutely amazing! i crave this place at least once a week, my boyfriend and i love coming here for taco tuesday! also the quesadillas are bombbbbbbb

Nicholas Pappagallo Jr

Good tacos, great taste/ location was deceiving as its much nicer inside than out

Jessica R.

The area it's located at doesn't seem nice nice you have to pay attention to location or your pass it but food is amazing prices are great service is quick and great. We definitely loved the place and food!! Tacos are great Quesadillas are great Half n half rice n beans for baby looked it Vampiro was fire and aguas natural really good and refreshing!!! Deft come you won't regret it

Kay Rod

They took a while for them to come and take our order but the place was nice and clean. The tacos were good but the guac didn't taste like anything also the parking is weird.

Jorge M.

Tacos are OK, Shrimp ceviche tostadas are good. Not a very good selection of food tho

Jordan Nottingham

Hands down best taco shop in Phoenix. Great service, even better food.

Hugo Martinez

Good meat but the salsa is like water no flavor

Teresa Espinoza-Reyes

Worse service ever. Was told to have a seat, Waited 20 min if not longer and we didnt get helped, no menu no nothing. After 30 lin of waiting as people were walking out more were coming in and they got service and menus right away in front of us.was looking forward to try it but not with bad service.

mike venable

This was our first time coming here and it was great. The carne asada and el pastor tacos were some of the best I’ve had in the valley. The red salsa had a good kick to it and made the meal that much better. We will definitely be coming here again!

Baltazar T.

Found this place on Instagram. #azfoodie we wanted to try some quality birria and there taco with the birria juice looked amazing online. I ordered a birria taco carne asada taco & ceviche tostada. Wifey ordered carne asada mulita & carne asada vampiro Upon trying the food i wasn't sure how to feel. The taste was good. However, I felt that it was missing something. Overall the food was great. I think area of improvement would be the salsas. Salsa can make or break your taco. The green one in the cup was eh . The others needs more of a kick. Tostada was 5/5 was fresh and gave a sense of feeling refreshed. Will for sure return! I will for sure

Daniel Strand

Had the hotdog with a Mexican coke. Really good. Gf and her kids had tacos did enjoy them. The red hot sauce was extremely salty and acidic I couldn't stomach it. I love spicy food, it wasn't the spice, the flavor was off... Aside from that it was good food

Bryan S.

I came to Tacos Culichi for the sole purpose of trying out the birria dipping sauce on my tacos. The actual tacos itself is pretty good and the corn tortillas tasted homemade. I ordered birria and cabeza and I honestly enjoyed the cabeza more. The salsas provided were really flavorful where the red had a Smokey flavor and the green was just spicy. The birria dipping sauce is a must. I also ordered the toastada de ceviche and it was okay, it was nothing too exciting for me. I was also disappointed in the horchata which didn't carry that authentic taste that I'm used to. On the bright side they have a decent drink menu with mexican beer soon to be included on it. The thing that bugged me the most was just the service. I felt like we were barely attended to and in the end they messed up our order. Aside from that I would say Tacos Culichi is a safe taco spot to eat at but don't go with high expectations.

Hillary C.

I came here for the tacos, stayed for the HOT DOG. I've always been here and night and man it looks creepy outside haha! Upon entering, it's very well decorated and clean. They also serve you at your table as well. Now for the food, in order of most liked to least... 1) Hot dog sinaloence - Umm I cannot describe how delicious this is in words... I LOVE this hot dog with all my heart. I'm used to the Sonoran hot dogs in Tucson, but this is my new found love! Definitely give their hot dog a shot! 2) Cabeza Vampiro - Wow this was scrumptious (note: still not as good as the hot dog). The tostada was crispy and packed with Cabeza meat. The addition of the cilantro and onions on top came through beautifully. 3) Ceviche Tostada - This was good but not my favorite. Maybe I have to be in the mood for cold food in general... The tostada was PACKED with very flavorful ceviche. 4) Tacos - I honestly wasn't wowed by any of their tacos. I've had better and at a better price range.. Not much else to add.

Gary Lahti

awesome tacos, beautiful staff

Kari K.

If your scrolling through yelp looking for tacos... do yourself a favor... Stop the search here! This place is a hidden gem! From the outside it doesn't look like much but the tacos are by far the best we have found since relocating to PHX. The "mula" is something that I hadn't had before this place, I recommend if you want to change up your normal taco order. We have already been back twice. The service is great and feels like a local family owned business. Overall amazing, keep it up Tacos Culich

Roxanne R.

If I could give this place a 10 star I would ! Small hole in the wall place that took me 5 U-turns to get to lol. The food is amazing. It's a small place with about 7 tables. You seat yourself. Tacos are 2.50 and they have several other choices. I had the ceviche which was awesome. I had two asada tacos, one goat and one cabeza. The tortillas were good she the birria juice to dip your tacos in is sooo tasty. Wish it was closer to my house but will definitely come back.