Tacos Culichi

3004 E McDowell Rd, Phoenix
(602) 368-4518

Recent Reviews

Gerardo De Aguinaga Dalli

I was surprised that the food is really good, we tried the tostada de ceviche, is really good and taste so fresh with the black sauce make a really good duo, also i ordered the volcan with carne al pastor, just delicious, the meat marinated just perfect the green salsa a little bit spicy but delicious,the caldo de birria so delicious the meat is goat, so it has a great flavor and the broth just perfect and the hot dog sinaloence , just good and tasty , the drink was the agua de Jamaica, just perfect... definitely i will comeback every time I'm here.

Cheryl Pelletier

Wonderful tacos! Great service. Super sparkly clean restaurant. We came all the way from north Scottsdale. We will definitely be back!

Elizabeth Garcia

The food itself has good flavor and the service was fast, so that was nice; I just wish the staff was friendlier. My fiancé and I drove an hour to eat here (I’ve been wanting to come for weeks) and was just disappointed at how we were treated. It wasn’t busy at all yet the cashier/waitress was acting like we were wasting her time when we had some small questions about the menu. I’m not sure if the A/C was broken when we went yesterday or what but it was very hot in there and a little difficult to get comfortable due to the heat. I also with the burrito had more carne asada in it instead of rice and beans.

Julio Loya

Fantastic food, meat (carne asada) was delicious. Ordered the family portion and was not dissapointed. Highly recommended

John Melde

My son and I tried the Taco's, burrito, & sonoran hot dog.. all good.. clean place...

Angela Anger

The food was delicious. We had tacos there and took Birria to go. The staff was attentive and friendly. Not sure if it was just the time of day so maybe staffing was low but service was a little slow, however the food was worth the wait. The building was not very clearly marked but there is ample parking in the back once you find it.

Jerrod Kaplan

I'll probably bump this up to five stars after my second visit. I LOVE finding places like this ... outside you're almost afraid to roll down the windows or leave your car unattended, but inside is modernly decorated, clean, gorgeous! And, most importantly, everything we had was delicious. They're specialized with their menu, so don't expect a bean burrito or chicken, because they don't have either. Oh: they make their own horchata, and it is mind-blowing.

Kris M.

Love this place. What a hidden gem! The food is delicious and the salsa is phenomenal. Excellent service. Full for less than $10. Can't beat that.

Clarissa M.

Got to this pretty small place not knowing what to expect.. not going to lie, they are pretty good. My fav is the birria tacos and the soñoran hot dog!! Definitely not disappointed. oH& Food came out EXTREMELY FAST.

Alan G.

Went a while back, just realized I didnt actually get this posted... SORRY! Truly unique flavor. I don't know if it's charcoal or wood fire but it's definitely not a stove top. The meat(i had Asada) has a distinct marinade that pops. Got a burrito, very reasonable size for the price. Comes with beans rice and pick, I added cheese(white, not cheddar). I got a bottle of coke and gave a dollar tip, cost 11 bucks. Worth every penny. Loved the salsa verde and the avocado sauce. I bet if you like that kind of sauce the red is just as good. Not my cup of tea but definitely flavorful. I left thoroughly impressed, literally sent my friend a message 2 bites in saying he had to try the place. We're both burrito/Mexican food connoisseurs so I had to tell him. Check them out, food earned the rating.

Rosa D.

Went there on a Sunday afternoon after getting the hype up from a friend. Carne Asada tacos were great, they're horchata was awesome, definitely the real thing. Had a pastor vampiro taco which was bomb, great flavor, good portions and not bad on their price. Worth checking out

Victoria C.

I've been in the PNW for most of my life and hadn't really had any decent tacos until I moved to Phoenix last year. I've tried a handful of places, but Tacos Culichi is my favorite. I'm often here several times a week. The place is pretty unassuming on the outside, but the service is friendly and fast. The vampiras are good if you eat them there, otherwise they might get a little soggy from all the delicious meat and cheese. Carne asada and al pastor tacos are DELICIOUS, served generously and priced well. They package everything nicely for delivery too, so it arrives fresh. I highly recommend for a quick and tasty bite at a great price.

Marco Antonio Osuna Rubio

Visited Tacos Culichi, being from Sinaloa I thought the food offer was going to be different, just 2 salsa's, no guacamole, no cabagge, lettuce or grilled onions, no non spicy tomatoes salsa.

Jack D.

This was one hell of a find when visiting Phoenix. We were looking for some tacos fairly late at night and this place had popped up on Yelp. As you walk in, it seems pretty refined, not like your typical hole in the wall. I decided to order 3 of their Carne Asada tacos and I was very happy when they arrived. The tortilla's were served warm (as they should be). The tacos were generously filled with succulent steak that anyone would enjoy. The other person I was with ordered a couple of their Al Pastor tacos and after having a bite of one of theirs I can confirm that they were very good too. When I return to Phoenix, I will know exactly where to go for a good taco.

Michelle T.

great little hole in the wall place. tacos were amazing and service was good. though to be honest, it was a bit more pricey than i am used to for street tacos. would return though if in the area again.

Shelley G.

The original taco shop we were going to ended up being closed so we decided to try out this place as we had seen it on Instagram and the food looked awesome. Today was our lucky day - the food was fantastic. I got the carne asada and el pastor tacos and both were super yummy. Will definitely be adding this place to our taco rotation! Check it ou5!

Brandi J.

Booooomb.com everything was so tasty and I loved the horchata as well. I also had the birria taco with the dip sauce. Quesadillas with carne Asada were also delicious

Brian L.

Excellent little spot on McDowell. Came in today to see what the fuss was about! Had some amazing carne and al pastor tacos and burritos. Rice and beans, salsas and meat were all delicious. Some excellent flavor in this place! Give it a try!

Christy Pater

Amazing and fresh flavors. The ceviche was delicious without the overpowering citrus flavors you get with most ceviche. The tacos were also good. The meat was tender and flavorful with a slight smoky flavor. We will be back!

Alphonso Contreras

Don’t want to say it but best carne asada quesadilla I have ever had! (And I have tried many guys and from Mexico too) you could really taste the flavor of the cheese and the meat was very easy to eat and not chewy. Place was clean and the service was fast. Truly authentic. And great prices. Also lots of parking. It is the perfect modern taco place.

kay k

Good food.but for us that can't read a Spanish menu was challenging.we just googled the names.

Marisol N.

I was impressed with the service and the food, tried pastor and asada tacos, very yummy good prices and the green salsa is bomb!

Kelly N.

If you're looking for a BOMB taco spot, come through here! The vibe here is very trendy. There are pic worthy areas. I got the Al Pastor tacos because I love pineapple. Super tasty and yummy! I also tried the Sonoran dog and it came with a side of Ruffles. First spot I've been to that adds on chips. I also got the Horchata which fulfilled my cravings for Mexican food. Totally hit the spot for us. Highly recommend!

Hung T.

This spot is going to be a hit! Flavors are on point and the texture of the food is cooked in perfectly. Birria taco is amazing. Wish I tried the actual Birria bowl to get the full experience. It's rich with flavor and spice. The meat is not dry in any way and it's melt in your mouth tender. I believe it's made with beef here. Everyone raves about Birria Obregon, but that place does not come close. The carne asada burrito is good as well, it's smaller than how I like my burritos but it's totally worth the price. And the salsa... amazing. It has a good kick with flavor and compliments both the taco and burrito extremely well. It reminds me of backyard taco from the East Valley and I can say that the flavors and style of tacos comes very close. However, I do like the salsas better here. The parking looks a little sketch but it's places like these that you know you're in for a good treat.

Ivan Valdez

The food is fresh and delicious. Service was great. The food is presented beautifully and the colors pop! A great and friendly atmosphere.

Elizabeth Paredes

The food was good. That staff seemed nice but the food is a little on the pricey side for just tacos. I would go back maybe not too often cuz of the price

Ben M.

I travel a lot and I love tacos. I chose this place for dinner the other night because I was fascinated by the straight 5 star review. Who has that? How in the world did that happen? How can I sit here and be hungry and not drive down the road to try this place that has the highest rating for any restaurant I've ever seen anywhere I've ever been?! So yeah, I went and I was not disappointed. I chose three tacos and a coca-cola for my dinner: the pastor, the birria, and a barbacoa taco. Each one featured its own distinctive, complex, and fresh flavors. It reminded me so much of family get togethers where everything was made with such joy and love that you could taste it. You could feel the pride in each dishes history. It's been years since we all got together like that but when I took my first bite of their al pastor taco, it felt like I was a little kid again at my grandparents house surrounded by those I love the most. It literally made me tear up from how well done their food is. The menu is small but each offering is flawless. Go now, order everything, and enjoy because you just found your new favorite restaurant.

Chris B.

Great tacos, great service, clean restaurant, fair prices. Came here with a buddy for lunch. I ordered carne asada tacos, pastor tacos and the Sinaloence dog.all of it was tasty The pastor tacos were my favorite

Christine C.

This is our favorite Mexican restaurant in the area!!! My bf and I have tried a bunch of different establishments around here but we keep coming back to the same spot. We've dined in, ordered takeout, and gotten delivery. We love having all 3 options available and every time has been great. The restaurant is easy to access and they a lot of parking available. They also have a simple and straightforward menu. We've tried a lot of different items on the menu and we have no complaints. Our usual meal consists of tacos, mulas, hot dogs, and horchatas. We've also met the owners and they are super nice! We love supporting family own businesses, especially non-chain restaurants. This place is great and stands out from the rest. You just have to see for yourself!

Cristina Franco

I’ve tried many tacos in Phoenix hoping to find authentic tacos done right. I went online and found this place and decided to give it a shot without really much hope of getting anything short than what I got. Quality is AMAZING and I knew it from the moment I noticed the small diced pineapple. That was a clear sign of attention to detail! Everything on my order was exactly how it should be and my horchata was just divine!!! Tacos Culichi have a faithful client from here on out!

Miguel Moreno

Don't waste your time, no chicken options or vegan options. I'm from this hood and a big advocate for small business but this place is not what we need. Plus the server seemed busy. Which was weird because we were the only ones there. 5 months here I don't expect them past a year.

Val Espinoza

Tried this place out for the first time today with my daughter. The Cevice here is the best. Tacos are great too. Will definitely be back!

Fernanda M.

Don't let the exterior fool you. Inside, the place is clean tidy.. and oh by the way serves up amazing tacos! The staff is super friendly, prices are fair... and honestly cheap @ $2.50/taco. Most places are north of $3-4 these days. We'll 100% be back! Thanks for a great experience!

Jennifer Y.

This place is one of the new restaurants I visited on the recommendation of Yelp. My husband and I went for dinner, and we were so happy with our full stomachs. I ordered the carne asada tacos and he ordered the carne asada burros. We were both blown away on how great it was. The meat was so tender, juicy and very flavorful. It was the best carne asadas we ever had. I also liked how the meat was finely chopped along with cilantro and onions. Plus, our orders came with a couple of cucmber and radish slices on the side for a nice crunchy texture. It was money well spent. We will definitely be back to try other items on the menu. Side note: We also liked how the restaurant was decorated. It was clean and simple. The cashier was very professional and nice.


Super amazing Mexican style tacos. Very authentic. The quality of the meet was incredible very tasty and will definitely return whenever I’m in the area.

Vincent L.

It's all too easy to drive past Tacos Culichi like I did on my first try, but you'll find it worthwhile to make a U-turn at your earliest and safest convenience because there's some seriously good stuff here. Everything I tried, whether the pastor taco, the cabeza mula, or the birria vampiro, was delicious and stuffed full of quality meats. Excellent value all around. Moreover, the venue is sparkling clean and modern inside, plus service is extra sweet and welcoming. Normally, I like to go on and on with my reviews but I've really said all that matters here. Come visit and see for yourself how the food does all the talking. Thanks so much to all you Yelpers out there for a truly excellent find!

Hailey P.

New favorite taco shop?! I think yes! I found this fab new spot on Yelp on Taco Tuesday so naturally, I had to come right away! They have a very authentic menu, that isn't overwhelming with too many options. My husband and I split the ceviche plate and you guys, it was a DREAM! It was SUPER cold, flavorful, packed with loads of gorgeous avocado, and 3 crispy corn tortillas. I will literally be craving it for weeks to come. For my tacos, I ordered their carne asada and al pastor. They came with a plate of cold cucumbers, radishes, limes, caramelized onions (is this real life?!), and the yummiest homemade sauces. THEY WERE SO GOOD. The al pastor won my heart because that pineapple just makes it every time. But both were pretty dang dreamy. We also split a side of their refried beans and man, they were a win too. We definitely want to come back to try their burro and hot dog! Thanks for a yummy lunch, Tacos Chulichi... we'll be back soon!!