Golden Restaurant & Bakery

1849 N Scottsdale Rd, Tempe
(480) 656-4405

Recent Reviews


Delicious food, took almost an hour to get our food because they are a little understaffed, but overall had a good experience and food was worth the wait. I recommend calling in advance what you want to order.

Jennifer Cummings

Awesome. Some of the best Mediterranean food I've had. Very large portions. Enough for two people.

hamza saadi

Clean food with really good customer service. The taste here is

Amin Sabzehzar

Good food, average customer services, nice people, average environment.

Mark Willis

Awesome food. Been looking for a place with pita pies since I moved from Chicago. Too notch and will be back

Olivia Wahdan

The place was clean and the service was great. My chicken shawerma and falafel was delicious.

Ron M.

We have been cruising by this place for over a year but somehow manage to come on Friday, which is the day they are closed. The wings are awesome, and flavorful ( I got the plain ones ). Crisp on the outside and wet on the inside, the way I like wings. Labni was fresh and the bread hot. I got one wrap, eggs and cheese. Lovely olives, cucumbers and tomatoes adorned the top. She got two: falafel and chicken. Chicken was delicious. Falafel was good, and not over seasoned. Another reviewer said service was slow, which we did not experience. Second tray came out after we were munching on the first. As far as the food being bland, I beg to differ. It tastes clean and fresh and not overly greasy, so take that reviewer with a grain of salt. And lots of hot fresh tea with mint. She had a raspberry drink but I stuck to water. The menu is EXTENSIVE. Which means we will be back. I overheard the counter person say that the buffet is available for Ramadan.

Noble Root Herbs

A great local spot for all my Muhammara and Falafel needs! This Mediterranean Restaurant embodies a chill atmosphere where folks take time to eat their food. I have never felt rushed wile dinning in. They offer an extensive Menu for meat eaters and Vegitarians, if you are Vegan I personally wouldn't be concerned, they are are soooo clean and organized in the kitchen ( the kitchen is open to public view) they use different surfaces and utensils for all their made to order foods. They respect people that don't eat meat and don't cross contaminate. Never had a problem ( I have Beef Intolerance so when I find a good place I post about it lol). The wraps are big! I love getting the Sabbah when I'm feeling Hangry, It is very filing. 5 ? for being yummy, friendly,clean, affordable and local!

Jennifer P.

I've had this bookmarked for a while based on great reviews. We finally got some takeout last week and tried several options such as the shwarma pizza and falafel. Tonight we got the golden combo plate and a chicken kabob wrap. Everything was very tasty and we're planning to go in soon so we can try some different things. The quality was excellent and I'm looking forward to returning! I feel like we wait a little longer here for food than I prefer. I do think everything is freshly prepared and it might not be able to be ready any sooner. Just keep in mind that if you are in a hurry, this isn't that kind of place. Last time we ordered, I sat at a table to wait for the food while my boyfriend went next door and did grocery shopping.

Aya Alkamali

This places never disappoints, I’ve been here a couple of times and tried many things from their menu; every single one of them is amazing! The prices are great too and service is very good!

Aya K.

This places never disappoints, I've been here a couple of times and tried many things from their menu; every single one of them is amazing! The prices are great too and service is very good! They're known for their flatbreads which are delicious, but I also tried their grills today and I loved it! Their portions are big too. Last year I also tried their buffet during Ramadan, can't wait to go again this year !

Tricia Korade

Delicious authentic mid-eastern food at very reasonable prices. Large portions! The wait time to get your order is well worth the fresh-made quality of the food. Super friendly staff. Wish I had left room to try their bakery items,

Samer Hassan

Tasty food and different kind of manaeesh. You must try it

Taco Bender

Really great food and they offered free hot tea and vegetables when I went in there!! Will go again food is amazing like really really flavorful and filling. The deserts are good too!!

Ahmed Alsafar

Food is good. Online/takeout prices are higher than dine in... how does this make any sense?

Eihab Sarabi

Very bad service and presentation of food. Meat was burnt, it took more than half hour, plates look bad. No ones to clean table or check on us.

Deanna H.

This place is really good! The variety of dishes available is outstanding, and the food was hot and delicious! It was also very affordable, and the service was friendly. Highly recommend!

Abdulrhman M.

Food: it's good, they have really good food except the shawarma isn't that special. The baked food though is very good. Also their baked desert (kinder with cheese) is really amazing. Price: is fair not expensive and not cheap. Service: i gave them 3 stars because of the service, although they are polite, the service is very slow. Don't get me started with the delivery, they canceled my order in the last minute after 45 minutes wait ( happened twice).


Too expensive for the amount of food they put. Hummus is tasty, but they put soo little and charge too much! Falafel is too oily and not that tasty unfortunately. I'm not so likely to go back there again!

Nora A.

Absolutely delicious!!!! Food is always fresh, takes a while but worth the wait. I never regret waiting because their food is the best, clean place friendly staff. Highly recommended!

Kirk Hall

I’m just a white guy that knows nothing about middle eastern food . I have eaten here 5 times and I crave this tasty fresh baked food every time I’m hungry but don’t know what I want I live in AJ and make the drive because they never disappoint!! Except on Friday there closed ? Always friendly alway delicious!!!!

David P.

Amazing food. Unique items on the menu. They bake your flatbread fresh for each order. The pita is fresh as well. Not many middle eastern restaurants compare to this place in the Phoenix metro area.

Julia G.

I found out about this place through Local Flavor, where I bought a voucher for $20 worth of food for only $7.50, because LS had a 25% off sale. I posted eating there on Wild Dining MeetUp. Only 3 other ladies showed up. We agreed that the food we tasted in each of our entrees, the taste (kinda boring, bland, definitely NOT "WOW this is SOOOO good, just like the reviews said!") was not at all fitting to the raving reviews. It was such that said I would not come back, and 2 others agreed. Sadia and I agree that Khyber Halal (Afghani and Pakistani food) has much better taste, and is equally reasonable in price. Also the sister restaurant called Hilal is much better. Sadia likes Haji Baba in Tempe. We all agreed out conversation a lot more enjoyable than the food, and I had a good time. Portions were plentiful to take home, for me, anyhow. Adding butter, and salad dressing to make my food taste much better. Mostly my dislikes are about how the meats (chicken and beef) lacked flavoring (bland and not tasty), rice was bland (believe me, some ethnic restaurants have delicious rice!!!). salad lacked dressing entirely (in taste anyhow). I bought a cheese dessert (the one with all the carrot colored long shreds all over it). It was sooooo boring. But the cashier said the orange dessert was far more popular than the creme one, next to it, that looks the same except, it is not orange colored. Cheese was kinda hard and dry drumbles, and very bland. I ate the leftovers for all above, the next day, and it was so ick in flavor, I changed my 3 star review to two stars. Also the dessert I had is 1 star. Happens, because the $20 worth of food for $7.50 (due to 25% off sale) was, I thought, a good deal, I still have two more vouchers left to use before March 20, 2020. Maybe something else I order next time, can lift my 2 star review.

Jennifer Cabral

Food is good and flavorful. However, do not expect quick service. The food is made fresh so it takes a while to get served. The baked goods are fresh as well. Never had a dry or stale baked item. Staff is friendly and patient. If you do not know what something is they will explain what it is. You order at the counter and then go back up at the end to pay. Prices are fair for the quality and quantity of food you get.

Jon Kemp

Was given a gift certificate for this place. Went to use it and their policy is only for dine in. I wasn't going to be eating 2 full meals by myself but wanted to get the full amount of the voucher. I understand the purpose of a dine in only is to get someone to spend more than the $20. Which is what I was going to do anyways to try several items as it was my first time here. Because of owner ships policy I will not be going back.

Juan Hickman

This place is an amazing place for middle eastern pies and flatbreads. They have a wide range of different simple meals either eaten alone or with Arabic bread. The prices are very cheap and reasonable, the service is great, and the food is just amazing. I would personally recommend the masoob and the meat pie or the monster. However the Seating area is very small and crowded. Overall great experience.


Great Mediterranean place. The eggplant pie is also really good. They have several vegetarian options.

Ryan Bradley

Went here on the recommendation of my Lebanese co-worker. Schawarma and felafel were amazing. I have just gotten back from New York and this will definitely be the place I will be coming back to for more!

Donna B.

The chicken shawarma wrap and beef kabob wrap were delicious. Nice relaxing vibe. Cheerful staff. Clean. Sharing with my friends!

Farh E.

Omg so happy I found this place!! It's now my top 5 fav Arab restaurants to eat at! The meat is cooked right to perfection and has all the right flavors! My fav to get is the beef/lamb kabob plate, it's so filling and well worth the money! For the amount of food you get I would say it's not very expensive ! They recently added halal wings, which I plan on going back for to try! There is plenty of seats, and they offer free tea at the front :)

Nick D.

So happy I discovered this place. Every time I come I try something different, and so far everything has been amazing. The food takes a while to be served, but it's always so fresh.

George L.

My favorite place to eat in town. Tasty food, great prices, good service. Laheem bajeen. Mint Lemonade smoothie, hummus, safiha (Turkula), rice pudding.

Mohamed Fofana

The food is great. Eat here, you won't be disappointed.

Ah Douglas

It is a great food , I really enjoyed there

Wouroud IB

The quality of food met my expectations ! Very delicious

Vaishnavi Tallapally

Homely food, friendly staff and great prices! This place is a must try. I was pleasantly surprised by the Chicken Shawarma Pizza.

Tyree Kelly

First time here an loved it. Food was fresh and I'll be back for more.

Ahmad S.

Great restaurant. They have variety of choices and my favorite is chicken rashed warp with cheese, tahini, hot sauce, and french fries inside the sandwich. I also like to order lebna with zaatar pie, so good. The orders takes long time to prepare. Also, the meals prices are overpriced.

Sarah Smith

Most amazing people and food! Love all the options and the desserts are incredible.

Omar M.

Amazing food and even better service! Definitely a must try Mediterranean restaurant.