Original Hoagie Shop

1335 W University Dr #2, Tempe
(480) 968-7409

Recent Reviews

Lionel J.

So far best philly cheese in Az!! Big Brrrr. P.S Don't talk down on the food if you didn't eat it fresh. Just make sure to eat it then and there to get the full experience.

Tony X.

I went there today and tried their 12 inch steak and cheese. They put so much darn black pepper in it, that it ruined the sandwich. It would probably be good if they didn't add black pepper or at least just a little on there. Next time if I'm crazy enough to go back, i'll ask them to not add black pepper. The prices are pretty high. If the prices were not so high, I would of gave it 3 stars. Maybe higher if they didn't over do it on the black pepper. To compare a similar quality place Corleone's Philly Cheesesteaks. Corleone's is 10.99 for regular which is foot long and 7.99 half (half is a little larger than 6 inch). Original Hoagie Shop is a whopping 12.49 and 9.49. Their website still says 11.49 and 7.99. ( I guess they have to pay for all that unnecessary tech in the place. This tiny place has like 6 TVs with a massive one in front displaying the expensive menu. You think I was at a large sports bar. Also I like the menu where is says "Family owned since 1979". Yeah, well technically yes, but this family has only owned it for 2-3 years. The original owner that owned it for decades had better food and had way more reasonable prices, even right before he retired around 2019. It you like over priced cheese steaks with extra black pepper, this may be your place.

Jay A.

Great food, the restaurant is always clean, and first class customer service make this place a gem of downtown Tempe. Speaking of hidden gems, try their wing basket. Unironically some of the best wings I've ever had.

sarah sheets

The pastrami here is some of the best I’ve had. I ordered the pastrami.com and added mushrooms and it was the perfect sandwich! The gentleman who I believe is the owner came out to check on us and was just a real delight to talk to. If you’re in the area and looking for a delicious well priced meal, check them out!

Jesse F

Excellent Philly cheese steak that was packaged perfectly- it reminded me of a Cracker Jack prize. The presentation and taste were spot on! I have never been to Philadelphia, but I am sure this is the closest it gets to the real deal. Friendly staff and excellent customer service.

Shanti P.

Bad service to order food. I called 1st time and no answer. The second time I call they answer and say please hold. I sit on hold for over 5 minutes while I hear her helping a few customers then just dead silence and no one came back to phone. I called a third time and no answer. I won't be going back.

Linda S.

They closed 10 minutes earlier than their closing time. A female employee was mopping the floor just staring at me and ignoring me.

Ron H.

Absolutely the best and most authentic Philly cheesesteaks anywhere. Love the unpretentious and authentic diner feel. The owners/operators are truly authentic too. 5 thumbs up.

David Fierros

Wow! Just Wow ! I have never tasted a Philly cheese steak that good in my entire life! I am super picky when it comes to my Philly cheese steaks and that one is the best one I have ever had! The bread was perfectly soft , but not too soggy and the meat was delectable to the last bite! The peppers were so perfect. I didn’t leave one crumb to spare! So good! Absolutely must have.

Don Drew

Since finding this Gem of a sandwich shop about a month ago, I have eaten here almost everyday for lunch. They do EVERYTHING amazing. They aren't the cheapest sandwich shop around but hands down the best! The quality of their bread and ingredients they use are all high quality meats, veggies and cheese. This you can really tell from their simplistic yet delicious Turkey, ham club to their signature Phillys, you really can't go wrong. They do get busy during lunch but I've never waited longer than 10 minutes for an amazing sandwich of theirs. If you are reading these reviews to decide whether or not you want to try The Original Hoagie Shop out, put down your phone or mouse and stop missing out on this phenomenal Sandwich shop!

Karen W.

It's a hoagie or no-gie! We saw the giant sign that said PHILLY CHEESESTEAKS which was like a big cheesy meaty beacon for us at lunchtime. Forget the bat signal Commissioner Gordon, it's all about the Philly Cheesesteak signal. The menu offers both hot and cold sandwiches with multiple cheesesteak options. We shared the 12" Italian cheese steak which contains cheese + thin sliced steak (Duh), peppers and sauteed onions. It was made in only a few minutes and we were ready to chow down! As for seating, I appreciated that there were several 2 top patio tables outside for dining, as well as nice n squeaky clean tables inside. Service was super friendly. The cheese steak was really good! It was PACKED with meat, glorious meat! The cheese had that lovely cheese pull to it and I enjoyed the sweetness of the onions and pickled peppers (Peter Piper was unavailable for comment on picking pecks of them though). The roll was soft and held up well to all the ingredients and the flavors worked well to create a filling satisfying sandwich. It's not my favorite cheese steak of all time but it's probably one of my top choices for Arizona. If you're curious, my top two are places in San Francisco and Philly (Duh).

AJ Hansen

Best Philly Cheesesteaks I have had in Arizona. I live in East Mesa but still drive over here for the food. The staff are amazing and actually get to know you. I don’t recommend many places but this one is a must.

Jon Miller

When I’m in town working, I will always stop and get a mushroom and pepper cheese stake sandwich! The best I e found in the west. The owner operators are wonderful and remember their customers. Nairi and Jeff are awesome and so is their food.

Jon M.

When I'm in town working, I will always stop and get a mushroom and pepper cheese stake sandwich! The best I e found in the west. The owner operators are wonderful and remember their customers. Nairi and Jeff are awesome and so is their food.

Shitbag Heman

I have eaten here for nearly ten years and it never disappoints. Best cheese steaks in AZ and I've had a lot of them haha I've had them on the east coast and they're not this good. Mushrooms and peppers is my go to!

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