4777 E Sunrise Dr, Tucson
(520) 577-3322

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Rea Lucia

I was visiting from California lately. My friend had picked up a most delicious dinner of pizza and salad. What a delight! It had a white sauce, cheese and shrimp, and mushrooms. It was exceptional! Thank you very, very much!

Rick H

The food was subpar and extremely overpriced. I would not recommend it. At the end of the night, the best part of dinner was the salad, although it was served with hot plates. The pasta fazool tasted like cold spaghetti O's. Pizza had an odd crust that tasted store bought, not fresh. The chicken parm was a couple of chicken strips on a puddle of luke warm sauce. Unfortunately, our table of 7 spent over $240 and not one person enjoyed their meal. Never been here before, and I can guarantee you that none of us are ever going back. Too bad. Thumbs down.

Jyneen Hart

My boyfriend and I loved the food. The pizza sauce was amazing!!! Found my new favorite pizza (the vegetable pizza); it was delicious. The atmosphere is both cozy and classy. A great place for date night or to dine alone. The staff was friendly, the bartender Courtney was funny and provided excellent service, and the owner Bazil even came and introduced himself. Overall great experience and delicious food! 10/10!Vegetarian options: Vegetable pizza

Nancy H

There are many Italian restaurant choices in Tucson. This is your choice if you like traditional Italian dishes at a reasonable price. An added bonus is the antipasto salad and pasta fagioli soup that come with every meal. The soup is a special treat. It is tomato based and so delicious. I had the cheese ravioli, a very generous portion, and I took half of it home for a second meal. My husband had the spaghetti and meatballs. He said the meatballs were outstanding. We sat at the bar and the bartender was friendly and very attentive to our needs.


DELICIOUS doesn't do this pizza, or any of Bazil's other amazing food, justice.Lots of love goes into the pizzas, antipasta, bread, lasagna, pastas and I buy their salad dressing by the bottle any time I'm picking up my to-go order.The owner, Max, is a sweetheart and is working right beside his team - we always enjoy getting to visit with him any time we arrive.Locally-owned, super delicious and easy to pick-up and go - what's not to love?Thank you, Bazil's!

Cory Peremsky

This has been my favorite pizza place in town to order from since I've moved back here. Their sauce is a bit sweeter than many places and they put the cheese on top of all other ingredients. I think these things make their pizza taste a bit better than most... But this is subjective. The crust is also great. Never had the pleasure of dining in.

not the norm

I love this place. Max is the coolest. I've lived in NV for many years and for some reason Basil's just came to mind. I will be in town soon and will have to go see if it remains as I so remember with high regard. It's a local gem. If Max is still kickin' it, somebody let me know. What a character! Much love!

Christine Beswick

Best pizza we've had! We love getting Bazil's when we're in Tucson. The crust is fantastic, lots of options for toppings, and they will make adjustments as needed (like if your kid insists on 1/4 of a Hawaiian pizza with nothing but pineapple ??‍♀️). Always friendly and always delicious! Great prices too! Note that they are cash or cheque only.

David Beirne

The food is excellent however when ordering “to go” the individuals who take the orders are short, rude and when asking any questions even ruder in their responses. The “order to go” option leaves you wondering if it’s worth their time and effort, not to mention the person’s ordering.

Brianna Meyer

MUST VISIT!! We did fine dining tonight for two & it was AMAZING. Julie the young lady who sat us was so cool, courteous, & kind (be sure to tip her!!!!). There were a few younger gentlemen John, Franklin, & Ronny tended to us with water, bread, starters, & good conversation. Our server Sarah was informative, laid back & prompt with service. The people here TOTALLY matched our vibe. Food is DELICIOUS & we look forward to being backKid-friendliness: Lots of kids in the pizzza area & the ambience is perfect in the fine dining area without them lolParking: Lots of parkingWheelchair accessibility: Straight forward

Albert Amado

Classic Italian Restaurant! Rich tasty entrees served by welcoming and experienced staff in a cozy atmosphere. The ambiance is well suited for both date night and family dinner. Great bar with fantastic bartenders and comfortable seats.


Bazil's to go, is our favorite sausage thin crust pizza in Tucson. Unfortunately, we moved to the other side of town, which means we only get this when we visit our daughter and her family. We are from Chicago and this is Chicago's sausage. I hope this place keeps going on, and that this place is past down with knowledge in how to make this pizza. Love this thin pizza! They have candy waiting for you, even when it's not Halloween.

Thom Redicks

Bazil's has been and still is our go-to for 17 years. He has the best Pizza in Tucson. The restaurant is pure Chicago Italian with excellent food and comfortable ambiance. Every visit and experience in 17 years has been 5 Stars. Last visit was tonight.

Brenda L Kern

Yummy ?. Ordered Bazil special; assausage, mushrooms, red peppers & onions with garlic/ white sauceunder $20 plus tip; for fast, courteous delivery. Awesome ?Quality is very fresh, tasty. Thin crust ?

K Rouske

Service was horrible. Waited 20 minutes for water and there weren’t enough glasses for the table. We were told the dishwasher left and went home so we needed to be patient. Our dinner was brought out in shifts and there was no acknowledgement of the lack of service.

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