Blackjack Pizza & Salads

2505 N Campbell Ave, Tucson
(520) 325-2121

Recent Reviews

Christian Tover

Very nice job!! Great price, pretty goodQuality..

Tepintzin H.

Blackjack's is a chain, but a small one. The pizza is solid, and they do their own delivery, so no messing with third-party services! I have a picky friend who really, really enjoys their salads, which I do as well. The sauce is tasty, and I like to get a little extra to put on pasta later. Food always arrives in a half hour or less, and the drivers all have insulated bags so it's hot when it arrives.

Tehya Fredericksen

Very friendly staff. Great tasting pizza and they always put a generous amount of cheese of their pizzas and cheesebread.

Melanie Taylor

i love this pizza. i ordered them the first time because a locally owned pizza place's website was down and no one was answering their phone. This pizza, imho, is the best pizza in Tucson. The crust is always crisped to perfection, the dough is nice and spongey, the toppings are fresh and well balanced. The cheese. *drool* Get extra - worth it. Like it's not just mozarella, i dont think. And the way they layer in whatever the pizza spices are into the cheese is brilliant.Love their cheese bread. Love the cinnamon bread. Both are perfect. Their restaurant is clean, the staff is super friendly, parking lot is a bit hinky, but worth it. Their delivery service is just as awesome. If you haven't tried them because you are married to a certain local place, give them at least 1 chance. You won't be disappointed.

Alicia-Pilar Mogollon

Duuuude if you are a meatlover get the jackpot. It's our usual I like to substitute the green peppers for fresh tomatoes but other thsn that this bad boy is loaded with goodness and taste. I was really surprised that the food here tastes as good or better than some of my prior smaller local faves like Empire, Magpies and Brooklyn pizza. Probably not as good as Roccos though but I think it's cheaper. The salads are also awesome. I get the Mediterranean and my sweety likes the antipasta the regular size is like $8 but I swear it's two decent sized dinner salads both of them loaded with fresh ingredients. The Caesar dressing is delish. Once in a whike we get a calzone instead of the pizza. The first time we got one each and realized we totes could have been satisfied with just one and the salads. They are hella yummy!

Cammie Warner

I am not sure how you guys could make me love you more!!! Then I discovered your spicy ranch and southwest salad! My new favorite to go with my pizza!

True red white and blue

Better than most "chain" pizza. Good price and hot!

William Moorman

Bought a pizza and breadsticks that we had a few weeks ago and loved. It arrived as shown in the picture in about 40 minutes. We called to complain and were asked if we wanted to speak to a manager and were hung up on immediately. We called back and were told another pizza was on the way. Just over an hour goes by and we assumed they "politely" delt with us so we called back and just simply asked for the manager. The person turns, tells someone that there is a person who wants to speak with a manager and then.. we all know the sound the phone makes when it doesn't perfectly go back into the slot.. The pizza was good the first time but after being hung up on twice I'm never buying blackjack pizza again.EDIT: The manager reached out and apologized for the experience. I'm updating from 2 stars to 3 because as I mentioned the pizza was great and we're thankful for their professionalism in dealing with the situation.EDIT 2: Not really sure what to say.. decided to buy more food again along with the promise of a free pizza and wings from the manager who reached out to us, made a new account but no free food. Checked my email and nothing from blackjacks. Ended up buying pizza hut and wings street. Overall a very odd situation over some pizza and not worth the time

Federico Saccani

Literally just caught one of your delivery drivers almost in my backyard for some reason (private property), said he was lost.... please train your drivers better, I didn’t expect someone to be walking in my back yard like that in the middle of the night, past a gated entrance as well...?

Kelsi Henry

I usually enjoy their pizza and service, but recently requested no contact delivery only to have the delivery driver ring my doorbell and stay there standing in my doorway when I opened the door with no mask on. Not cool.

T Jojo

Delicious Pizza. Fresh toppings. Good cheese. Variety of crusts. Super friendly staff. Good service. Ate it all. No photos.

Danielle Cox

I have recently discovered this place and I love it!! My only complaint is that the last time I ate here, I ordered a large 3 topping pizza and I swear there was literally 3 toppings on each slice of pizza... Very disappointing.... Otherwise very delicious!

Will W.

Great pizza. So far Blackjack has always delivered a choice pie. Timely.....awesome. Thanks a bunch. Good sauce. Good toppings.

Karolyn Keller

I usually enjoy ordering from this establishment. However, I was just in this evening (after the Tucson ordinance to wear face masks) and neither the woman at the cash register nor either man preparing raw food were wearing masks properly. All three had their noses and mouths uncovered. I will not be ordering ahead again and will instead order in person while COVID-19 continues to make sure all policies are being followed.

Naphtali Levy

I wasn’t a huge fan of the pizza (granted, I tried green chilies on it, which I found to be a topping I don’t like). However, my parents really liked it, I received very good service and got good value for the pizza (it was only $13 for a large, 1-topping pizza), so I feel very comfortable giving a 5-star rating!

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