Blackjack Pizza & Salads

2505 N Campbell Ave, Tucson
(520) 325-2121

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Jacalyn Schnelle

15 minute turn around, great pizza, cheesy bread, and breadsticks, and nice people. Eating a slice of their pizza with root beer immediately transports me back to the singular delight of being 10 and at a pizza party.I recommend it.

Citlalli G.

I've moved from Phoenix to Tucson and I couldn't really find a really perfect pizza place until I found this spot. The employees are super sweet they gave me two free quarters so I could play on their arcade game. I will definitely be eating here more. The desserts are pretty flame. They have spicy ranch which is something new. It's not fancy but it has good warm welcomes.

Darlene G.

Do not waste your time energy or money on ordering from this place. I ordered 2 hours in advance, had to wait 30 minutes on premises for them to make pizza, which was not only incorrect all the way around, it was just awful! The salad was a disgrace. Will not be back here and will tell anyone and everyone not to go here. Very un-sanitary. Disgusting inside. Employees not washing hands, not wearing masks, breathing on your food. Just a disgraceful establishment.

Thomas Biehl

Haven't had their pizza in years since I don't live in Tucson anymore but this place has the best chain pizza I've ever had. Best prices too. I love in phoenix now, of you ever make your way out here, you've got one customer waiting


If you've never tried Blackjack Pizza, then let me be the 1st to welcome you to your new favorite pizza place...Blackjack Pizza and Salads has it all...choose between Pizza, Calzone style subs, Wings, Chicken, Breads, Salads, Desserts, Sodas and more... they'll even deliver free paper plates, napkins, and cups and plastic silverware to help you out in a pinch. The pizza is flavorful and only limited to your imagination... with your choice of crust... Hand Tossed, Thin & Crunchy, Thick or NY Thin. Then choose you choice of sauce... Pizza Sauce, Pesto Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Olive Oil, Green Chili sauce or Ranch Sauce. Then choose your favorite toppings of Meats,Cheeses and Veggies.Try a Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza, I'd ordered it with extra Ranch sauce to give it that extra creaminess and assure that all your sauce doesn't bake into your crust. Or give the Western BBQ Chicken pizza a tried. And don't forget to find the best Pizza Deal that fits your family and your budget... I order pizza for my Construction Crew for lunch from Blackjack Pizza all the time. I Love ordering a Hawaiian style pizza from them with Ham, Pineapple, Bacon and Double Cheese with an nice Antipasto Salad that comes with a large portion of Romaine and Iceberg lettuce, with Pepperoni, Ham, shredded Mozzarella, Red Onion, Green Peppers( I always order mine without the Green Peppers & add Banana Peppers instead ), Tomatoes and Italian Dressing( I prefer Ranch Dressing instead ). And don't forget the Cheese Bread with dipping sauce.Blackjack Pizza is my absolute favorite of all the pizza places in Tucson...

Macc Morse

They will give you a salad that is it!! I really don’t think the care about how you want it! Cheese pizza that is what I ordered. Can’t eat it the next day liked I Hoped for. I would rather spin it myself.

Alexandra M.

If you live in the delivery range of Blackjack, don't mess around and get pizza delivery from somewhere else. Order from here. Their pizza is very good and they always send coupons so it's super affordable. But... their calzones are where it's at. The calzones are huge and they don't skimp on the toppings you pick for it. I also really like their pizza cookie with a pint of blue bell ice cream. Thanks Blackjack for always being quick, consistent, and yummy.

Lauren Adams

The pizza is really good and it's easy to order online. They do often get our order wrong and refuse to fix it or do a refund. We've actually called before and had the employee tell us they knew the order was wrong when they sent it out. So we often order from other places instead of playing Russian roulette with our pizza order.

Mike Kempton

Been ordering for over a year... good food, terrible workers. Im a stoner and these guys are on some other kinda drug. Like forgetting the dressing for my salad, or missing a whole pizza from the order. You have to get lucky when you call

Derek Todd Smith

Their pizza is always well made. Recently ordered and Isaac provided some of the best customer service for pizza ordering I have ever had.

Mr. Smith

Management Staff Customer Service Fresh Hot Food Order Accuracy nothing else to discuss Thanks Laura!!! You Guys are the Best

Amy Damron

Great value for amazing products! The pizzas are always piping hot when delivered. Wings are so fresh and crispy. I love the dessert options they have and are awesome.

Harrison Cable

Best pizza in town. BEST RANCH IN TOWN. The deep dish is very good. Also the cinnabread. And the cheese bread. And the wings.

Jordan Swinson

Black jacks is one of the best pizza places around. Toppings and seasoning is always top notch!

Stacey Kerley

Love the pizza here. Fast service and great food

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