Charquitas Mexican Food Restaurant

1020 W Prince Rd, Tucson
(520) 347-5235

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Katy Flor

Love this place! I always get their sonoran dogs and I love the bun that they use. I also really love their California breakfast burrito. They have delicious chicken tacos as well! I always order online and tend to get there before the time it's ready and they always have it ready for me in less than 5 minutes after I get there.

Lenah Nxumalo

Put guacamole on my plate when I specifically said no guacamole!! I noticed when I drove home ( I live a good 20 minutes away)I’m allergic I tried to scoop it out but it was literally on everything so I had to throw it away. Called the store to tell them, and the guy said come and he’ll replace it and I said I live too far maybe tomorrow. Does this guy not say to me “ keep the order or else you’re not getting another “ Dude you messed up the order don’t act like you’re doing me a favour by replacing the food. This food is In no condition to be served again especially not the next day! Watch out guys.


Charquitas deserves some respect. There aren’t that many good inexpensive taquerias around anymore. This place is 24 hour and has a gigantic menu, and I’m not sure if every single thing on the menu is good. I stick to the veggie burrito, and it’s delicious, high quality, and fresh. The free salsas are good. The chips come hot and thin.

Debra Cochran

I just love their Carne Asada burrito and tacos. Very generous portions, friendly service, fair prices.and a very clean restaurant. My husband and I go there often. I just wish they used a different recipe for their guacamole.

Heidi A.

We've visited three times now. Pros: open 24 hours!! Parking lot is easy to park and drivethru is well laid out. You'd be surprised by the drivethru restaurants that expect you to make a 90 degree turn on a dime. This one has a great deal of space for all sizes of vehicles. The food is plentiful and reasonably priced. I can not eat an entire burrito. I have tried. It must be shared. Liberal with the diced tomatoes, liberal with sour cream and guacamole. Cons: Guacamole tastes mass produced. Carne Asada is a bit light in taste but it is ok. I quote my sons "this is what Filibertos wants to be". Yes, it is fast food but it works especially at all hours of the day. Main issue is location, sad to say. It is a stone's throw from Jacob Park and it is just not a good neighborhood. I'm not elitist but it is a crime area and there are problems as of this writing in July 2022. You won't find law enforcement near the area unless they are called to a crime. So while I am happy to say they are open 24 hours, not sure I would venture out except at the safest hours (whatever they may be that day). It's a shame because the restaurant is someplace I would recommend. I personally have not felt unsafe probably because of the time of day I visit but it is a neighborhood that needs some intervention for businesses to thrive.

Niki Mayer

Wow! HUGE portions, super tasty! Even the rice had excellent flavor. Carne Asada meat was seasoned perfectly, tender, not chewy or fatty. I had the carne asada tots, whoa, where are the tots, in a good way, of course. So much meat, cheese and deliciousness. Believe it or not, the tots were still crispy even after the blanket of goodness smothered on top, steaming away in a styrofoam container. That is amazing! My first food experience in Tuscon, wow, my tastebuds are ready....bring it Tuscon!

Samantha A.

The food is amazing literally everything in this restaurant is so good !!!! I recommend getting the carne asada nachos and more, literally so good!

Mark Hay

I decided to eat here simply as a result of a Google search for a nearby taco place.While Charquitas clearly lacks snazzy curb appeal and the interior is equally unimpressive. I was truly expecting a dog and pony show, but instead l found a wonderful place to eat. Do yourself a huge favor and don't judge this book by its cover.Parking was abundant, and upon entry during the high heat of the day, the a.c. was immediately notable as it was refreshingly cold. Based on my observations, this place was immaculately clean, including a view into the kitchen. I was greated by the friendliest staff who pleasantly took my order and quickly presented me with a plate of fabulous food with great pride.I ordered the carne asada taco plate which included rice and beans. I loaded up with complementary chips and salsa. I also enjoyed the pickled carrots and jalapeno peppers from the salsa bar.Simply put my food was fantastic and superseded my expectations. Each bite was pleasantly flavorful.I'm rarely on that side of town, but l certainly know where I'll be eating next time I'm on West Prince Rd.On my visit l found cold a.c., great customer service and heavenly assortment of flavorful food.Based on my visit, I'd highly recommend trying this place yourself.

Christina Stephen Howard

Oh my first time. It was great. They also have breakfast and agua fresca!

Mary V.

I came here really wanting to like it. Middle of the day,we ordered a carne asada burrito and some rolled tacos w guacamole at the drive thru. 30 minutes later, we were still waiting for the food. Zero cars in front of us. I don't mind a wait if the food is good but it was mediocre at best. The guacamole on both the rolled tacos and the burrito was rancid, which pretty much ruined everything. Save yourself time and money and go elsewhere.

Harmony S.

RUDE RUDE RUDE. Came in to pick up a large door dash order. Asked to use the restroom and was told NO because I wasn't the "customer". Really?

Cynthia villanueva

Not worth the money!Looks great and all but I asked for just meat and cheese and they make my tacos with tomatoes and guac. Wasn't even hot to be worth the wait maybe if they made my order right and it was hot maybe id make jt 3 stars

VW Girl

Awesome food. Their combos come with a drink unlike other Mexican Food restaurants. Portions are very generous and the cost isn't bad. Got 2 taco combo with drink for 10 bucks. And their chorizo combo comes with 2 giant tortillas and so much food I couldn't finish.

Genelle. E.M.

My new favorite Mexican food staple. I have gone more than once in recent weeks at 1-2am and they've actually been OPEN. I can't tell you how many times I've driven by two of the other 24 hour Mexican fast food restaurants nearby, which have not been open at these times.This restaurant is very clean. The employees are very nice and take pride in their work. The food is delicious and more than generous considering they beat the prices of every other Mexican fast food restaurant nearby. I would highly recommend visiting Charquitas over Los Betos and El Potosino.This is the BEST Mexican fast food restaurant by far! You can even order with DoorDash.

Connie S.

I have gone to this restaurant several times in the past and been happy. However today, I don't know if the location on Prince changed management, but I was thoroughly disappointed. I was the only one in the restaurant when I arrived. My receipt printed at 6:11pm; I did not receive my food and leave the restaurant until 6:28pm!! Seventeen minutes for a simple machaca and egg burrito, and 4 shredded beef tacos!!! When I hit the 10 minute mark, I stood closer to the counter to see what could be taking so long to find the guy preparing food just starting to prepare the tacos. Perhaps if he spent more time making the food rather than peeping creepily around the shelves as he walked back and forth from the grill/fryer to the prep area, food would get out sooner!

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Charquitas Mexican Food Restaurant

1020 W Prince Rd, Tucson, AZ 85705
(520) 347-5235