7245 E Golf Links Rd, Tucson
(520) 296-0370

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Becky Hansen

Absolutely THE WORST experience I have EVER had in any restaurant at any time in my entire life. I invite contact by your upper management so I can fill you in on all the ways your customer service fell woefully short of basic expectations in serving me - a paying customer - and the supervisor of customer service myself.

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Don’t waste your time or money at this location; there are reasons they have terrible reviews on all social media outlets. A bunch of uneducated adults and burnout kids run this store and it reflects with the incorrect orders, items missing, food not being available, and just how they talk to customers. Save your energy and go to another location, or get food elsewhere.

Natasha Ashley

My favorite fast food place in the entire world

Cynthia Davis

Poor service, to go order for 3 piece meal, no napkins or spork for mashed potatoes.

Liann Perkins

I have been to this place a number of times hoping it would improve but it never does!! I can't believe at 9:30 in the evening on a Friday they close and even at 8:00pm they run out of product. Ridiculous!!! I WILL NOT EVEN TRY TO COME HERE AGAIN

Erin Potts

Awful experience. We ordered online to pick up in store. Showed up two minutes after the estimated pick up time, but didn't get our food for over 50 minutes. When we were served, it was by a young lady not wearing a mask while handling food. We got a big bag with a bucket and some cardboard containers, and trusted that our order was there, which was partly because we waited so long that we just wanted to get home and eat. When we got home, we unpacked the order, we found that all of our sides were missing, and the cardboard containers were just empty baskets. This location is unsanitary, slow, incompetent, and overall completely disappointing.


KFC has closed two restaurant's that was near me. Now the other two our so far away even grub hub or the other food delivery company's wont deliver because of distance. What a shame really liked KFC. But you people who live near one. ENJOY

Jesse Wilkerson

Friendly people, fast service and inexpensive dinner for four. Wore masks and gloves to promote safety during the pandemic, great job overall.

Meagan Jenkins

I just visited this location and wow. I get they were busy and we are under extenuating circumstances, but I'm clearly ordering for me and 6 yr old. When I said "Can we get 2 of your LITTLE chocolate cakes", I'm sure you can assume I'm thinking that I'm getting 2 small personal size chocolate cakes. I even indicated a small size with my hands. So when my total came to $40, you can imagine how shocked I was. Still the lady did not offer any answers as to why my total was so high she just gladly took my money. Then when these cakes come out I'm like omg I thought these were personal sized, so when a different girl brought the rest out I politely explained I thought these were small cakes and if I could please be refunded for just one. She went to ask a manager and came back shortly after only to say "My manager says we don't do refunds. Sorry." And walked away. Never will I EVER be bringing my business to KFC after this experience. This is some of the worst customer service I've experienced in fast food. I wasn't even offered a coupon or a discount off my next visit. Which clearly isn't needed now seeing as how there won't be another visit.

Sweett B

Would never go back for myself or orders. I was told to park and wait for order to finish and nobody ever came out. I went in 20mins later and told them and they put it right together. So the person that told me to park didn't communicate that I was waiting. As I'm walking out one of them tried running her mouth. Yal can keep your non professional staff there only please. I will go to another. Thank you.

Regina Wren

It took 30 minutes to get our order. We went back thru the drive thru to try and get our order twice and still ended up waiting 10 more min.

Robin S.

This restaurant is consistently lousy. They advertise specials they don't have and won't honor. It is impossible to order a meal and not have to wait several minutes for some component they have run out of. It's not especially clean looking, inside or out. I am putting this review here because periodically I convince myself they can't possibly be so bad and try them again. Never. Again.

Ronnie Ambrosino

I am actually sad to write this review because I Love KFCs food, but every time I go to this location I have a problem. Missing food or not being able to purchase everything I want because they are out or are no longer offering it but it shows on the menu. So personal choice to take my business elsewhere just so I dont have to deal with a headache when I am trying to buy my family food.

Loud-ah R.

Since there is a limited amount of KFCs, do to locations closing permanently, I made my way all the way down from the SW side of town to Golflinks/Kolb for family meal. As expected the line was long (it is the weekend after all) and we waited. The the drive thru cashier (Keyla) was cutting us off as the ordered with an extremely annoyed and bothered tone. She rushed us and as we approached the window, she was still giving a negative and rude attitude. She handed the food upset after we asked her for a receipt. I'm not one to complain when I see tired and exhausted ppl attending me at a fast food restaurant. However, I was very I pleased with the customer service delivered. I will not be returning and I hope this fast food "professional" receives some type of discipline and training. All I hope is that their word stays true to what they state their commitment is: "We are committed to using our voice to speak up but more importantly, using this time to LISTEN, LEARN, and act to CREATE POSITIVE SOCIAL CHANGE. We have to do more. We will do more."

Julie Judge

Rude staff. I asked for a large cole slaw and I got a small one . I went thru drive thru and get told I have to go in because drive thru was cash only. The lady working drive thru did not get my order right. I didn't get honey for the biscuits. You need to tell your employee if they are having a bad day don't take it out on the next costumer

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