Locale Neighborhood Italian Restaurant

60 N Alvernon Way, Tucson
(520) 398-7553

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Barney Hilton Murray

First time visiting this restaurant on a friend’s recommendation. Excellent service and food. Love the outdoor patio eating area.

Sean King

I love the layout and atmosphere here. A bit loud but very enjoyable. The food is excellent. The calamari is cooked perfectly. I highly recommend the Locale burger. It’s a double patty- the cheese and sauce are amazing. The truffle fries are good and served hot.

jeffery perry

Horrible customer service. Short story..They gave our table away twice because we refused to squeeze six people at this bar top.... Long story....Upon arrival, when we specifically asked for a low top and arrived almost 2 hours before our event. They told us it would be an half hour wait. After trying to seat us at this bar top and refusing, We asked again for a regular table instead of a bar table. 2 hours and 3 minutes later they called us to be seated. We were expecting a dining experience not a fast food experience.

Michele ONeill

I love this place- great food and outside space, close to our house- perfect! EXCEPT you can never get in. They don’t take reservations and the wait times the last two weekday times we went there exceeded 1 1/2 hours. Good for them! But I won’t wasted my time going back until they offer reservations


Today we had lunch at Locale, right when then opened. Super excited to try something new. We had the WORST server/service ever. He literally didn't come take our order, until 20 minutes went by, I had to go to the front stand and ask the manager and he had to take our order. It took at least 25 minutes for the Bruschetta starter to come out. The food was decent, much better then the service. For $60 for lunch, I would expect better. I'm not sure if the server didn't care, was too new, but they need to figure that one out. Super disappointing, will be spreading the word not to go there.

Eileen H.

Locale Neighborhood Italian Restaurant is a wonderful addition to Tucson. It's taken up residence where the Old Pueblo Grill used to be on Alvernon, just north of Broadway. The decor has shifted to give you more of a Mediterranean feel, and is light and airy and nice. Service is attentive without being annoying, which I love. And the menu is, as it's name implies, Italian, but more towards Roma-style. The bruschetta, which is easily split by two people as a starter, is very nice. The bread is hearty and nicely grilled. The topping of fresh tomatoes, herbs, olive oil and salt is spot on with flavor (yes, garlic). We also split the panzanella salad, with roasted and fresh tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, croutons, and drizzled with almond pesto. It was super tasty, light and satisfying. Our waiter had the salad split between two plates for us. And for the main course, I had the sfoglia (hand made pasta almost crepe-like with braised pork, mushrooms that were out of this world, saba and dandelion greens. The sauce was slightly sweet, very savory, and with the textures of the pasta (silky but slightly chewy), meat and mushrooms, and the slight bitterness of the greens, the dish was complex and delicious. My husband had the casarecce pasta with tomato, garlic and ricotta, and he ordered his with two very large meatballs. The pasta was perfectly cooked, and the tomato-garlic element was nicely balanced. The ricotta added a nice creamy element, and the meatballs could have been a meal on their own. Unfortunately we had no room for dessert, but we happily came away with enough left overs for another meal. We will definitely be back to sample Locale's other menu offerings.

Marisa Turpin

My son and I ate here our first night in Tucson, and the food was fantastic. We had hoped to sit on the patio, but chose to eat inside as there was immediate seating versus a 55 minute wait. It is the best place I have found to eat in Arizona so far.

Liz K.

I cannot in recent memory think of a time that my sisters and I ate at a restaurant where everything is good. I mean everything- appetizers, entrees, desserts. Zero complaints. We started with the fried artichoke and the meatball appetizers. The artichoke was soooo tasty. Very light, well seasoned, and the Kevin aioli was perfect. The meatballs were also delicious. The only suggestion is the balsamic glaze was just a little dollop, it would have been nice to have more... but that fresh ricotta made up for it. For entrees we had the chicken, sfoglia, and the tagliatelle. All were excellent. The star of the show was the polenta served with the chicken. I'm usually pretty "meh" about polenta, but this was remarkable. Perfectly cooked, creamy, flavorful. For dessert we shared the semifreddo, bonet, and tartuffo. We couldn't pick our favorite. They were all different and all delicious. The semifreddo was light and refreshing. The tartuffo we got the cherries on the side (we ended up dumpingb them on top, they were delicious). It's a perfect blend of flavor and texture. The bonet isn't really a traditional pudding, nor a mousse, as some reviewers mention. It's more the texture of a custard. We guessed that it has ricotta in it, there's a slight graininess. But after some research, discovered that a traditional bonet is made with crushed amaretto cookies. I'm guessing this one is made with hazelnut cookies. One of the best things about this place is the ambiance. We sat on the patio. It's very relaxed. When we apologized to the server for taking up his table for so long, he told us it was no big deal, and that the owner designed it so people would feel comfortable staying for a while. He succeeded! We'll be back.

Andrew H.

Ate outside near the Bocce Ball courts on a hot afternoon. The salad was refreshing and split in half so we could share. Pizza was bursting with flavor. One pie is enough per person, yet the two of us tried three. The peppadew peppers on the Pepperoni pushed it to the top as my favorite. Winning.

Kenneth W.

I do not know what neighborhood the name of this restaurant refers to, but I can assure that it is nowhere near Italy. Perhaps it is someplace in the vicinity of Stouffer's, for the lasagna is almost as good as that frozen variety--not quite but almost. The meatballs reminded me more of the Basque region, not the wonderful Basque food but the pelota, the hard rubber ball used in the sport of Jai Alai. Then there was the grilled radicchio, which was not something I want to ever again go near. Suffice it to say, this was not a good meal. So, why three stars? The setting. It's really lovely. Although we took our meal home, that patio is lovely. The staff. Very pleasant and aware. So, maybe a new chef and I'll return. Meantime, there is much better Italian food to be bad in the Old Pueblo.

Nancy F.

What a bummer. My husband and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary here. The atmosphere and service were good but the food was pitiful. I've never eaten a meal from start to finish with so many dishes prepared incorrectly. The theme of the night was OVERCOOKED and when I say overcooked, I mean absolutely HAMMERED. The calamari was so overcooked and gummy to chew, my salmon was sooooo overdone that the end was crispy like a salmon chip (the thought of that bite makes me cringe), and the apple tart looked and tasted like it had been cooked awhile ago, then reheated but was so reheated and stale that we couldn't even cut into it. I would question the quality of any of the fish here, as it was either the preparation, the quality, or both. Yet, the salmon fish costs almost $20 but the piece of fish could've been on my plate at a chain restaurant and I wouldn't have known different. I felt bad because our server was nice and my husband and I were just so thankful and happy to be away from our kids, we didn't complain much but the salmon was taken off our check. They don't take reservations, so waiting 50 minutes for poorly cooked food, just isn't right. I probably wouldn't go back unless I was going for cocktails and the bread that cost $3. Even still, the marg on the menu was just fine. Nothing more, nothing less. Bottom line: Waiting 50 minutes for a 3 course overcooked meal in Tucson should be illegal!

Yosh -.

This place is so cute and the vibe is so nice and chill~ I had randomly drove past this place and saw how cute it looked from the outside and told my partner we had to go! The wait was a little long, but it's hard since it's COVID. They also have a little lawn full of chairs and tables, so that while you wait you can get some drinks. The food was definitely worth the wait though! We started with the roasted tomatoes and feta spread with bread, and it was AMAZING! They also sell the pizzas by the slice as well as the wholes, so we also started off with a slice of mushroom pizza. For my main dish, I got that tagliatelle, since I love a bowl of bolognese pasta. It was so delicious! The portion was also large, so it was a great leftovers meal~ Even though I was super full, I always have room for dessert, so I got the crostata, which turned out to be an apple strudel with some vanilla gelato. This was also AMAZING! We ate the whole thing~ Overall, the experience is really nice and fun, and the food is amazing! I will go back for sure, hopefully for dinner next time so I can see the pretty string lights on in the outdoor seating~

Christina Z.

Tasty Italian food with beautiful outdoor patio that feels safely spaced out if you are interested in dining in! We stopped in to try a weekday lunch outside and felt safe eating at one of their high top tables and have also tried their takeout for dinner. For lunch, we enjoyed the calamari which was nicely breaded (not too heavy and well-seasoned) and came with tasty fried lemon slices, a Caesar salad with salmon (the salmon was cooked perfectly, not too dry and a nicely sized filet), truffle fries, and the foraged pizza (if you like mushrooms, highly recommend). The food was very shareable for two people and we ended up with leftover fries to take home (huge portion!). For takeout, we had the calamari again (it's so good that it's probably one of our favorite calamaris in the Tucson area), the salmon entree (the salmon was not as delicious as the time we had it for lunch - a little over seasoned and dry), and the tagliatelle which my husband really enjoyed (more meat than tomato sauce). Overall, very solid meals and worth it if you're looking for safe outdoor eating in COVID times!

Mike T.

Locale Neighborhood Italian wins for best ambiance. Their outdoor area is INCREDIBLE for a night out. Extremely comfortable, tastefully decorated, and cannot wait to put the bocce court to use. Staff was very attentive and knowledgeable. Food was very good- great portions, well prepared, and fairly priced. We enjoyed calamari appetizer and Panzanella to start. Followed by the Fusili and Sfoglia pasta dishes- both were very hearty and delicious. Finished very strong with decadent Tiramisu. Definitely will become a new 'go-to' for upscale Italian dining without being excessively highbrowed.

Jenn S.

What a beautiful place, we had a few cocktails. My hubby (Beefcake), got the sangria and it was delicious, not too sweet, subtle. I got the Floritina, which is white wine with strawberry puree, and basil and grapefruit, very tasty. We got the bruschetta, which bread was so fresh, homegrown tomatoes that I could taste all flavors exploding in my mouth. My honey got the meatball flatbread pizza and the cheese was amazing. I got chicken sandwich with side house salad. Honestly i couldn't eat sandwich, just too much food, but that house salad I'd get everytime, has roasted corn, arugula, creamy Italian homemade dressing with avocado and radishes mm mmm. This is a beautiful place, outside seating that makes you appreciate life, the employees are friendly. Go for late lunch to avoid crowd on weekends. We got there around 2pm on Saturday.

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Locale Neighborhood Italian Restaurant

60 N Alvernon Way, Tucson, AZ 85711
(520) 398-7553