Mona's Danish Bakery

4777 E Sunrise Dr # 113, Tucson
(520) 579-1959

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We stopped by after hearing about Mona's but after $56 later, it was disappointing. We got three ham and cheese croissant sandwiches and I think I could've done better at home. Very little meat, two small round slices, and burnt croissant :( My coffee was pretty bad and we ordered a side of bacon and an anemic looking one strip on a plate came out to us? Sorry way too pricey and not very good.

Daniel Caffarel

I've had the Danish, cookies and pie. All fantastic. I haven't tried the breakfast but hope to do soon. And the bread. It all looks fantastic.

Mathieu Stemmelen

If you’re looking for croissants I do NOT recommend this place, but rather: Nadine’s Bakery (4553 E Broadway Blvd).Chocolate croissant if anything (if you must).

Ron L.

Best Danish pastry in Tucson. If you think the kringle at TJ's is anything like a real kringle, think again. The kringle at Mona's is the best and most authentic.

Mallory gimmestad

If I could I’d give it a 0. Had many problems ordering before and when I finally got my foot after waiting an extra long time there were multiple items missing. The food I got was mediocre at best. Sausage was dry and the French toast was ok.

Ginni B.

This bakery is top notch! Their made from scratch quality is worth the little extra drive. The cinnamon snail is my favorite! It's the perfect blend of flaky on the outside, soft in the inside, cinnamon sweetness.


My mother and I stopped by this dear little European-style bakery because we saw the ice cream shop near it was closed for renovating. We got the two gluten-free pastries available- the luscious, melt-in-your-mouth Coconut Macaroon, and the wonderful Almond Cookie. The latter was an amazing work of art, as the outside was crisp and light, half of it being dipped in chocolate, and the inside was gooey and filled with sweet almond-flavoured coconut flakes.We will definitely visit again! My mother remarked that it was a good thing we don't live right near it, else we would probably go there too often!

Chuck Matthews

On the north side of Tucson this is probably the best place for a delicious flaky pastry. The staff also made the experience fun.

Virginia Schaeffer

Omg the best French toast I have ever had and the Pastries so good we’ll come again

Denise C.

Mona's catered my daughter's baby shower yesterday and all everyone said was, "This is so delicious, where did this come from?" And then I served Desert! These ladies went crazy for it. Same comments. "This is so delicious! Whee can I get this?" They all want to go to Mona's for breakfast and bring home bread and treats. Thank you so much for making the shower such a big hit!

Betsy B.

I've been there a couple of times. The first time was close to closing time when all you could get was pastries. This time around 1:30 and again just pastries but that was okay. The pastries are quite good. Three of us this time got some things. It is hard to choose as it all looks very good. I got the cannoli which was great. Nice flaky crust and delicious cream filling. One got the cinnamon roll that was huge and enjoyed it. In previous visit had almond cookie and lemon bar, both very good. It's good to know that they quit serving other food like the sandwiches and soup fairly early. They also serve breakfast. There is indoor and outdoor seating. I remember as a kid being told, "your eyes are bigger than your stomach" which could be good advice. Your eyes may tell you to get one of everything as plenty of temptations. Of course you can get things to go if you have the discipline to not eat it all at once.

Roy O'Neil

The breakfast and pastries are fantastic. This is how a decent breakfast place should be - small, cozy, cooked on the spot with great ingredients. Coffee is very good as well...and the almond cookie is maybe my favorite cookie I've had. AND they know how to make good hash browns. Can't speak for their lunch, but breakfast and pastries are great.

Danielle S.

Love Mona's! I had it for the first time at work when someone brought in an assortment of yummy goodies, we all tried a small sliver of each because we were unable to pick just one to try. Hands down, my personal favorite cinnamon roll in Tucson - excellent flavors and wonderful consistency.

Beth E.

We went to try to have breakfast at Mona's today, but alas, no breakfast. I asked why and was told cook didn't come in due to last night, which I took to mean due to excessive 4th of July festivities. So we bought a piece of Kringle, a specialty of the place , and a Bear Claw. The Kringle did not taste like a Kringle; it was soggy, no flaky and the filling mediocre. Not worth the calories or the $

Tucson E.

Great pastries for sure!! Tried an assortment when company came and everyone raved about them. I absolutely love their breakfasts!!!!

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