Nadines Bakery

4553 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson
(520) 326-0735

Recent Reviews

Robert L

Great experience! I stopped by Nadine's last week, to order 3 loaves of bread for pick-up on Wednesday, 11/27/19. I was told that someone would call prior to the pick-up time, as a reminder. Sure enough, the call was on-time and the order was ready as promised. While the loaves of bread looked and smelled wonderful, I didn't get to partake of them - they were a "Thank You" treat for a team of caregivers at a local hospice facility. Having had past experience with Nadine's and being delighted with their creations, I will continue to be a customer for as long as they're around.

Sharon Frye

Excellent baked goods. Will definitely return

Cal S.

Ordered a Black Forest and it has been an unbelievable hit at our Thanksgiving dinner. Thank you Nadines for providing a great cake.

Rob B.

What happened? Nadines went from being our family's favorite bakery to.. meh. Not just a bad day, but the last few visits. Dry pastries and the cookies just don't have that amazing buttery taste anymore. So sad... daughter happened to stop in the same day (like I said, fam fave) and had the same experience. Whatever you've changed, please change it back

Angel A.

Absolutely love Nadines. I discovered them Nadines about a year and a half ago when I first moved to Tucson and we have used them multiple times for cakes. They completely outdid themselves on my daughters jojo siwa cake! She was so excited for the surprise cookies and cream filling. Thanks Nadines for making my baby girl smile all day on her special day!

Steve Peterson

Got a cake for a 3 person birthday celebration with about 15 co-workers. It looked like a dream castle, it sliced easy, plating is easy as long as you dip the sharp knife in warm water and wipe knife with a clean towel between slices. Then they will look perfect. (Really large sheet cakes from Nadines easily slice with a wire when you have a large party where you wish to make sensible small slices fast.) The taste, texture, and finish was remarkable and indulgent. Also the script on the cake was legible and stylish and tasty. We had a fun time!

Dj S.

This place has the most delicious goodies ever! They are amazing! They make this moist apple cake type thing that is to die for. I usually always get the cinnamon twist thing--it is one of my favorite ways to treat myself! Although--it is dangerous too as I can totally sit and eat the entire thing by myself! YIKES! The staff is always super nice. HUGE variety of things--everything from cookies to pastries to brownies and cakes! The cakes are a little pricey for me so probably will not order one--but would not mind having a slice to try! I jump at the chance to run work errands in that area so I can stop in there--I wish they had other locations! If you haven't tried this place--you're missing out!

David T.

Great bakery products - including bread. Holiday cakes are a tradition.

Dee O.

There price were high I was looking for special stuff which they didn't have. I bought a cookie Cute bakery

Luis F.

I recently ordered a 3 Tier chocolate cake for my nieces 15th birthday party. I was pleased with the quality of the cake and the design was very well done. We were asked to bring in the "15" cake topper and silk red roses as well. My only issue was the misleading information about how many guests this large cake feeds. The party had 150+ guests and the bakery made it very clear to me that a single 3 Tier cake would only feed 100 people. I was told that if I had 150 guest I'd need to purchase a 2nd half sheet cake. I did but was very upset after the party to see how much left over cake we had. The half sheet and bottom tier alone was more than enough to feed the entire party a large piece of cake. If you have a 200 guest party a 3-Tier cake is more than enough!!!

Steve G.

I found Nadine's through Yelp as I needed to get a birthday cake for my sister and the bakery was conveniently located. She is a Tucson resident but I am visiting from out of town so I didn't have a clue about bakeries here. I ordered the cake over the phone and picked it up a few hours later. My order was efficiently taken and the cake was modestly priced. It was a chocolate fudge cake with a raspberry center. It was among the worst cakes I have ever tasted and no one at the table finished theirs. I see many positive reviews for Nadine's and I'm sorry that mine is not among them.

Danny Lopez

Very friendly staff! We ordered a Spiderman birthday cake and an assortment of desserts for a dessert table. Everything was delicious and beautifully made. This will be our go to bakery from now on.

Shane Swartzmiller

Fresh. Personal service with a smile. Amazing baked goods. Great prices. I would give them 10 stars if I could. Never a bad experience. Will recommend them any time anyone is looking for baked goods.

Larry Saguaro Frady

Such great service and an awesome cake for my Air Force retirement ceremony! Top notch! Thank you all so much!

Jessica Kennedy

Our son attends JCC. For his birthday we went to Nadines to purchase cookies, cakes and rolls. Since they are a kosher bakery, we knew what we brought to our son birthday would not cause anyone to go against their dietary restrictions. The cookies were yummy as was the raspberry chocolate cake. All the kids and staff enjoyed the desserts. Our son had a great party. The staff is very helpful but I suggest ordering a few days in advance. Especially during the Jewish holidays. Also get there early if you want the best selections.

Liz Brown

Inquired about custom cookie decoration. The employee was very friendly, helpful, explained available options and pricing. Good experience.

Kaylee Gaertner

I'm SO glad I stopped in for a bite. Such a wide selection of wonderful food. It all tastes like a lovely little Bubbe made everything just for you. I can't recommend it enough. Go early and get enough to share.

Jayleigh Jones

We weren't really into the cake for our wedding, but they helped up pick something cute, and budget friendly since the cake didn't mean much to us. Tasted absolutely delicious! Thank you!

Lee Smith

They have home baked goodies from cinnamon rolls to cakes....very busy in mornings till 9-930 though so if your in hurry get there when they first open at 7 or after 9...


Located on Broadway and definitely worth the stop. Some of the beat cinnamon rolls and pastries I have had in a long time. Cannot wait to gt back!

Michael Colozzi

Been coming to Nadine’s for 14 years to get a traditional Italian Rum Birthday cake. Normally, the cake has been great... moist with just the right amount of rum, whipped cream frosting, custard and almonds. This year the cake was missing the rum and the almonds. Also, the whipped cream topping was more than 1.5 inches thick on the top and sides where it replaced much of the custard. The cake just didn’t have the flavor we’ve become accustomed to and it left us disappointed and wanting more.

Crystal Firestone

I love this bakery. This was the first time I've ordered a custom cake here, and it was a relatively good experience. Firstly, very happy with the cake design. I gave very little input, and it came out well. Maybe turned out a little old fashioned looking, but that was fine. The problem, the reason I marked them down one star was because the cake definitely had a lemon taste to it. Slight, but most people at the shower could taste it. They still ate it! It was delicious, but I was a little disappointed about that one aspect, it was supposed to be a vanilla cake. Staff here is great though, very helpful and sweet.

Letty Moran

The cheesecake is gluten free and amazing plain or with fudge and strawberry topping.

Katrina T.

I was looking for a sweet 16 cake and was really trying to stay in budget . I got this cake for 19 bucks and added my own flowers and topper ! It was perfect! They listened and had great customer service ! I also bought a three pound cookie tray that was a hit with the teenagers! It wouldn't of been a place I would of stopped by because of the location but it definitely is a hidden gem ! Thanks for making our families day so sweet!!

Martha HARE

I visited the store recently and bought a dozen assorted cookies. They were the absolute worst cookies; they were small, dry, and crumbled with the first bite. It was a mess. I think they use the same cookie dough recipe for all cookies and just add food coloring or candy to vary their selection. I mentioned my disappointment to friends and coworkers and they told me Nadine’s used to be a quality store but the product quality is definitely not what it used to be.

Bob W.

My wife found Nadines thru a web search and ordered two sheet cakes sight unseen for her fathers 100th birthday party. We live in the Chicago area. The cakes were delivered to the party on time and were SPECTACULAR! Many people asked us where we got the cakes, and there were no lefovers. Highly recommended!

Haley Nicole

Amazing last minute cake!! It was filled with raspberry and fudge frosting. The staff was very nice! Highly recommended.

Ciana Fleming

Best ever vegan churro cake!!! I've also gotten to enjoy a carrot cake that my sister in law got for her boyfriends birthday and that was delicious too! Beautiful and delicious cakes for great prices!!! Amazing!

Mindy Smith

My family has been going to Nadine’s for my entire life. Fantastic cakes, cookies and breads, too! Have a hamantaschen, you won’t be disappointed!


This bakery was a great find. We’re visiting family here and wanted to take dessert to their home. They have a large assortment of breads, cookies, and cakes. Their small cakes are very reasonably priced. We picked up petit fours and cheesecake bars and they were outstanding!

Avery B.

Moana cake came out so good! And taste great! it lasted out side in 100 degree weather.

Chloe right

My sister and I ordered a baptism cake for her new baby. The service was good and the people inside were friendly. Everything looked pretty clean and professional. We had seen many great pictures and reviews online of similar cakes, but the cake was an extreme disappointment. We got a white cake with white frosting and bavarian cream. The Bavarian cream tasted like plain whipped cream.... even though we sampled the cream in the store prior and it tasted amazing. The frosting was entirely to thick and dry, and was so sugary everyone felt sick afterwards. The cake itself tasted like absolutely nothing. The only thing that was good about the cake was the decoration which was impressive. I would not recommend this bakery to anyone wanting a wedding or baptism cake because of the lack of taste and general disappointment. I will not be going back to Nadine’s bakery again.

Patrick S.

A beautiful cake, huge, with three yummy layers and delicious fudge between. Very tasty and rich, for an excellent price. I can't get a cake like that at the grocery store. This bakery always offers a variety of delicious treats. Check it out!

Alexandria N.

Nadine's cakes are amazing! I've had them a few years for my birthday as well as other people's. They're very delicious and worth every penny.

Alexandria M.

Nadine's cakes are amazing! I've had them a few years for my birthday as well as other people's. They're very delicious and worth every penny.

Ann R

This is no longer really a Jewish bakery, just a place to get birthday or anniversary cakes mostly. Their challah is mediocre at best, breads have almost no taste and spongy- like, potato knishes are good, but so limited in quantity that they are always sold out, humentashen are OK, but very limited, so its mostly just regular cookies and cakes. I guess, if you live nearby, its worth stopping at, but not for a special trip.

Karen B.

My son and I have been wanting to stop in for quite some time. There aren't many local bakeries near our house. It's pretty simple, but clean. There are some cakes and other baked goods on display. I would consider a mural, some flowers, cute rugs or other decor to brighten up the place. They have several items in the refrigerator and bakery case. We ordered some maple and peanut butter fudge. My son said it was really good. I had a butterscotch brownie. It was very large and I enjoyed it. We also ordered two cinnamon rolls for breakfast this morning. They were doughy. I don't think they baked long enough. We paid $18.71 for these items. I thought that was a bit pricy. The quality was good, not great so I would've been happy paying $7 for four slices of cake at Safeway. I'd still like to try some other items. Everything looked scrumptious. The female who assisted us was very polite and friendly. She gave me some prices for specialty cookies, too.

Shirlene T.

Nadine's provided the best chocolate wedding cake for our small reception. The cake also had chocolate icing, chocolate rosettes, and was covered with edible glitter. Everyone said it was the best cake they ever had.

Janice U.

Just picked up the cake. Paid $10 for filigree decoration. It was on the top only. Strange choice since the top was covered with a big ribbon. Speaking of ribbon, it was to be a big white satin ribbon. I got a white ribbon, the type you get on a spool at Christmastime. Very disappointing. Sorry I have this to serve to my dear friend. I certainly would have felt a bit better had they not been so condescending and unable to accept responsibility for their mistakes. (I didn't forget what I wanted, I ordered what I wanted, I just didn't get it!)


I ordered a 1/2 sheet red velvet birthday cake and it was fabulous. The staff helped me pick the coloring and design for the cake, it turned out beautiful. I also picked up a loaf of rye bread and that was tasty goodness.