Opa's Best Greek American Cuisine

4590 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson
(520) 838-0687

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Brock Lange

Fantastic food, amazing staff, wonderful atmosphere. The spicy chicken kabob is out of this world, as is the gyro. Their lemon rice is a truly tasty and unique side dish. Everyone is always super nice. One of my favs!

Tish Remsnyder

This place is fantastic! Fresh, delicious food. Great staff, super attentive. We will definitely be back!! Thanks!

Spence Bilbo

First visit. No negatives. Friendly greeting by staff. Complementary hummus and pita appetizer plate. Possibly the two best fresh hummus and yogurt dip samples I've ever eaten. Had chicken Souvlaki pita sandwich with Greek salad. Wife had Gyro wrap and Greek salad. Grandson had a chicken tenders kid's meal. Everything was exceptionally tasty and fresh. We WILL be back. NOTE TO MANAGEMENT: Reduce your portion size or start charging more. All of us took food home.

tell it like it is

Service was great, portions are huge! And the flavor spot on. We will be back. The tazihiki sauce is good but could be thicker a little more tangy. Still delicious though! And the place is clean and modern .

Kelsi Suprenant

Excellent Greek food and atmosphere! The portions were big compared to their prices. The wait staff was very attentive and fast. There were a lot of Greek options on the menu, the gyro meat was delicious. I definitely recommend this restaurant!

Shane Swartzmiller

First time going. Food was out of this world. Several of the staff, however, were rude. We were rushed through our meal and afterwards. Even though it was hours before they closed and there were many tables available (so no wait at all), they were basically pushing us out the door. When we were sat, the hostess just walked to the table and dropped the menus on it and walked away. We were served by 3 or 4 different people. Check was on the table before we were finished with our food. And then she stood there and waited until I got my wallet and card out. We asked for boxes, they were brought out and the food was jammed in them and then thrown in a bag. The meal itself was great, but instead of enjoying it, it was thrown at us and we were hustled out the door. We will try it again, but I am very disappointed.


The three of us enjoyed a meal at opas and it was truly amazing. Opas combination and the shrimp salad we're every bit as delicious. EAT HERE!

Leah S.

We had an excellent meal here. The restaurant was packed- extremely busy. We were seated right away. We were given a complimentary plate with pitas, hummus and tzaziki immediately. We received our drinks right away and it took maybe 5 minutes to get our meals! I couldn't believe they were so quick even with the restaurant was so busy! Delicious food, great atmosphere and attentive and friendly employees. It was an enjoyable experience and we will return!

Scott Bird

Comfortable and popular small dining area gets busy and filled up fast with dining patrons at peak eating times. Plenty of parking in small strip mall type parking lot. Very tasty food and generous servings. The Gyro classic pita sandwich is my go to menu item and quite popular. Servers were friendly and service was timely and efficient. Opa!

Tatiana T.

I was really impressed by this place! The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. And the veggies and sauce on the low-carb chicken platter were amazing! It's so nice to find a place that offers meals with lots of fresh veggies for a reasonable price. I'll definitely be back!

Christy W.

Just went back for dinner after a long day and not feeling like cooking. OMG. This place rocks. The feta is hard to describe.... fantastic sums it up... crumbled and flavor filled, was not dry. The gyro meat had a wonderful mix of herbs, spices and lemon zest. The Greek salad dressing was perfect. I could go on and on about how awesome this food is. And they got their liquor license since the last time we were there and a nice variety of drinks on the menu. The authentic flavors of the Tzatziki Sauce add to everything. They bring you a big starter complimentary to get your mouth watering and ready for what comes next. The flaming cheese put the night over the top. We ate too much and couldn't enjoy dessert :( next time I'll have to save some room. We left with leftovers which I'll be excited to eat for the next day. Large portions make you feel like this restaurant wants you to feel the love and appreciate for your patronage. I love this place!!!!

Beth S.

2nd time here and just as good. As soon as you sit down you're brought a complimentary plate with pita, cucumbers, hummus and a yogurt dip. Such a nice touch. The menu had lots of choices, from chicken to gyros to lamb to Greek burgers. When we were being seated we passed a table and their plates had gorgeous Greek potatoes on it so I decided to order whatever would get me the potatoes. There were a few options and I went with the roasted lamb. So good! Moist and flavorful, with lots of juice so I could dip the fantastic potatoes in them. Came with a huge side salad filled with feta cheese. All for $19! The husband was very impressed by the beer selection, saying it had some he had never even seen before. We will be back for that alone.

Sam B.

I got recommend to go here. This place lived up to the rave I heard about it. I got the gyro lunch platter. It came with a Greek salad and rice. The food was delicious!!

Yvonne H.

My other half was craving Greek and we noticed this place when we were exploring the town so we stopped in last Moday. Friendly employees for sure and brightly lit. The decor was typical Grrek seaside stuff. I went with the falafel plate and he ordered the grilled shrimp. They brought a small appetizer plate with pita bread, hummus , cucumbers and tzatziki sauce. That tzatziki with the cukes was awesome! We had a chat and our food was ready quickly. I don't eat meat of any kind but I thought his shrimp smelled a bit too fishy. It's been years since I've eaten meat and smells? I'm not sure what bad meat smells like because it all smells bad to me. My dish was ,hmm, different. I've always had fresh falafel that are round in shape and flavorful. These came out smashed like pancakes and the batter was dense and a bit dry. No, I didn't finish them. They just did not taste right. I just finished my Greek salad and smaller platter. He ate his but didn't comment on it until later in the evening. I've waited before doing this review because my guy got sick for two days. This was his last meal that day before becoming ill so it's pretty safe to say the food here is what did it. Me? I was fine since I didn't finish the falafels. I've had better. You bet ,we will not be back. There's other Greek spots to try. *the 2 stars are for the friendly staff only not the food.

Wenjun K.

Spicy roasted chicken breast, with mushroom and spicy salad dress, flavor is the best and it's healthy

Kevin M.

I've eaten here several times now and have been very pleased every time. The staff is always friendly and prompt. Their food is delicious. I usually have one of the gyro meat dishes. Today I had a gyro salad with extra meat and feta.

Robert M.

Hey this is a heck of a good place if you are a Greek food fan! Good food, big portions, reasonable prices fast service, nice enough environment, so as long as you are good with all the basics Id try them out. If you need the ambiance of a traditional Greek restaurant with the aerial view of Santorini covering the walls it may fall a bit short as its kind of plain inside but don't hold that against it. They do a nice job overall, stop in for your Gyro fix and see what you think.

Elyce Sassoon

Gave it four stars because the people are really nice and the food is definitely fresh! However, it needs additional lemon garlic oregano, spices. In other words it needs more flavor. If they improve I would definitely go back. It really is only worthy of three stars

Schieler Mew

Excellent food and service! I come here multiple times a week. Their Gyro is perfectly seasoned and the Greek-Salad is amazing. I recommend bringing the family here for a great time and wonderful food.


Eaten here more times than I can count. Why? Because Opa! is always delicious. We've eaten lots of things off this menu, but they know us to consistently order the Low Carb Gyros or Low Carb Chicken platters. The only difference between a low carb platter and a regular platter, is that the low carb platter doesn't have pita. Think HUGE plate, piled high with yummy sauteed veggies, a plentiful greek salad with feta and greek olives and lots of juicy, perfectly seasoned meat! I have yet to push away from the table without being completely full and totally satiated. We love this place and we think you will too!

John Leighty

The food is Phenomenal, great atmosphere and great service and very reasonable prices

Arnold C.

OMG! The best hamburger ever! Wait. I'm not supposed to say that. This is a GREEK restaurant after all, not some American diner. And it true that before you even order, a plate of pita, hummus and tzatziki will be set before you. But I was in a burger mood. To be fair, I ordered the Greek burger -- hand-formed patty of ground beef with feta cheese, roasted garlic, sun dried tomatoes, roasted bell peppers and Greek olives. Wow, was it good. The dining room is large and crowded -- even on a weekday. The place is popular. We've only tried lunch, and the menu offerings are much like any other middle-eastern restaurant in town, EXCEPT for the spanakopita (spinach pie) and Greek-style pasta (light tomato cream sauce sautéed with spinach, tomato & mushrooms). My wife liked it. I thought it was okay. What is on my list, but which I have not tried is the dinner menu: offerings such as lamb souvlaki, yemista (stuffed tomatoes and peppers), pastitsio (Greek lasagne), moussaka, roast lamb ... now to get past my burger obsession. Recommended.

Dawn Elliott

great food and excellent service!


Had dinner there with 24 friends tonight. Had only one server for 24 people. Kevin was awesome. Food was great. Large portions! Place was spotless. Best Greek food I have ever had. Hats off to Kevin who took on 24 people, and got us dinner, drinks and out the door in 1.5 hours. Great job!

Lori S

Our new favorite Greek place. Weâ??ve been to their location on Campbell. This is similar food and prices are great. Huge portions of fresh food. Really liked it there.


We went here as a family of three. The food was absolutely gorgeous. We loved it that much we went back again the next day. The portion sizes were massive and the waiter was extremely friendly and helpful. We will definitely be back next time we are visiting.

J P.

They bring out a plate with some hummusâ?? and tzatzikiâ??â??i before you order. Both were good. Ordered the gyro and feta. Had the salad instead of the fries. The plateâ?? came with a ton of food. For the mone,â??y itâ?? was a heck of a buy.

Elizabeth Kessler

great service every time, delicious food!

Wolf Smith

The food here was pretty good though far from my favorite Greek place in town. The open design and huge windows mean that if there is a crowd you are unlikely to be able to hear the other members of your party speaking . The food was worth the prices, not so much the feeling. If you wanted to eat your meal in a large loud glass phone booth, this is your bag.

Robert Wooldridge

Enjoyed a pita for lunch there. Plenty of food. A little language issue with wait staff but they were friendly and service was quick.


Family had found this spot and really enjoyed the food. But, when we showed up on a busy Friday night, the service was very slow - nearly an hour to be served. The worst part, the head waiter blamed us fir the slow service because we didnâ??t have a reservation?! . â??We serve customers with reservations first - so yours takes longer!â?. Are you kidding me?

David B.

If you remember the old Opa do not go to the new one! ! ! ! ! The food is not anyplace close to good, the taste is off the temperature is off, the service is very very bad! ! ! ! ! I spoke to the owner, he said I was wrong! ! ! DO NOT WASTE YOU TIME NOR YOUR MONEY! ! ! !

Bill L.

For those of you like myself who don't like to eat in many simple carbs,they've introduced low carb plates which are extremely generous and extremely good.for ten bucks I got an appetizer of a small amount of tzatziki and hummus with cucumbers. My main dish was a large amount of gyro meat freshly grilled fresh vegetables and a medium-sized Greek salad.

Annette L.

Delicious! Took my mom here for lunch and was very pleased with the service and the food. Mom ordered the lamb kabobs which were tender and flavorful. Also her dietary needs were easy to accommodate. On menu they offer low carb plates with salad and sautéed veggies. I ordered low carb gyro plate. Yummy!! We were already talking about what we want to try next it was so good. Also the portions were perfect

Aurie C.

This place is dangerously good. Right when we arrived we noticed the murals of Greece and the beautiful blue color tiles. We were greeted immediately and taken to a table where we found a plate of cucumbers, pita bread, hummus, and tzatziki sauce. What a welcome! We ordered the spanakopita plate and the gyro plate. The portion sizes were generous and the food was delicious. I would recommend this place to anyone with a craving for yummy Greek food.

Brianna H.

Best Greek food! I love Greek food so much. If you are ever interested in trying something new or really want some great Greek food this is the place to go. I have been to all there locations before coming to this new one and I have always been impressed with there food. It has never let me down. For sure try this place out it's AMAZING!

Jackie F.

Read several great reviews about this place but.. unfortunately didn't live up to the hype.... We had to wait for a high chair about 30 minutes and my chicken kabobs were under cooked. I'm glad my husband recommend I cut my chicken into smaller pieces otherwise I'm sure I would have gotten sick from the food. Staff was friendly and offered another chicken kabob but at that point I lost my appetite.

Adriana Martinez

Very friendly environment, loving and welcoming to families. Food was really great! Excited to eat here again with my family

Jonathan Totaro

THE BEST Gyro I've ever had! (And I've been all over the world) Come hungry though, they give you a ton of food for the price and hummus and pitas are complementary before the meal! Great experience!

Fred Joy

First time in this restaurant. The food was great. The food was so flavorful that salt and pepper were not needed or used. The menu has something to offer to all who like Greek food, and also choices for those who prefer American food.

Opa's Best Greek American Cuisine

4590 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85711
(520) 838-0687