Sarku Japan

5870 E Broadway Blvd Suite 556, Tucson
(520) 849-9334

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Harmony Wilson

My family and I were really excited to be back at the Park Place Mall and eat at Sarku. Sadly, the lady taking our order was everything but helpful. She told me that If I wanted the veggies that comeWith the teriyaki chicken on The side ( as I always do) then she would have to charge me.I then asked if I could pay for triple chicken (as I always do) and she said NO. I guess you don’t need my business! Sad because we were really looking forward to eating here.

Shoseana P.

Overall very rude! Especially if you ask them a question they make you feel dumb. Wouldn't even give extra teriyaki but gave the person ahead of me extra teriyaki

Jonathan Gonzales

The cashier named Jessica is very nice. The workers are too the food is made fast and the cookers are ready for any orders.


The food was good but, the service was struggling. I ordered shrimp and got chicken, the cashier was on her phone while she ring me up, and i, a non employee probably wanted to be there more than the cooks.

Darryl N.

This is a mall food court restaurant. Really all we come here for is the Teriyaki Chicken. You pay in a line, move down the line to get your food. I always ask for extra sauce. The basic is white rice and veggies, noodles or anything else are extra. The size is a full foam plate and plenty to take home if you eat reasonably, or plenty if you like to fill up. You can also ASK for a stamp card for every meal and after 5 you get the sixth free (not counting extras). Sometimes they have coupons and samples, look in front. Not amazing, but decent and usually quick.

angel torres

Bad customer service by jovanis. His way of speakign to the co workers is not profesional

John H.

All photos with the white containers are old containers..they are much smaller now,staff is rude and double meat is just average.not at all like it was.i won't be going back and I recommend not to waste your cash here.very salty food.

Randy Stewart

In the food court by the movie theater. They have this card deal were you buy 5 teriyaki plates and get the 6th for free. However, that is over in December, hopefully they start it over for the new year.

Sweet Watts

Wow, they've really gone downhill. Small portion size now for $7.85. More like chicken crumbs, they just toss it on there and don't even ask if you want extra sauce or anything. Classy

Randal Higby

Very good Teriyaki chicken and veggies.

Phat Promo

Love this place. Great place to get that quick healthy bit to eat. Lots of food for the price.

Karla Moriel Abduljabbar

Best teriyaki chicken! I never get tired of eating this chicken. The fried rice is delicious but the noodles are thick and chewy. They gave me a punch card that you can get a free teriyaki meal after eating there 5 times.

Ben Brown

The Tucson Mall location is much better. These guys are unwilling to make simple accommodations for guests with food allergies. The Tucson Mall location always does. I won't eat at this location again. There are many other choices here.

Peace D.

Can't taste the brown sugar in the steamed vegetables. The vegetables used to be cooked perfectly now they are more raw than cooked.


We eat here once a week. Always delicious and huge portions. I highly recommend the chicken with vegetables and noodles...extra sauce!

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