Sarku Japan

5870 E Broadway Blvd Suite 556, Tucson
(520) 849-9334

Recent Reviews

Randy Stewart

In the food court by the movie theater. They have this card deal were you buy 5 teriyaki plates and get the 6th for free. However, that is over in December, hopefully they start it over for the new year.

Sweet Watts

Wow, they've really gone downhill. Small portion size now for $7.85. More like chicken crumbs, they just toss it on there and don't even ask if you want extra sauce or anything. Classy

Randal Higby

Very good Teriyaki chicken and veggies.

Phat Promo

Love this place. Great place to get that quick healthy bit to eat. Lots of food for the price.

Karla Moriel Abduljabbar

Best teriyaki chicken! I never get tired of eating this chicken. The fried rice is delicious but the noodles are thick and chewy. They gave me a punch card that you can get a free teriyaki meal after eating there 5 times.

Ben Brown

The Tucson Mall location is much better. These guys are unwilling to make simple accommodations for guests with food allergies. The Tucson Mall location always does. I won't eat at this location again. There are many other choices here.

Peace D.

Can't taste the brown sugar in the steamed vegetables. The vegetables used to be cooked perfectly now they are more raw than cooked.


We eat here once a week. Always delicious and huge portions. I highly recommend the chicken with vegetables and noodles...extra sauce!

Armando Burruel

I love how this restaurant is in the mall, reason being I hardly ever go to the mall but when I do I can always enjoy Sarku Japan. Thankfully I never get burnt out on it like I do other places that I frequent. Anyways if you have a craving for some good Japanese food head to Sarku Japan and you're craving will be curbed!

Becca Salinas

Wish there were more than this one location. I love this place I just don't like going to the mall to get it.

Aubrie Henderson

My husbands favorite restaurant in the mall, delicious food, friendly staff, fast service, great price for quality and quantity.

Carolina L.

This placed USED to be bomb af but now it's honestly trash. I never eat out and the one time I do it taste like ass and it's not the cheapest in the food court � smh

Bjorn Torvik

For a mall restaurant, I was really impressed with the food. My wife ordered teriyaki chicken, and I ended up eating most of it.

Nathan Love

Here's the thing: is it great quality? No. Is it artisanal Japanese? No. Is it authentic in any way? No. That doesn't stop it from being hot, freshly made, fatty, and sweet, at a rock-bottom price for the money. For mall food court food, it's about the best there is. Spring for the double meat.

Jesus Gonzalez

Best place to eat the Teriyaki chicken vegetables and Noddles!!!

Dellarae Ballejos

This one of our favorite places to eat in Tucson. Delicious food and fast service. The team are ready and willing to accommodate my husband and I when we ask for our chicken to be cooked well-done. We are always met with a kind word and a smile. I highly recommend this place!

Savvie Smith

One of my favourite places to eat whenever I go to the mall! Yummy food and you can't beat the portion sizes for the price!

J Cham

No mention of upcharge for fried rice for bento box. Fried rice just had soy sauce, carrots and peas in it. Not good at all. Sushi came prepared from a fridge not fresh and shrimp tempura sushi served cold. Food and experience was below average.

Sarah G.

Best food stop in the park mall. Everything taste fresh. The rice is always great. This is always a good choice if you'd like to eat something that isn't super greasy.

Allen Dubin

Best Chicken Teriaki in Tucson. Generous portions and cooked fresh while you watch.

Anita Stone

So tasty! Efficient and friendly staff.

CJ Stanley

Love getting the special of the day which is always chicken teriyaki. Get it with double meat and vegetables. Add some extra sauce and it is divine. Usually split with my wife unless I'm starving.

Anita Stone

So tasty! Efficient and friendly staff.

Mike Coate

This place is the best in Tucson the chicken teriyaki is wonderful.

Kudoro 135

This restaurant has served my absolute favorite food since I was little and continues to do so flawlessly

Benjamin Peredo

Can never go wrong with Sarku !

rohi bloodlust

Been going there for years love the food way better then panda

David Morrison

Not HONEST people people: I wanted to upgrade to brown rice which was $.50 extra. Gave the guy a $20 bill he gave me nine dollars and change back. Refused to open the registers to confirm. Manager pretended to not speak English until I started walking away.

Boettius Maximus

This place can't be beat teriyaki chicken can't be beat

Chad Williamson

The food is usually good. The window is usually disgusting. Experience is a little different every time.


Tried to go here two times but they didnt want to make me any food. Said the guy was too busy doing other things to make sushi. Guess the customer isn't important here.


We have been eating here for years and the food is consistently delicious. People willingly wait in line for this food, because it's amazing. One of my son's favorite places because of food allergies, no egg, no dairy. The staff are real people who work really hard, and are always cordial to me. There is no way this place would be selling like they do if some of these bad reviews were true. Try being a nice person to everyone and not treating people like there subservient to you .

Kevin Hamilton

It seems this place has changed ownership it's nothing like it was ask for extra sauce and still taste weak,noodles are not as tasty,workers are very unfriendly.with this kind of service there profit will just continue to go down.

Kyrsten Z.

Just writing this review to give the guys working the grill tonight some credit. I was in line behind the rudest guy and his kid, taking a ridiculous amount of time to yell at the grill guys about his veggies not touching his rice.... props to the guys on the grill for keeping it cool and dealing with the stupid guy.

Arnold C.

Popular, I assume, for the teriyaki chicken, beef or shrimp. We went for sushi rolls and noodles. Not recommended.

Luinelly L.

When I'm feeling like having amazing teriyaki chicken but don't want to go to high end restaurant, I come here. The portion sizes are huge, the noodles greasy and delicious, and the vegetables on point. The thing is, the cashier's are usually rude and extremely rushed. Also, one can easily spend $20 here for two people which does seem like a lot since it isn't a fancy restaurant. The chicken itself although heavenly is $7 and anything else such as noodles and fried rice is extra. Overall, I love this place. I will go out of my way to get their sample of chicken and make sure I grab a coupon (they aren't always passing those out) but due to the price, I can't come here all the time and maybe that's a good thing.. Like I said, huge portion sizes. That's the way I like it uh huh uh huh.

Brandon johnson

Really good food employees dont talk mutch though

Gloria Grageda

Very rude service. I can't say who exaclty was the guy who served me because they have no name tags, but this is not the first time I feel disrespected, not just towards myself but for those around me. First of all, your not supposed to have your earphones while you're working. Second, when a spanish speaking costumer says you served them the wrong thing, you should fix it instead of pretending you don't understand her because you clearly did know when you responded to my sister in Spanish. And next time, don't throw my food at me. Not my fault people don't like their jobs.

Sophie K.

The Food here is always fantastic! But the employees are often very rude and don't enjoy you asking them to do their job. A particular employee whose name tag said "Lupita" was very impatient with me even though I was not taking long at all I got in the line and knew what I had wanted and there was only one person in line behind me. After I had paid and thanked her, she looked over at her co-worker and began to talk bad about me in Spanish. Little did she know a very pale red head like me, is fluent in Spanish. Very very rude.

Kate D.

One of my all time favorite places to eat. Great food! Fast and Amazing Service. Whenever I go with my family we usually get two bento boxes one chicken one shrimp and we all eat from both. I'm in love with this place and will definitely go again