Seis Kitchen

1765 E River Rd #131, Tucson
(520) 612-7630

Recent Reviews

Derek Castro

The Al pastor and fish tacos are amazing! Can't wait to come back.

Dan Fine

An interesting menu. I had the crispy fried avocado tacos

Fletcher Kern

Great place! Really good food and service

Manuel G.

My wife and I recently moved to Tucson and heard about the great food in the area. One of the first places we stopped at was Seis Kitchen. We were a little confused as we walked in on how to order and such. The person at the front counter just watched us as we looked at the menus on the wall vs. letting us know that they also had menus on the counter... Okay.. we figured it out. Look at the menu, order at the counter, they give you a glass to serve your own drink and they also give you a number and bring out the food to your table. The food was good. The salsa was hot, but didn't have a lot of flavor if that makes any sense. In other words, you can feel the heat when you ate it, but it didn't have spices to make it taste good. Nothing was outstanding about it, but it wasn't bad either.

Jay H

My wife typically has food catered from here for her employees anytime they decide to order take-out. This is the reason why I made the trip up from Sahuarita to order some food. Yesterday, understandably they didn’t offer lunch items before 11. My wife goes today and on the weekends lunch isn’t served until after 12. What is the reasoning for that? Now two times sales have been missed out on.

Creed W.

We tried Seis after my husband researched best Mexican in Tucson. We're staying in town for a while and are trying different places. Seis didn't disappoint. We had the chicharrones snack for fun. (They come with a lime/chili dusting that's nummy). The birria quesadilla for an app, where the corn tortilla was as good as the filling!(though a bit greasy). The Chipotle Mayo was tasty! We also had some tacos: birria, puerco verde, adobo, and conchinita pibil. The conchinita and birria were our favorites. Our sides were black and smashed pinto beans. Both were good, but the black beans had more flavor. Only negative was with ordering for delivery...quesadilla wasn't available and when ordering the birria taco, birria wasn't available. SO...we called and ordered for pickup. Pickup was a BREEZE! There were about 25 people in line when I walked in, but I was able to step around them to a separate cashier to pickup my previously placed order. Definitely a place to try!

Luscious ..

Super spotty, anything can happen from good to bad For sport watch meals arrive at tables and depart immediately ...another wait/what/I didnt order that ;)

Janelle F.

Good food, fantastic service , friendly staff and dog friendly patio . Mimosa was also very good !!! I also was very appreciative when they replaced my mimosa after some flies landed in it . I will be back ! I tried the breakfast burrito and they were bigger than I expected.

Dan C. Hilasaca

This is one of those very, extremely rare cases in where the place, the way you order food and the majority of people don't look Mexican authentic BUT the food is AMAZING!!! I had very low expections for this place but the servers and the food was out of this world!! If I'm ever back in Tucson I'm coming back to this place.Also their Horchata was ON POINT!!!

Tony D.

Friends have been raving about this place. So finally we made it yesterday. Got there at 10 am lunch starts at 11. Not much for breakfast but we are here. I ordered Bacon tacos and wife ordered chili quilles. Bacon Tacos where amazing. Every bite was full of flavor. She liked her dish too. Ordered a burrito to go for my daughter. She was impressed. We look for forward to going back for lunch or dinner. We found another hidden gem in Tucson. Staff was friendly. Place was clean. There are 3 in Tucson , we went to River rd locations.

Anna (Nana Anna)

Mmmm the pork nachos were amazing!!!

Lindsey Marley

Expensive and meat was fatty. My husband loved their tacos and I kind of like their nachos. However the service was so bad we had to politely beg for some silverware and plates and that was asking ALOT of the waitstaff, if you can call them that. The fact that you must tip before you sit down is off putting as well bc there is no incentive for the waitstaff to try. I've been a server so I always over tip and after the treatment we got I was tempted to go ask for my tip back. Bc of the staff I'll never go back maybe I'll get delivery but probably not..

Linda Ortiz

Awesome service ... And we loved the Avo Breakfast burrito was perfect and the El Guapo and chili Verde tacos were very enjoyed by the other guests

Scott Lukomski

Seis has far and away the best quesadilla in Tucson IMHO. They char the cheese to perfection and that is the key regardless of what filling you choose. We haven't been here during covid so this recent visit was welcome.

Chrissie S.

I have gone to the location on River as well as Broadway. Both was amazing in service and in quality of food. Each time I leave happy and full. The tacos are delicious, so are the nachos and quesadilla. They even had live music one night at the Broadway location, and it was just amaze balls! Just perfect atmosphere for a beautiful monsoon night.

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