Sonic Drive-In

8000 E Golf Links Rd, Tucson
(520) 296-6262

Recent Reviews

Estaban Earle

Our burgers were hot & delicious, the condiments tasted fresh & our Sonic Blasts were packed with snickers & reeses.

Jeremiah Mcdonald

Was asked what would I like to order and then as soon as I try give my order I get told to hold on very rudely. I understand that your short staffed but that doesn't mean your staff can be rude. I'm not coming back to this location again

Michael Hennessey

I eat here with my bestie Anastasia pretty often

Susie Baker

Love their slushy drinks and ice cream cones ?

Margaret Hammond

Had Brown bag #4 comes with 2 burgers 2 sides 2 drinks great price service and taste yummo

Barbie LaGrange

Their new green chili burger is really good!

Carol Ortiz

Went 2 hours before closing and they said that I had to go through the drive through because their pull in was closed. Went through the drive through and they were not paying attention to our order because when we got up there it was completely wrong. While I was waiting they served someone who got there after us through the pull in. Also i ordered the 5 French toast sticks and only got 4…. seemed like 2 of the workers were actually working out of the 5 that were in there. Not coming to this sonic again.

Stacey Remick

There was one car in front of me and it took 20min just to get up to the window.they should make people pool forward if something will take a while.

Scott Drenske

Very tasty. The guy only brought ranch when we asked for both. Don't think he was a very happy employee that day. Hope his day got better for him.

Victoria Anne

Service was pretty quick, they were busy when we went, a line in the drive thru and cars in stalls as well, but still prompt. We got corn dogs and drinks, corn dogs were fresh and crispy and drinks were perfect. I would for sure go back to this location.

C J Kindler

The young man who took my order was very nice and very helpful and I had not eaten at Sonic in over 14 years due to where I live. But the food was not very good it was pretty dull and taste and flavor.


Why are you adding nuts to products that don't come with them? My mother always gets oreo sonic blast. Your blasts don't come with nuts. She had at least a full handful mixed in her blast and ended up in the hospital with allergic reaction. She swore she tasted nuts but we didn't see any. Then she reacted.Well I went through thr drink myself, I began eating it myself. I started to taste nuts so I began to actually dig and look through. Its very dangerous to add ingredients to your food like this. Very dangerous. Whats worse? I tried to come back but was told I added the nuts myself.Ummm...I put my mom in the hospital on purpose myself to frame you guys. What the hell is wrong with you? I used to love your food. I still do but I won't be coming to this location anymore. Its one thing to make a mistake, alright? Its a whole thing when that mistake is pointed out a DEADLY mistake you blame the customer.Really???Like I'm not angry at the mistake. You serve nuts at your location and there is risk. But I very much mind being told I poisoned my mother on purpose.

Lisa Hummer

Awesome food. Awesome service. From Jennie Hummer

Gabbie Mooney

I got their fresh banana shake and I added reese's to it. So good!

Panda Strife

It was pretty good, I got the shark week slush and not only was it pretty but delicious too. I added extra blue coconut flavor and it really made it

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