Sonic Drive-In

8000 E Golf Links Rd, Tucson
(520) 296-6262

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Christina Lane

Love sonic !!! Even got a coupon for a free 44 oz. Drink.

Melissa Cole

Half the time the employees that take order are kind of rude but the ones that bring the food are very nice. I feel like they like me better when I go through the drive thru.they are always out of everything i want. The last 4 times I went they were out of yellow cake batter milkshakes and brownie batter milkshakes very disappointing

Kendra Fiedler

I went to this location this morning and the employee at the drive thru didn't seem right to me. she had walked away to swipe my card and was gone for a little long. when she came back, she handed me the card and then said have a nice day. I asked for my receipt and she handed me the printed ticket with my order but not my card receipt. sure enough I went home and checked my bank statement to see i was changed $14.22 for one drink. I called the store and asked for the mana

Jim V.

We were driving on our way home and decided to stop at Sonic for lunch. They had a special called the "Brown Bag Special" that we ordered. It included 2 burgers, 2 orders of tots, and 2 drinks. My favorite drink at Sonic is the Cherry Limade - so went with 2 of those. Burgers were pretty good and of course, the fried tots were fantastic. The order was delivered very quick by a server wearing a mask - thumbs up. Only negative was it was a hot day and hot in the car eating. Good, quick & easy choice for a decent lunch !

Codie P Norman

Lazy practice in order resulting in a incorrect order and a reordering yo correct it

April Berry

We ordered at a stall and the person who took our order seemed annoyed. They said they were out of Green tea and onion rings. We waited over 20 minutes and the food never showed up. We drove through the drive thru and was told the food was ready. Still had to wait for the 2 vehicles in front of us. Once we got the food the Chicken tenders were overcooked and too dry. The small tots were old the cheese sticks were cold and most all the ice in the drinks were melted. The car hop taking food to a stall on that side of the building was checking her phone to and from the stall. Part of our food order was missing and we had to go back. The young man at the drive thru window was polite! The food was super gross! Avoid this location at all costs!

Kelcy Carter

Typical "fast" food joint. Downside is seeing 6 teenagers inside chatting while we wait 5 minutes for then to answer after we press the button. Not busy at all. They did however give our kids a free ice cream cone since apparently they're not putting toys inside the wacky packs during covid....

Doesn't Matter

Eh... did a mobile order, got there and checked in and waited and waited and waited. Seemed a little odd seeing as how I only ordered tots and a rt 44 ocean water... so I hit the order now button to see what was going on. Found out they were out of sprite for my ocean water. Not a huge deal, they offered me a blue coconut slush instead which was fine.. but why did I wait for 10 minutes with no communication about what was going on?? Why didn't someone come out and say "hey I'm so sorry we're outta sprite right now, can i get you something else instead?".. wonder how long I would have waited without contact had I not hit the button?? The tots were piping hot so thats a plus, but just not a pleasant experience.

Brooke Gandy

The first time I went, the food was great. This last time, I sat in the parking spot for over 30 minutes after pressing the button to order, then someone finally buzzed in, spoke really fast, and buzzed out. All I could make out is that some machine was down, but I wasn't given the opportunity to order anything or even respond. After a 30 minute wait.

Trisha Baird

Although prices have climbed a bit, it is to be expected. The food is still good. They do have a couple new items. Tried the soft pretzel, was very good. Cheese sauce was just ok. Love the frozen lemonade.

Dee Matthews

My food was good and the correct temperature when arrived. I had one ice cream that came out the wrong ordered but it was replaced without a problem and also apologized for. I also had one ice cream cone that started to melt and they asked if I would like it remade. I refused because it was a very hot day and my kids were just going to eat it anyway but I felt that was a great thing to offer. Thank you to for the great Customer Service!

The Wanderer

I won't return. And apparently this place sees Doordash customers as 2nd rate FYI

Sandi Stutz

If you haven't tried the hot pretzel, DO!! Amazing!


Worst Sonic store in Tucson. We sat in drive through for over twenty minutes and got wrong order when we finally got our food (odered cold drink items). The ice cream was soupy. The shake had a dead bug on the whipped cream. The cashier at the window did not see what horrible food she was serving and was upset when i told her and told me I was rude. Returned the order and did not pay for the slop that was served. Never again will I take my boys to this location.

sarah vidmar

20 minutes to get to the window. Order was wrong. Then they charge Me Too! Much. Unless you tell them how much the wacky pack is they charge you more. Every weekend for the last month and a 1/2. Wouldn't even give them one star but wont let me post unless I do.

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