Taco Bell

2150 W River Rd, Tucson
(520) 293-6581

Recent Reviews

Mark Lemker

Fast service reasonable prices the food is not the best but it is acceptable also it's clean and quiet with free wi fi

Connor Rooney

Great service from each employee everytime I go here

Deanna Lewis

Order at drive thru was totally wrong. Was overcharged for chalupa box. Requested no lettuce, had lettuce , upgraded soda to a large got a medium sized. Won't go to this place again

Jan Sugden

This is my favorite Mexican restaurant. Others may disagree but I have my opinion.

vanessa garcia

Love, Love The food and friendy employees, go above and beyond to satisfy your preferred taste.

Stephen Mulvey

Best Tacobell in tucson in my opinion.

Jim Bougie

Breakfast burrito was good, but no one at counter so basically forced to use the kiosk. Kiosk does not have an option for a paper receipt, have to choose between text, email or no receipt. Won't use their kiosk again. Would be nice to have an employee at counter to welcome you and to say thanks. If I am willing to spend money there it's the least they can do.

Rebecca Hagen

I waited 5 minutes before asking someone if there was anybody to take my order only to be ignored. I started walking out and someone called out ma'am so I turned around. She didn't acknowledge what I said when I stated how long I had waited (they were not busy)

Sophia I.

Literally N E V E R right ! I honestly don't know why we bother coming back keeping this location open. LOVE spending extra money on up-charges that are never made correctly.

Carol Holt

One of my favorite places to eat. The Duval Mine Road location gives senior discount. Very nice people work there and like every other fast food photos don't match what your getting.

JJ Kamacho

People at the window are really nice. Good customer service.

Adam Garrett

Food was excellent compared to most other toco bells. Employees were very vigilant and polite. Restaurant was. Very clean and tidy. Food was hot, fresh and very well prepared. Thumbs up

Dennis Page

Very delicious, service was fast, and staff very friendly with smiles as they served us.

Ryan Dool

I visited Taco Bell on 08/17/2019 around 8:15pm and had the absolute best drive-thru experience. The person taking my order was clear, concise, friendly, and most of all professional. The food was to be expected but the interaction prompted me to leave a review. Hopefully she is recognized for her level of professionalism by her superiors.

Your Mom

I will not here ever again. I found a hair in my food. In a bean and cheese burrito! They acted like it was jus normal.

Jason Widby

I love the taco bell breakfast. Sometimes i go in the evenings as well. Customer service always varies. For the most part employees are great at what they do but then have those certain few that just dont hit the mark at customer sevice. Almost looks like they hate their job or hate the customers.

Sickly Nauti

Great Fast Service, Orderly Staff Not Overly Crowded However The Reaper fries and Reaper Burrito were lacking in Spiciness, Was very mild for being from a Carolina Reaper Pepper But over great customer service

Larry Beck

Do not go to this "Taco Bell"! Look at the picture of the three tostadas that I posted in this locations pictures. Everytime I go it is the same exact experience. They skimp on portion to save money. In the end they lose money because I get my money back and they throw it in the trash. I have showed this type of quality to the district manager( from Australia) and she says "that's the way it's supposed to be"? That time was a double decker taco with beans between the tortillas the size of a quarter. If you return your order the next time you go in they wisper between headsets and suprise... The order is worse than before. I have waited 3-6 months hoping something would change only to be worse. It's too bad. A legit Taco Bell that follows the industry standards is an enjoyable experience. I am in no way lying or making this up. Dine hear at your own risk and hopefully you won't think....I should have listened to his advice.

Rosario Aguilar

I love the chalupas, only thing was these were a little hard. Nice kid at the register though.

john b

Fast service and really good crunchy, and pricy taco's

Johnathan Schaff

Great food at OK prices. I wanted Mexi melts which have been discontinued. The cashier was knowledge and knew how to order it in such a way that I still was able to enjoy a similar item. It was very close to the original thing. I plan to return to this location more often.

Mark Tanner

All was well until two women came in and sat a dog on the cash counter. The cashier and another employee petted the dog. Then, the two women sat the dog on the dinner table. Management was nowhere to be identified as one. Can't go back

michael foss

Hey, it's the Bell. What more can i say. You either love it or you find it less than desirable. For fast South of the Border flavors its great. The prices are very reasonable. It "ain't" gourmet.....but.....it is more than adequate as a craving stopper. Extensive menu.

Michael Hamilton

My favorite Bell in Tucson. Everything is always top notch. Always impeccably clean, even during rushes. Entire place always looks brand new inside and out. Food is perfect, not sloppily thrown together. Staff is genuinely engaging and helpful. Love coming here every chance I get.

Mike B

Horrible staff and they just ignore you. The manager on duty wont cash you out but yell for the cashier. The cooks are to busy talking through their headsets to each other to be bothered to give us our soda cups. This is the worst service we have gotten at fast food. We will never go to Taco Bell again. We will go to Wendy's were they have the 4 for $4 meal that still gives a full factor for inexpensive and way better service

Lunar Thief

Food was good and out fast but my order was wrong. Ordered through the kiosk to give it a test drive. After my food making it to the counter the staff ran away and it took longer to get my cup then it did to make my food.

James Holcomb

I FARnteD wheN I ATED!!!! Theey didnt care! it soundd like PFFFPTTPEEEpotoepeeepoopooFfpppop and it smel baad!!!

Mel S.

This Taco Bell... all I can say is �. Asked for no cheese on my tacos and look what I get? Also we ordered two soft tacos and these guys give us 1. Smh �

Cazmaria green

My Order was correct I love the new rattle snake fries. To me they are better then the burrito. The cashier Andrea was very nice and repeated our order to us we had a pretty big order. Only thing they put sour cream on something we asked for it not to be on but they did fix it quickly with no problem. Was very pleased will be back.

Kate Coleman

Fast ,easy & convenient take out food. Easy location to get to. Lots if parking.

KC Reno

Its Taco Bell the food always is great at any one you go to. The service was a little off, the order took a like 15 minutes to get and they forgot meet in the taco salad, but the gave us two free tacos to male up for it. Staff was friendly.

John S.

Can you believe management would allow their restaurant to be out of coffee creamer when I ordered at 6am? Of course they told me after handing me the food and I had paid. As they demand higher pay and they raise the minimum wages, the quality of service has continuously gone down.

Aaron M.

This Taco Bell has the best workers! They always have someone at the Register who is friendly and gracious. And even when I eat inside I'm met with polite staff. This is also the only taco bell in town that's never messed up my drink order. They deserve an award for the management here, seriously.

Tisha Linch

Was in a hurry and wanted something quick so I went threw the drive threw and I had my food and was on my way in no time.

Ryan VanDero

Always a safe bet when you head to Taco Bell. Food's pretty good and there are always specials to help you save a few bucks. That's important to me because I have a large family with lots of hungry kids.

Mauda Palmer

Americanized Mexican food. Best choices are the tacos and burritos. You can customize them, although adding ingredients incurs extra charges. Their value menu is great, and their combo boxes include 3 or 4 items plus a drink at a reduced price.

Eric L.

This last trip to Taco Bell was much improved. They improved their speed of service and customer service. They also served breakfast until 11am!

Jessica L.

This is the best taco bell in town. The service is always friendly, quick and efficient whether you are in the drive thru or dining in. The food is consistently good and I always get plenty of sauce :-)

Elizabeth Ann Wilson

I love the cinnabons. I could live off those things. I'm addicted. Unfortunately I bought Mexican pizza with sour cream and a hard taco and there was no flavor whatsoever it tasted just like salt. I was eating straight salt. I was not good at all. I didn't even finish my meal.

Eddy Hamilton

First time at this Taco Bell, seemed clean and the staff were very friendly, our order was fast and correct. Didn't use the restroom so I can't commit on that, as far as cleanliness, not to be confused with eating Taco Bell made me go to the bathroom......no issues!! I'm good!!!