Del Taco

1830 E 16th St, Yuma
(928) 782-5345

Recent Reviews

Robert R.

Didn't know any better about Yuma and went to Del taco. Was it good. Yeah but. Was it a real nice place inside. Not really. They need to spend some money and redecorate. Was the food good. Not bad. Definitely hits the spot when you are hungry or had a beer or 2. Overall it's ok when you are hungry.

Daniela Limon

I’ve been going to del taco for over 10 years. I’ve been to other locations in Yuma and California. I have never had a problem any other locations. However, there seems to always be problems whenever I visit the one at the Yuma mall. I found a fly in my to go order. I let them know and they offered me a $1 off coupon. ONE DOLLAR OFF FOR A DEAD FLY IN MY FOOD. They didn’t even apologize. I threw out my order of $20 because I didn’t want to chance there being any hair or other nasty stuff in my order. This is ridiculous and disgusting food service. They need to be inspected to make sure they are following protocols.

CJ Meiko

The Popper drinks were pretty good as was our order of food. The lobby needed a quick clean up but other than that it was decent.

Dan Rawlins

Clean facility and not crowded during our visit. Only two staff working, but they did a good job of keeping up with the in-store and drive-thru customers. Would go back.

Revive Dcorpse

The new Purple Pear Sprite Poppers drink is good ?

Cathy Theis

The gentleman behind the counter was very nice. My 2 fish tacos was made perfect.

Cynthia hicks

Fast. Reasonable. Ta k es coupons. Not gourmet bud good.

Oneeye Tony

Bathroom we're very clean... customer service was food I order here was so good I love always eating at del taco when I see one the milkshake was very well made . The fries could of be better but other then that I have no comment on anything thing else... Good service and the food yummy I will come back here thanks you

American Girl

I wouldn’t say it’s filthy but the lobby and bathroom need attention. The tostada was bland and had no flavor. The veggie burrito is good. Employees are fast and friendly

Katherine DeMarcy

First time ever having del taco today, gotta say it's better than taco bell imo. They don't skimp on the toppings either.

Eugene Chang

The food was fresh and delicious. In the morning they serve breakfast snd also regular items.

pamela bivins

First time eating there and it was very good. Service was great and they were very friendly

Joe Pierson

Del Taco was Del Taco. Dont eat at them often, none around me, but satisfying when I do.

Jb TechFanatic

Great friendly service fresh hot food. It was clean all and all a great experience. Feed a family of 5 for 25 bucks yummy

Miranda A.

stopped in on my way to san diego, bathrooms were filthy, looks like they haven't been cleaned in days. the same with the floors in the dining room. there was brown lettuce and napkins all over the floor, opened hot sauce packets. pretty gross. i know it's just a del taco but :(

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