Tacos Mi Ranchito

188 S 4th Ave, Yuma
(928) 783-2116

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Nelda Treadwell

The food was excellent.. the service was excellent.. they were nice and friendly.. I had one problem my favorite Mexican food is fajitas beef... And like I said the food was excellent except my three flour taco shells we're so small that you could only get two forks full in them then you couldn't fold up the end and they were overcooked.. I moved my food around on my plate and until my companions were ready to leave I took my food home got out my medium sized taco shells heated them up on my gas burner and had a wonderful meal for dinner.. that wasn't an enjoyable lunch no matter how good the food was and like I said it was excellent..

Vickie Camburn

Absolutely fantastic, authentic, home-style food. Loved the skinny, crispy rolled potato taquitos and their tamale with enchilada sauce is the best.Vegetarian options: Cheese enchilada. Potato taquitos…

Ritita GaLa

Food was not good. Never did the server come by to ask how was our food or if anything was needed.First and last time.Would not recommend, better options in Yuma.

Susan Arthur

Breakfast at my favorite place. Authentic. Love the food and service here.

Alan Smith

First off, it's called Mi Rancho. The best ting is that it's super authentic! I think someone's abuelita was cooking from scratch, but service was still fast. It's a place where the locals eat that was recommended to me by a local. The menu didn't cater to pop-mex food. It included menudo, goat, tongue, etc. I highly recommend Mi Rancho.

Lynn Tucker-DeMarco

We love their Chili Colorado and can get it on the senior menu for a reasonable dinner price. The meat is very tender and the sauce is to die for. Great service and they are always friendly and helpful.

Bryan H. Wildenthal

We stopped at the first nice-looking Mexican place we saw driving into Yuma, and indeed this is a friendly place that seems to serve a lot of good food. We enjoyed a great chile rojo burrito and red menudo. But ... major #guacamolefail! Watery and completely tasteless and overpriced for a tiny plastic cup.

kat gibbs

I've been here a hundred times and I'll be here a hundred more. The food fantastic and spot on every time. I was extremely impressed how the staff handled a rude and unreasonable customer last Monday. Ill be back!!

Gaylon M.

Type of place I usually like because they put the food ahead of the environment. Place was clean and kept up just no frills hanging everywhere. (Hope that clears it up). Saw a picture of chicken chili rellano. Well reason I can't have it is because no one has ever made one. The chili's are from California so they are not my favorite. Really good beans and the same for the rice. Corn tortillas were authentic. Salsa was lightly spicy close to perfect. Thinking they put the plate in micro just before bringing it out cause everything was to hot to eat then got cold quickly Perhaps my expectations were to high, quite possible. Lot of places to choose from but might return if around there.

Kat T.

EAT HERE! if you want authentic Mexican food! Do not be discouraged by the look or of you see customers waiting outside. Yes, they have AC and the ppl outside may just be waiting for their Togo order. Their enchiladas are soon yummy and delicious! I had 1 beef and 1 cheese w/ red sauce. After tasting my husband's taco also ordered and ate a taco! Crispy and fully of flavor. The salsa was good. I asked if they had any spicier salsa. They gave a hotter green salsa wch had the right amount of heat and chili taste. I will definitely go back next time I'm in Yuma!!!


Been here many times, and this place is probably my favorite in Yuma. Good atmosphere, fantastic food at a reasonable price. Service was exceptional tonight .Itzel was the most cheerful and attentive server I've ever seen, she was amazing. I'm probably spelling her name wrong but seriously this woman deserves a raise.If you haven't been here you should go. Take friends, get tacos. :)

Izzy Marttii

Visited on a Sunday morning, for Menudo. The portion was reasonable and although a little more flavor was needed, for my taste, nothing that a little lime, oregano and diced onions with a couple of cilantro leaves that coudln't remediate. The place is small but cozy and nicely decorated. The staff on shift were friendly and welcoming from the moment I entered. My server Gaby was very courteous and attentive, constantly ensuring I did not lack anything including to drink. Restrooms were clean. The place accepts cash and Debit card payments without an additional fee. Definitely recommended and a must visit soon again.

Cheri Mcloughlin

Great food, Awesome service, good prices, Always have had a Great meal there...

Linda G.

The service was outstanding and the food was delicious. Our waitress was so kind and checked on us numerous times. She kept the drinks full and gave good recommendations. The salsa was hot like we like it. The rellanos were on point and the beans and rice were great too. Highly recommend.

Alika P.

I love this place! It feels like I'm eating at my grandmas house. It's warm, inviting, and makes you wanna stay a while. The food is also delicious with great flavors and came out so fast! The service is top notch with amazing staff who is so enthusiastic, polite, and so attentive. I wish it was it like this everywhere.

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