Bamboo Inn Restaurant

2040 Comox Ave, Comox
(250) 339-3500

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Laura Shewfelt

Haven't been there in years , a friend gave me two gift certificates so I was able to take a friend for a birthday dinner. Loved the vegetables, battered shrimp, and chicken chow main.Good service and helpful. Check it out.Love the view of the water.?

Anthony W

The teen who took our order was condescending and rude. Received the same attitude from an older woman upon pick up, food was mediocre and bland. Save your money or eat elsewhere.

Andrea Grieve

Very poor service from the beginning, server clearly could care less and was under no pressure as we were the only ones there at first.Started out having to yell out hello then she just waved us in and wandered off . Basically just dropped paper menus on table. My order was wrong and she argued with me saying it was my mistake and when I politely pointed out on the menu that I was right she shrugged and said I don't know talk to my boss.I ended up switching out my chicken chowmein for the pork chow mein with my brother in law beside me as I don't eat chicken. We asked for the bill and waited over 10 minutes then just went up to desk to pay where she walked over when she saw us. Food was okay. Won't be back...

John Caspers

Amazing food and really affordable.

Sarah Dennis

Very good food thank you :) daughter went to pick up so sorry dont know about wait times, service, staff

Jim Robin

Beef & Tomato Fried Rice was always one of my favourite Chinese dishes to have however what I got was very disappointing. The fried rice was more like steamed rice and as for the overall taste - well, I'm very glad to have been able to cover it up with plenty soy sauce. ☹️

Allison Comstock

Honestly I probably won't be back. The food had basically no flavor. The worst part though, was the sweet and sour sauce I asked for on the side instead of on the pork. I got one tiny plastic cup for each combination (and both lids looked absolutely destroyed so they weren't on properly), one was only half full and the other only a quarter full. And both of them looked disgusting so we didn't even use them. It almost looked like someone spat in them and there was other food fragments in both. Even if they looked normal, there sure wouldn't have been enough to cover all of the pork. Really disappointing because this restaurant used to be good. I saw some recent bad reviews but decided to give them the benefit of the doubt, because it hadn't been bad before. This definitely ruined it for me. Do yourself a favor and take the drive to the Driftwood instead!!

Bill Lyle

We ordered takeout on a whim and were pleasantly surprised as everything was great! We had a guest with a nut allergy; they accomdated us and so far, our guest is doing just fine lol! Definitely a good way to feed a small group in a pinch. Will be calling again. ??

Melissa Surina

My partner and I went for the "new & improved " buffet. The service was terrible, there were only 6 patrons in the restaurant upon arrival. They didn't keep the food stocked properly and 2 of the dishes tasted off and over cooked. Upon leaving our bill came to over $50. Turns out they jacked their price from $16 to $24.99 with no signage indicating such.Horrible service, horrible food and atrocious price.

Rollie R

All I can say is what a poor quality of meal I ordered. They want me to write a hundred words before the accept my review. I will leave it at this, "very poor quality meal". I will comment on " How expensive is this restaurant"? to me I find it very expensive for a poor meal. Three items on their menu was over $50. Maybe that's the way things are these days, I don't know. I can tell you one thing, I will never order from them again.

Sue Williams

Four of us went for supper here last night, every dish we ordered was very tasty, not greasy . I would recommend the Bamboo Inn ! We will be back !

Cindy C.

Went to Bamboo for dinner. The food was really good... Chow main was excellent... However the server was not friendly, and she only came to take our order... Which she did as we were still looking at the menu ... She didn't offer a drink ... Dropped off food without making sure we had what we needed... Had to ask for chop sticks... We sat at the table for a long time with our dinner finished and had to ask for a takeout box.... The guy who brought it. Had his hands on the inside of container... They did not check vaccine cards and told customers so as we left... Now I do understand about covid and the shortages of workers... But the restaurant was almost empty. They were more concerned with cleaning empty tables and sweeping the floor during dinner hour than the customers... I will not return... Too bad as I like the food. But felt unwelcome and will not return...

Stewart Fee

We have not eaten here before. Very good food . Very clean restaurant , bathrooms clean , comfortable atmosphere. Only thing is I wish they played Asian music.


Take out. Their ginger beef is crispy but also in sauce. Wow. I'd say this alone is worth going again. Im wishing I ordered veggies too. Well done.

Lauren Somers

Incredible service and delicious food! Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU! An item was forgotten with my Skip order and you re-delivered it yourself (not Skip) super fast! I really appreciate it. The food was also incredible, so thank you!!

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