450 Ryan Rd, Courtenay
(250) 334-3351

Recent Reviews

Wendy Falkenberg

Successfully purchased slurpees without encountering zombies

dan gillespy

A very nice friendly convenience store with very good staff and very very good customer service.


Staff are nice, always a warm greeting when you walk in. Prices are okay, the food is decent.


Not bad for quick snack or pickup

Dana Pound

Typical 7-11, but we just wanted snacks & slurpees so it worked for us.

johnny smith

Thought you were open 24-7??

Dana P

Typical 7-11, but we just wanted snacks & slurpees so it worked for us.

Kristin Glover

I went to this location tonight like I do often and greeted the clerk when she greeted me. I understand the science behind this. I then went to the candy aisle like I always do and started to decide what I wanted when the female clerk walked right up to me carrying her tablet. We are in the middle of a pandemic and you have signs on the floor about social distancing. She made me uncomfortable so I stepped back. She took a step closer. She was right beside me. I stepped away again and she asked if I needed help. I said I need youto not stand so close to me. I understand people steal. If she thought I was she could have just stood at the end of the aisle and watch me. I honestly don't care if they do because I don't steal but I understand people do. Unfortunately in my workplace we aren't allowed to enforce mask wearing. I expected better from 7 11 and have never had an issue like this before. It was just incredibly stressful at the end of a long day.

Nik Galego

I don't have words to describe the poor state of this store.

dan gillespy

Good customer service and very hard working staff always glad to serve their customers with a big smile on their faces.

Dave Duncan

A typical 7-Eleven.

Vari Par

Had today July 9th a very disappointed experience at your Store. I tried to ask an employee if they have an item in Stock and that lady which one was restocking the inventory just ignored me. I tried to ask twice, afterwards I just left.

Mieka Beks

Good & friendly customer service! Plenty of hot foods available.

Manmeet Singh

I went to this place to get some taquitos. Firstly, I had to wait for atleast 20 min for 7 taquitos. After that long wait finally i got them but one was missing. So i went again for 1 taquito, disgusting. The employee was not very nice no apologies nothing, worst place to go.

jew man

i hate this place, even tho its not bad and i have no reason too, even tho last time i came into your store i was hit on by a bunch of homeless men outside even tho i am a man idc tho we had great sex later, so i will leave a 4 star review instead of a 5 star because i got aids

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