2295 Cliffe Ave, Courtenay
(250) 334-4171

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Daryl Sampson

Crazy high prices

Sue F.

If you want to find the most miserable, crusty, employees in any convenience store then look no further. I'd first like to address the early day manager.... Months back she insisted I was not allowed to enter the store because I apparently got angry one day and threw a Slurpee at the window which is absolutely ridiculous! She was yelling in front of customers, the yelling constitutes as harassment and because it isn't true it also falls under the form of slander.I went in today, no baskets for items, i had six items in my arms and hands and went to get a pop, I put one item hanging literally out of my pocket as I know how it looks and the same middle aged, robust woman asked me for the candy which I happily handed over at which point she yelled at the top of her lungs for me to leave for shoplifting. I insisted I B heard and explained if they had baskets and due to it hanging half out that it doesnt constitute as theft unless exiting the store with an unpaid item and maybe if she educated herself and not having to resort to managing a 711 as a career that she would know the definition of theft.I will be contacting the owners again like last as they were very accommodating.Worst treatment I've ever received in a crummy lil store like 711 ever!!!


Very good good selection of groceries and happy friendly staff who always provide good customer service and open 24 hours.

Scott Campbell

It's open 24 hours a day and they let me use there wash room. I man clean cut and not homeless. Not sure if someone scruffy would get the same treatment


The sign says $5 deal 2 slices of pizza and 3 wedges. The lady was very rude. She did not know how to ring it in on the till and said 5.50 plus tax was the best she could do and if I was going to worry about the extra 50 cents that was too bad.

british steel

A excellent convience store open 24 hours a day 7 days aweek with a good selection of merchandise and a very happy friendly staff. I always love shopping at this store and I have always had a nice positive experience at this store. Come on down at anytime of the day or night. You will be satisfied.

John Scott

Staff was very welcoming and absolutely enjoyable to have a conversation with. Staff was also very good at there jobs and have maintained a well designed and clean environment. I would drive across town just to get gas at this location because of staff.

Lora Danielson

Good service, friendly staff

Manmeet Singh

Hey there, i need to address this issue as i work at nights and in my break sometime show up at this store around 2 or 3 am to get some Jalapeno and cheese taquitos but there is always old lady who wears glasses never greets me, turns her back on me, and when i ask her if she can get me some taquitos, she always starts murmuring in her mouth and throws pack of taquitos from fridge on shelves and start ripping the pack very rudely and aggressively every single time this happened to me from past 1 year may be i am asian thats why because she treats other white guys very very respectfully. even other customers show some sympathy to me as when she does this to me. Other staff members are fabulous, please someone resolve this issue if the store dont want to lose their valued customers.


Staff go above and beyond what I would expect from a 7-11

Jerrit Onley

Always friendly , store was clean and good deals on food

Robyn Telford

Get a new manager! , and tell me when its done because I am never coming back and I have done a year before.Saying chill out is not going to help your incompetent's with hot food and 2 items, asking for straight out pizza options.I went over to the husky for drink deal instead so you lost that one.Its a common curtesy to not callout gender someone with a hat and mask you international clod.BRO mr JerkAnd may I add you even forgot to activate the card, I can say that your counter was absolutely off and I was maybe not the best to deal with at that time. But really, try to be better

Dan G.

A very good store open 24 hours a day 7 days a week with very good customer service and very good hardworking staff who are always very happy to serve there customers and a very safe and clean store with very strict COVID-19 safety policies. I strongly recommend checking that store out you will love it.

Mary Northcott

Pizza was a meat lover but all shredded meat? Soggy crust Then I ordered chicken wings crusted legs backs instead So disappointing ?


Could train their food cooking team better and advise their international workers to do so. I get red and blood in the chicken every so often

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