A&W Canada

581 Ryan Rd, Courtenay
(250) 338-4901

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Margaret Bird

Perfect experience, great food, awesome location and best of all: FRESH YUMMY COFFEE! This A&W team is rocking it.

Shelly C

A&W has delicious coffee and the beyond meat burger was scrumptious! It was really nice to enjoy our coffee while walking at the Airpark trail right behind the restaurant.


Great breakfast. Good coffee. Excellent price and service.Kid-friendliness: My 3yo son forgot his shoes they let us stay and eat. Very nice folks.

Mercury Boutin

Went here at 5:00 on a Saturday! The crew was fast and attentive to taking the order, you can hear the cooks being competitive and light hearted yelling orders and completing them fast! Our order took about 1-2 minutes to receive. Chubby chickens with perfect amounts of mayo, fresh lettuce and cooked nicely not too tough in texture and still juicy, soft buns. Ordered a poutine as well getting almost the perfect poutine I’ve had at an A&W. My special other, ordered a Uncle burger meal on a lettuce wrap! She could not have been more pleased! And this was all on a coupon!I will be coming back to this location if I must choose any A&W in the entire Valley. This whole team should feel proud!

Dianna Burgess

Even though I'm the one who made the mistake and put pick up instead of delivery with skip the dishes, the staff at Ryan Rd A&W went above and beyond to deliver the order to me. This is not something they normally do but a staff member did this for me.

Jim Sandrey

Good bacon and eggs breakfast kinda crowded with oldsters like two taking up big tables with a cup of coffee ,but service was good ??

Carmen .g

I’ve had really bad food and service here recently when it never used to be this way. The girl who took my order sounded annoyed and just kept saying “yep, that it?” anytime I said anything. I ordered a buddy cheese meal with onion rings and there was no salt on the onion rings, they didn’t give me a straw or any napkins, and they put so much mayonnaise on the burger huge globs of it went into my hair, all over my clothes, my hands and my car. Really disappointed.

R. W.

Good. Quick. Smooth drive thru. In other words classic A&W.

Master Yeti

Best A&W ever. I'm on the road constantly and this crew is fantastic. Everything is always 100% accurate and they are super friendly.

Jayne Boyer

Used the drive thru ..experienced staff very helpful..hot and fresh food..great service

Art Samuels

My new lunch spot while in Parksville. This is a must to savor.

Dennis Gane

Typical A&W. Food was prepared as ordered, restaurant was clean. Service adequate, staff did their jobs. Personally I like to feel that my patronage was that welcomed and this is what takes a business from just being average to better than average.

That's That

Employees close 15 sometimes 25 minutes before posted closing times. Sign off 30 mins before.

Russell van der Vliet (BrotherGrimm)

How could I describe this location!It was a mixture of 50/50 of people not knowing to wear or not wear their masks!Some staff were wearing theirs, and some weren't!So that's confusing...Anyways went looking for either a ice cream cone or Milkshake, and was told they don't sell them anymore! What a shame, guess the oldies are being flushed for new idea's! So bought myself some lunch! Boy do I ever regret it! When I ordered my Papa Burger, I requested extra onions & sauce! Good luck in getting those! 2 orders of Fries (salty like they came from a brine solution) a drink! I miss the good old days of A&W where there use to be a small, med, & a large size drink! But now it's one size regular & for the price I could've walked down the street to 7Eleven and got a 2lt Pop for the same price! Also they use paper straws which seem to go soft after starting to drink you're drink!! Oh yah can't forget the so called cold A&W apple pie! Talk about cold, not hot in which it should be! Possibly sat there most of the morning! Where's the time limit on items like this! They use to be thrown after a certain amount of time ? not sitting there for a unexpected customer to buy! I took a bite out of it, and immediately threw it in the garbage ?️.. Plus also if I'd been the supervisor, I'd sent some of my staff home to save the labour cost; instead of standing around & giggling with customers in the store! If you stand around look busy, and maybe you wouldn't get complaints like this... As it stands that's why you get 3 stars, instead

Darryl Abate

So good! And quick ? Classic breakfast in 3 minutes? Unheard of. Fresh tasting and perfectly done.

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