Delicado's Courtenay

180 5th St, Courtenay
(250) 338-8885

Recent Reviews

Lisa A.

Seriously one of the best wraps I've had in ages!!! I had the Mediterranean wrap (hot) with falafel instead of chicken. Everything tasted fresh and delicious and it was wrapped to perfection. Seriously though, you know when you're eating a wrap or burrito and it's half ass rolled and impossible to eat as intended? Not here, it was pure perfection from first bite to last! It was also nice and saucey but it wasn't dripping out the bottom halfway through! Moral of the story, I enjoyed every bite!!

Derek Kyle

Tasty Vegan Roll-up and peaceful sunny day patio. ?


Love the food so much! Was badly craving for Mexican food and found this place! Their chicken is grilled to perfection! Really juicy and tender! ? It was a lot of food too so we were very full after! ?

David Urquhart

Overall: presentation could improve, but flavour was positive and burritos were large; we would order again.Delicado’s provides the only Mexican cuisine that we are aware of in the area. The flavours were enjoyable, and the burritos were generous in size; in particular, the spicy chipotle on the side was awesome. The takeout style and presentation were different than I’ve seen elsewhere- that being said, food that tastes good and leaves me full deserves to be well-rated in my books.


What happened.Used to be awesome, now its not.I'm sure its Covid related, with new inexperienced staff.Ill try again in a few months.

Oliver Perrett

Great food, had vegetarian wrap.Great taste with some spice!Will return!

Andyroo Horse

Welcome to the Courtney Mexican!!! Or in this case, the Mexican't! Sweet soup!! And no, not in the street sense, just sweet.... Where a chicken tortilla soup shouldn't be.Main course..... Huge burrito! Like HUGE! And then you cut into it, to find the largest collection of sweetcorn I have seen in one meal! And a handful of chicken bits, some brown squish and a couple refried beans. This place once had soul, till it was exercised!If you want great Mexican, find somewhere else!! Please, for the love of Mexican!!

eden belanger

This place is not what I had expected. The food tasted strange and I feel that for the quality the price was high. The ambiance was very low.

Colin H

It's okay, but I won't go there. I just don't like anything there because cilantro is in pretty much everything.


Great friendly atmosphere. Good food, decent prices, and the salsa here is the best!! highly recommend picking up takeout or dining in with the family.

Joe Gard

One of my favorite places to eat. I miss having them in Victoria

Peter T.

Highly recommend the salsa and hummus that goes with the taco chips. Good location off the main drag. Wife really enjoyed the southwestern wrap.

Ismo Pirinen

One of my favorite places to eat on Vancouver Island! The food is delicious and fresh.

sayre neufeld

Stoped in today for a chicken and bean roll-up. Delicious!!

Mavaddat Javid

Great burritos!

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