1799 Cliffe Ave, Courtenay
(250) 338-5461

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Scott White

As expected for a Quick Service Restaurant - no long waits, food and drink as expected.Food: 3/5


My Crispy Chicken was way over cooked. Went for ketchup at the dispenser it was empty and when I hit the pump flies came out. Just nasty! ??

Aerin Queenan

literally the worst customer service I have ever had. no exaggeration. On multiple occasions I have come here and spoken with rude staff. They gave my vegetarian friend meat once after we insisted no meat. I ALWAYS see one guy running around doing things and hustling. Hes great and deserves better than this garbage company could ever offer him. The rest or most of the staff here just seem miserable. For a location to be this awful the management must either not exist or abuse the staff. I would rather starve than return to this location.

Barry Bourgeois

Eaten at this location many times and the only common denominator is they consistently serve the coldest hamburgers ever served at any Mcd's

A Galbs

Best McDonald’s experience. Hot food, friendly, efficient service and nothing was missed or out of stock.

Caiden Moore

HEALTH HAZARD DONT GO HERE, They are extremely dirty and rude here, the workers swear at customers and dont wash there hands, you will never get your food made properly and from other reviews and pictures ive seen they have no proper managment and sell RAW BURGERS and sell drinks out of a MOLDY machine. Dont go here for your own safety.

Jennifer Adair

They work very hard! very good friendly service by supervisor/manager today at counter. He was delivering orders to people at their tables. Thought that was above and beyond good service. We ordered takeout at counter. Was ready in under 5 min. Our order was correct except wrong dip sauce given - otherwise would give 5 stars for accuracy speed and friendly service. Thanks McDonald’s!

Dan Byl

It’s fun getting half an ice cream. What the heck.


another stop on my trip. Thanka for letting me use your bathroom. Your used needle box is full in there by the way lol

Jillian LaMarsh

Went specifically for the indoor playground but didn't know it was closed until we ordered paid and sat down near the play place and seen the sign on the door. Maybe some sort of notice outside the building or on the door or at the till would have been nice.

Kathy Seymour

Overall drinks are good, prices a little high. Drive thru was slow that day but is usually pretty good and people were friendly.

Elliot Norman

They will mess with your order out of spite. Order no onions and they will put them between parties with the cheese so you can't even attempt to remove. Poor quality, might as well pay abit more for food you will actually want

Kristine Harper

Hey guys, love you, you're the second best McDonalds after the Walmart McDonalds and I want you to know that your Soft Drink dispenser has mold in the tubing. It's been this way for months. Please clean it or replace the tubing, the water here is like that, it gets a black mildew quickly. And because of glacier melts we're going to experience a lot of humidity above 80%, you should get a dehumidifier for your establishment and invest in HEPA filters while you're at it, get ahead of the race :)


This location is usually fast on all fronts, in store, driver thru and for courier too (especially). Everyone is always working hard to get orders out as this place is usually pretty busy with driver thru. Management seems great and I appreciate the effort I see from all the staff that work here :)

Daniel O'Brien

Fast service and workers are plenty nice, nothing against the people working there at all. It's just... McDonald's, skip it if you don't have a coupon.

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