444 Lerwick Rd #800, Courtenay
(250) 703-4545

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Trent Paulhus

Maybe one day they will get the order correct. Three burgers in a row ordered without pickles and guess what ... they all had pickles but no onions ? . . .maybe the staff do not know the difference.Food: 4/5

Tray Sugden

Absolutely awful service not only did they get my first order wrong but when I called in to get my meal replaced when I went to pick up my replacement got home and that was wrong to…

Tracy Frizzle

Brought my kids in for a quick eat, the cashier asked if we could sit on a filthy side of the restaurant. I get you have to clean but why would anyone want to eat at a dirty table? Pop station was a mess pop everywhere garbage everywhere and along with a few wasps. My shoes were so sticky had to wash them before going outside. Not to mention they messed up on 2 items when I went to the counter to exchange it, the cashier accused me of wasting food, if you listened to the order there wouldn’t be any waste. I get a lot of places are short staffed but when it comes to cleanliness should be important as well as friendly staff. Very disappointing one of the worst dining experiences in the comox valley. Go across town at least they have a clean place to sit

Randy Eigler

went to this mcdonalds Sept 13th 2022 or dinner with our 2 young kids, walked in and they had all the dinning room tables closed. we asked why the counter person said due to lack of staff or something then laughed and said I have no idea. They had lots of staff members there, so we left went to a&w which has less staff and still had there dinning room open. this mcdonalds has gone down hill over the years we will not be returning again.


This McDonald's location treat drivers well. All staffs have good teamwork and are very friendly. I was surprise because most McDonald's treat delivery drivers like leeches. I always try to avoid picking up delivery from McDonald's but I like picking from this location even if I have to wait.

Lone Ranger

Unfortunately this location has been consistently poor since it opened. I wonder if it is a "training" location for fresh immigrants brought in to do low paying jobs..?Orders are often wrong or worse... when they are wrong AND the egg muffins are burnt black, or hard as a rock from sitting under the warmer for too long. Same with burgers on occasion. Really aggravating when you park to find a lunch that should have been put in the garbage.Seriously, stop selling food that should be discarded. Totally messed up our order again today again. (I always double check to be sure they get it right on the menu screen at least).One of the 2 WRONG items they gave us from the 3 items we ordered, the muffin was burnt and dry as a cracker again...The mayo on that item you gave me today could have been rancid... I'm not calling to complain for a credit, (even if someone would answer the phone) and not worth driving across town for mc d's fast food.

Chris Embury

Ive literally gotten food poisoning twice this summer going to this location alone & I am not one to fall ill easily. Can't trust coming back here anything will change.

Derek Hodge

Terribly slow service. Quality has gone way down hill. Rude employees. Drive through is awful

Nick D.

Best Mcdonald's in the Valley! Always friendly staff with a clean restaurant and I have not had a bad experience there before.

Kristin Glover

Tip for getting fresh fries. Order them with no salt. You can add your own with the packets if you want. You always get fresh hot fries this way


Skyler Hopkins best cook ?

Cody Kwallek

Fast service, good servings, food was a little cold but not the worst for the price


It was late at night. It was a long wait I was getting upset until I ate the fries and burgers and it was the best food from McDs I've ever had

Doug Messer

Ordered 2 meals for Happy Meal Day. Meal 1, fries cold, not even a little warm. Meal 2, fries cold, spicy habinero chicken patty was a just plain chicken patty and the chocolate shake was just ice cream - no chocolate. This is why we don't go to McDonald's anymore. The Big Mac was good.

Anthony Calcagni

This place has constantly disappointed. I've never come across a place this bad. I remember on night shifts where I would leave work and even though they are open, they refuse to even respond and it looks like nobody is around. Constantly misses items in orders on more occasions than I can count, and when you try to call to sort it out, they never pick up the phone so you have little to no recourse.

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