Mudsharks Coffee Bar

255 6th St #111, Courtenay
(250) 338-0939

Recent Reviews

Allan Anderson

Nice place and staff were pleasant when ordering. More than willing to try another time as it was my first time but the overall visit wasn’t very good.I ordered the Muddy breakfast bowl and it came out quite quickly which was good, though I don’t think I’ve been served such a dry meal in a restaurant before… kind of the equivalent of eating dry toast.The staff didn’t understand what I was trying to say when I brought it to their attention so I just brought my food back to the counter and left… not a word said by any of them even after I’d already paid AND tipped.

stephx x

Literally my favorite place in Courtenay. Really amazing fresh food, great options for gluten free and vegan and all of that for a really fair price. The people there are so nice, I never have to wait long and the location is perfect to meet friends! All in all a place that makes you feel welcome and happy :)

Saquib A

Amazing food!! We had a glory bowl and a moroccan bowl. The moroccan bowl had a spicy tasty daal and chicken. The glory bowl was fully vegetarian and had a very unique taste to it. The veggies were fresh and just went really well together! The sauce just gave an amazing unique taste/feel to the entire bowl. Would recommend.


New location is awesome! Much bigger inside & great patio space out front. Fantastic Service as always & amazing coffees (awesome Barristas!) The Cookies are to die for ? Highly recommend ?


Best food and drinks in all of the Comox Valley.

Terry Papiernik

New place looks great with new fresh vibes. Loved the service and coffee as usual. The new furniture is comfortable. I especially enjoyed sitting the small sacove by the front window. I'll be back soon. :)

Barney L

Great beach vibe cafe; enjoyed the Hot Turmeric Elixir, quite strong, glad there are options if not having coffee. Definitely will be back when we are in the area!

Strange Glen

We love, love, LOVE Mudsharks! Great coffee and amazing food. Their pumpkin cheesecake bar is a MUST TRY!

Alicia Spelay

Amazing customer service, great selection of tea. However I was severely disappointed with the nacho bowl.Barely any chili and what's with the hummus. I am sorry but I've cooking for a while professionally.hummus does not go with nachos. The flavor profile was so confusing .It tasted like tahini, chili, processed rice from a box , chips and a bit of cheese.I understand it was busy I kinda wished I went elsewhere as it seemed like my order was rushed and or microwaved .

Shona Murray

The best breakfast we’ve had in a cafe for ages. Highly recommend this place. Awesome menu selection & a really cool vibe. We will definitely be back.

Danny O'Farrell

This place has taken a serious nose dive in the last 6 months. Prices, customer service and food quality. I’ve been coming to this place on and off for years. But in the last six months to a year this place has crashed and burned. Recently I went for coffee and food and the food looked like it was microwaved from yesterday. $8+ for americano misto. Enough said.

Mike Beard

Maybe a good thing we got kicked out of Cappuccino Grande. Down the street is Mudsharks. Large menu of food and drinks, case stuffed with bakery items. Breakfast bowls looked interesting. First time ordering an Americano but, my friend says it's good. Large outdoor patio shared with another restaurant. Staff is polite. I'd definitely come here again but, moving on north tomorrow. Ignore the owner of Cappuccino Grande, Comox/Courtenay is great. Everyone in this town is polite.


Live in courtenay and have often grabbed a bite to eat or drink here. Vegetarian menu is great. Lots of options. Staff are friendly and caring. The duel patio between muddies and Gladstone brewing is spacious and provides flexibility

Felicity Cleaver

Super friendly staff, delicious food, yummy coffee. I felt the tables were a tad squished together. But over-all great environment & really cool aesthetic!


If you like strong coffee, then this is the place. The Dulse soup is wonderful and the staff are usually friendly. The inside is small however the outside sitting area, which on even cool winter days has folks out having their coffee with friends is lovely. Is great if you want to bring your dog to walk around downtown and have a bite to eat.

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