Nikkei Ramen-ya

320 5th St, Courtenay
(250) 897-4700

Recent Reviews

Dirk D.

Top ramen spot in the Comox Valley, made from scratch (including the noodles) this place is a must try

Kevin L

A new beginning.An authentic ramen shop is rare to find in towns of BC. I commen Nikkri Ramen for taking bold steps to identifying what ramen can be. They understand the simplicity of Japanese food, not over complicating flavours and sourcing fine ingredients. Their journey is ongoing. Maybe it's the egg or noodles or broth but there's something more that is needed.Still I recommend people trying it out. It's a different but yet somehow still authentic take on ramen.

Jacob Pope

Really enjoyable ramen, we had the summer special (spicy sweet tsukemen) and the Hokkaido and both were excellent - the in house made noodles are great. Love that they have abolished tipping and instead have a living wage surcharge, which is a huge step in the right direction for fixing the exploitative nature of restaurants. The 1 star reviews probably haven't had much ramen in their lives if they think this is bad. Will be back and recommend this place to others.

Jamie Gilroyed

Great food, loved the part you can pay a couple bucks for a extra bowl of noodles for your broth. Th only reason it's not 5 stars is there is not option for tips. They automatically put a 14.8% living wage added to the bill. They don't take your order, you place it yourself. It's not right that we don't have the option to give a tip. Will not be back or ever eat at a living wage restaurant again.

Nanci Cook

Food was OK but bland. Not much in the bowl but Ramen and chicken. The worst part was the the total bill for 2 at lunch just ramen and tea--$56.50. Had to order your food at the kiosk and the seating was very uncomfortable.

Victoria Reedman

Really solid vegetarian ramen. I liked it but wasn’t totally blown away. The staff were really helpful and the atmosphere was great.

Abdul Waheed Eleyele

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I grew up eating Ramen in Vancouver where there is an abundance of great authentic Ramen shops serving fresh noodles with beautiful artisan broths. And Nekkei is as good as any of them. So nice to have this wonderful authentic Asian restaraunt in a town known for its mediocre and uninspired Asian scene. Thanks for your passion and your honesty in your reviews. I wish more restaraunt owners were as passionate as you. It comes through in the bowl. I also had a look at your commissary up the road from the restaraunt . I knocked on the door and asked to buy some noodles. The guys invited me in and answered all my questions about the process. It was very interesting. I was there for a while. I also left with some noodles. I'm sure this wasn't common practice as they wouldn't have time to work so thanks !

Mimi So

Love the sustainability aspect to this business model. Would come here again just to support the restaurant. Best ramen in Courtenay, although there really aren’t that many ramen options. They still make delicious ramen. Delicious broth that I sipped up every last bit! They have cool ramen combinations that are not necessarily traditional ramen, but it works. Loved the Ebi ramen. Partner enjoyed his shoyu ramen.Kind service! Not a whole lot of seating inside, dress warm if it’s cold outside they have heated patio seating. Restaurant got busy during lunch on a weekday. Restautant recommend!!

Mary Deighan

Wow! Delicious noodles and very friendly staff! Pretty small noodle shop but there is outdoor seating when the weather cooperates.

Melissa Farrell

Delicious food and friendly service! Loving the heated patio area!

edmund lee

Side walk and bar dining. Great service. It was 2C outside but heating was provided. Not all the adnvertised items were avaliable - chasumen, karaage chicken etc.. The shoyu ramen was however very tasty. The soft boialed egg was excellent! Perfectly done!

Andrew Webb

The food just doesn’t make me feel good. The staff is self righteous. Doesn’t accept cash. Crowds the street. Super expensive for what you get. But if your hipster go there it’s the place to be you and the bonus is your likely to get the latest gut cleanse.


Stopped in for lunch and thoroughly enjoyed it. Best gyoza we've had I a long time. Tried two different soups and both were excellent. Helpful and friendly staff. Followed Covid protocols well. If this restaurant was closer to where we live, we'd likely be there once a week.

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