Dairy Queen Grill & Chill

5124 Ladner Trunk Rd, Delta
(604) 946-8683

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Lisa Sykes

Had the worst customer service!! First time here to this location as I had a coupon specific to here. I waited in line and a bunch of kids were in front of me. No big deal. The one kid had a gift card and I'm assuming he didn't know how to Swipe it. But the lady had the nerve to rip it out of his hand and put the card in the slot to swipe it and leave it there for him to do it. It looked like she got very frustrated very fast with this boy. Anyways I get up and order. I had a free coupon for a sundae, and she says ok wait over to the side. I was about to order more but she told me to wait to the side with the stern voice. Like she wanted to keep the line going. I said that's it, yes stand over here and wait for it. I said I was going to order another thing but I guess I wasn't. So pushy no smile and doesn't seem to like her job. I won't be going back here if that's how they treat people. Nice restaurant though.

Wendy Gacsi

No accessibility…. I must park my scooter outside which is odd since it’s a brand new facility this last 2 years. I ordered on line once and the chicken strips were burned at both ends so couldn’t eat anything but the middle. I decided to give them a second chance and my 3 year old and I went in to share a poutine, chicken strips and a small milkshake each. I had to stand in line for a long time though there were many staff there only one till was open. I have Difficulty standing for long periods so just more inconvenience on lack of accessibility. $ 30.00 dollars later same problem with the strips. When paying so much for so little with an inability to eat roughly half of the four strips, I decided all things considered… never again. Not even for ice cream!

Lorraine Maxwell

I absolutely LOVE this Dq the owners and staff are AMAZING super clean very fast and efficient service!! Keep up the great job!!

Jeremy Ewan

Nice clean and amazing friendly service. Good food brought to your table. Location was busy but the staff handled the volume easily and we were served with no wait to order and minimal wait for the food to be brought to the table.

john miller

Nice looking place, food is just soso.Would not recommend it. Burger combo will cost around $14/16.And honestly taste no better then 711. Simple combo, Burger was dry, fries were over fried.Spend a couple dollars more and go across the street to FB and no im not promoting FB. Ladner does lacks restaurants, however this DQ is a non repeat for me,

Philip Holman

I only stopped here for an ice cream before returning to the States. But the service here was exceptional. Very nice workers and my dipped soft serve was just what I needed.

Russell Victor T

This dairy Queen is the nicest location I've ever been in. I love there burgers and Desserts, but most of the dairy Queen locations I've ever been to are old and run down looking with slow service. This one in ladner was really nice all new looking, really quick service they shouldn't have gotten rid of the Ultamate burger, got the new #1 double burger, was overpriced as usual was really good though. The outside really nice as well. Good food quick service. They did cook the S*** out of the fries though we won't lose a star just for that.

Teresa Kuan

This is by far my favourite DQ that I have been. Clean restaurant, updated furnishing, super friendly and welcoming staffs.Two thumbs up!!

Sandra Thompson

Outstanding! Went to have lunch there, not expecting much because I figured DQ would be limited to burgers, so I would just have a Diet Pepsi for lunch while my companion had a burger. Surprise! They had a couple of salad choices. Not expecting much, I ordered the Rotisserie Chicken Salad, which was really nice, just he right size with very cold, crispy, fresh lettuce and moist NOT greasy roast chicken. Service was outstanding, spotlessly clean interior of restaurant and nice outdoor dining area. VERY impressed!

Dave Bullis

Ladner Dairy Queen is run by super people. It is a very busy location and it's very clean, it never takes more than a few minutes to get your order. The icecream is fantastic.

Amanda C

By far one of the best owned DQ’s! It’s always a clean and welcoming atmosphere. The food is always freshly made and served hot. Highly recommend this location.

Josh Sollows

Excellent service. The owner always makes an effort to remember me when I come in. I can't recall ever having a cold order of fries either. Fabulous in a nutshell.

Kyle McRobert (DHG BliTz)

This has been the best and most consistent DQ in British Columbia ever since it came out, and I should know because I've been to almost all of them in the lower mainland! The food is always hot and fresh, the staff are so friendly, and the place is absolutely spotless. Everyone in Ladner raves about how good the DQ here is.

Ruedy Ruegg

I probably eat here too often. I love their blizzards and burgers. The staff have stepped to get to know me and it scares me. Nice and clean eating area, staff are friendly and quick. If you need a quick meal, I'd recommend DQ.

Tyler Scott MacLeod (Tye F. Bow)

I was surprised by the level of customer service at this location. I've never experienced it on a DQ before. I randomly stopped here after heading to the delta hospital for a worksite related injury and I had one of the best dining experiences I've had in fast food. It reminded me of the woodgrove McDonald's in Nanaimo, whose owner is focused on the level of customer service.

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