5776 Ladner Trunk Rd, Ladner
(604) 940-3770

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Eata Mitchuk

One of the worse McDonald’s! I don’t know how many times I’ve gone there and they’ve made a mistake with my order! They can’t make a simple Americano! 1 out of 10 times it actually taste good, I won’t go back anymore! Worse part, they don’t actually care!

Kamal Barakat

Worst experience I’ve had at a McDonald’s.Drive through operator was so rude. Food tasted off, cold burger, threw it in the garbage.

Karina Gaivoronska

Definitely NOT 24 hours drive through. Passed by tonight at 0250AM hoping to get something on my way back from work , and was told via intercom they are closed for another 25 min?!?! Weird.

Mike Wilson

One of the better locations. Rarely super busy. Great place to buy food before the ferry.Food: 2/5

blondie b

Ordered 1 mcdouble No pickles extra onions.What got was no onions and 6 pickles.yes you can see pictures below lots of pickles and pepper also.Absoutly no onions in site.Parking: They have itWheelchair accessibility: Not greatest entrances.

Cope Harder

I met a man here who called himself The Bush Man. We both ordered the same item: Double Cheeseburger with Large Fries. Upon us sitting down, he leaned forward and told me something of which I had never forgotten: "Don't Trust that Maidens will find you. You must look for them yourself." Upon him completing his sentence, he was gone. Meal and All. But his wisdom in which he bestowed me... it was nearly better than the meal I had. 10/10, I am enlightened.

Andrew Stewart

Quick service and our order was complete but it was for sure cold right out of the bagHappens sometimes and that's okay

John Langmuir

Sept.15th.Stopped in for breakfastWoman’s bathroom was not cleanOne toilet plugged with poo!Other two pee around the toilet and all over the seats . Very old seats , yellow stains on the seats .Mirror not clean all smerryStaff do t seem to know better or don’t care !!!Not following the McDonald’s standards at all.Time for an assessment!!!

Tim K

If I could give them zero stars, I would. I would take stars away from other reviews if I could. They are slower than molasses, your order is almost always wrong, and even on the off chance they get the items correct, it looks as though your burger was assembled from across the room by just throwing the ingredients at the bun. I have no idea why corporate hasn't shut them down to get their act together. It's a shame because they used to be pretty good.

Steve Thiara

At the drive thru was asked to wait a moment sure. Almost 5 minutes no response..... Had to take off there were no line ups other then 1 car at the far window. Went elsewhere. What's worse is you can do a mobile order and then arrive and your order is no longer worth their time as they switched menus even though I ordered awhile ago. Waste of gas.


Our order was messed up thrice and the person delivering the order had a very bad attitude.Upon complaining this issue to the manager, he even did not seem to care at all.

Mr. B

Food AND drinks were terrible. Iced tea was coloured water. Fries were cold and the McChicken I had was about 4-5 hours old.

Subrata Chakrabarti

This McD in Delta is a big and spacious restaurant.The interior is fairly dark. Not very inviting. But they have good outdoor seating.The service was OK.

terry evans

An excellent place to walk around beautiful pathways and see nature at its finest.

Darrel Gladue

How can you mess up on a double double coffee order? No cream or sugar. Had to walk back from bus stop with little time. WEAK and lazy service. I see no speed behind that counter. Just slow, lethargic and incompetence. Hiring pool must be very very shallow.

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