Pho Stanley Restaurant

11184 84 Ave, Delta
(604) 594-1933

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Rick Pappin

D A N G E R!There should be a Rating of No Stars. . . Took an order of their "Best Selling #1 Dish" to the office for my wife. . . The broth tasted like the water they would have used to cook the rice noodles! In Fact, that probably had more flavour!The rice noodles were one "Ball of Glue" in the bottom of the bowl. . . the FEW pieces of beef were some "Strange Cut" that looked Very Unappetizing.My First, and ABSOLUTELY LAST visit!

Karen K

It’s been a while since our last visit. There seems to have been a change in ownership. The menu prices have increased perhaps due to increased fuel costs, etc. The food was lukewarm and would’ve tasted better hot. We ordered the wonton noodle soup and charbroiled pork brochette with vermicelli noodles. The wonton noodle soup broth and wontons were lukewarm. The broth tasted a bit off/stale. The noodles were clumped together like they weren’t boiled properly. The pork brochette tasted good but the pork was lukewarm. The servers and cashier were very kind and friendly, asking how the food was. Since the food quality isn’t their fault, we didn’t share how we actually felt about the food. This is a family favourite spot and quite popular with the locals, so we hope the food quality can improve.


Extremely disappointing service :/ I have tried many different meals from this place over the years as I live locally and love pho food. Ill admit that their food is good, a solid 7/10. But they CONSTANTLY get our orders wrong, and the receptionist is one of the most rude and grumpy people I've ever had the displeasure of speaking with. On multiple occasions they have given us the wrong order, and after I called back and told them they issue, they blame it on us. Ill sadly not be supporting them again, which is especially unfortunate because I like their food when they get the orders right.

Aphrodite Janeway

Came here with my family, and I used to get lunch here all the time when I worked across the street. Good quality pho, delicious coffee, friendly staff.

Amanda Jarrett

Delicious! We always order the same thing - the raw beef pho and it is consistently tasty.

Chris Dalad

Food is amazing but the service is terrible. Staff is very rude and not very friendly or accommodating . Been there many times this is very consistent behavior. Will only get take out moving forward.

Stephen B

Service is mediocre. Be prepared to wait, and you'll have to ask for everything forks etc. Food is ok.

The Nanda

Great Pho! Our 1st choice in Delta for tasty soup, plus their deep fried wontons are the best ever

Sony Kurian

The food here is really good and we live in the neighborhood and go there very often. But the staff is so arrogant and impolite, both me and my wife really don't like to go there (we still go, just because they have the best Pho in town). Even today, we went there at 8.25pm. They bluntly refused to serve us saying they close at 9:00 and so only take out allowed. Unbelievable, how people can be so rude, especially in the service industry. These days we go out more often to support the local businesses because we know Covid is hitting them really bad. But if they don't reciprocate the courtesy, why bother

Real Go

Best pho in town, come here eVeryweek

Lisa Y

Great little hideaway restaurant we didn't see this till we were there , the food is great I had the lemon chicken and my other half had the spicy pork soup,and they also serve alcohol here as well with your meal, will be back soon ❤ ?

Dallas Singh

Best pho in North Delta! Tucked away in the corner of the shopping complex so it can be hard to miss. But once you have had one of these amazing dishes, trust me, you'll never go anywhere else! Food comes quickly and it never dissapoints! Good sized portions for your money too! Whether it's pho, chow mein, or a simple vermicelli bowl, it's all delicious!

Justin Rossiter

Amazing food, no better Vietnamese food to find this side of the Pacific ocean.

Chris Valladolid

Food was good, the lady that used to work at guildford pho(that's how I know her lol) was super nice, but there was this other lady that was super rude, right from the beginning. I asked for high chair, she just points at it. And then points in an area to go sit. I go sit in that area, she gets mad that I'm sitting in the area. I put high chair for child beside the table and move the chair beside the table, she comes by and tells me to move the chair because I'm blocking people? Which it really wasn't, and she could've moved it herself? Just straight up rude and hating her life and you could tell this was factually true.

Georgey Varghese

Nuce place. Recommended for family dining

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