Tim Hortons

9591 Ladner Trunk Rd, Delta
(604) 590-0766

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Shivam Dutt

Just to correct you one more time please check your every 3rd review that is about wrong order and i am sure what I order. Please provide proper training to your staff so they can listen and punch it what customer want.

Richard J Bergeron

Looked forward to trying the new Bieb vanilla iced coffee with my grandaughter. We both thought it was terrible . No vanilla flavour whatsoever. Tasted like an ordinary coffee that was just cold . Photo speaks for the rest . Go somewhere else for a cold vanilla coffee . Anywhere else !

Sukhman Brar

This is the worst tim Hortons i ever went. The staff is so untrained and rude. I waited for 5 minutes to order and i even said Hello about a couple of times, but no staff came to take my order. Instead, they started helping other customers on the other counter where initially there was no line up. Next, i waited for 15 minutes for my order to be made though it was just a simple order. Also, the staff talks loudly in their instead of working even when there is a line up. The workers work slowly.

steve k.

Staff member left myself and other customers waiting at the counter so they could go into the back room to sing happy birthday to a staff member, the other customers walked out as well as myself, I went back in and expressed how unhappy I was and they didn’t even apologize.

Ryan Lipscombe

If the app was as good as Starbucks I'd give it an extra star. Right now you have to scan twice so you can scan points then pay. Very stupid

Tiesonn Leslie

They always squish my beagle, big thumb squish... I've ask for her to stop and she doesn't care!12 people working the drive through and extremely bad service inside

Davina Hall

This Tim Hortons is one of the best. The staff are always great. Special call out to Jazz and Raj. The food is always good and the drinks too. Keep up the good work.

Mandeep Sanghera

They made my order wrong twice they should make it better next time it's always busy but overall the staff and the location is perfect because it's right off the main Highway 99 and Highway otherwise it's a great place gas is super expensive usually...

Dralis Dragonous

Been coming to this tim Hortons for the past 4 weeks and the only days I get a good coffee is the weekend. I don't know if they aren't putting in my desired amount of sugar and cream bit if it is on a weekday my coffee is not good. By my count that's about 20 free coffees. FYI Tim Hortons up th road on Ladner trunk is far better

Dean Robinson

This is a great place to grab coffee or more and it is convenient to stop prior to getting on the freeway to commute into or out of Vancouver.The drive through is efficient and the staff are friendly and welcoming.

Jason Lozada

Fastest drive thru location for Tim’s. But staff are definitely not morning people

Miss. Marvi

Me and my husband visit often here sometimes 5 times a week at like 11 pm kind ofThe staff at night is so rude I went there on Friday and ask for a chocolate muffin the girl on the counter literally threw the muffinWe get drive thru most of times and they are always rushing us there are no cars in front or back of us .Staff is so rude if you will ask to add something in the order they will give such a terrible lookThis is the just the worst tim hortons only because of the employees working there

Marina Stewart

Def fastest tims drive thru I've been to! Much better service here after they reopened after their renovation.

Nick P

Understaffed. I go though the drive through most days at 4pm and they only have 2 workers. 5 min wait per car usually

Gary Blackwell

Worst service and worst menu selection out of all Tim Hortons in the Lower Mainland. I have been so disgusted with this location, I have even filed a complaint with their head office. Luckily there are other locations not far away. My advise, DO NOT GO THERE.

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