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8434 120 St, Surrey
(604) 591-3344

Recent Reviews

Sagar Dhingra

Pizza is always good but service is really poor girls have no greeting sense and neither the owner, very rude.

Palvi Bajaj

Delicious pizza served by the location. Also, kudos to the fast service and taking care of modifications. Would highly recommend to everyone.

Divjot Chahal

They make very delicious pizza according to your choice. Also provide delivery services with affordable price. I'd say they are very hygienic and friendly with the customers.

Anthony Ahamed

Great value. I really like how you can get a large pizza and do half as one flavour and the second half another flavour.

Brandon Solo

Great pizza for a great price. Can't go wrong.

Sunny L

I bought vegetarian pizza yesterday and i bring two slices for my lunch break today from left over pizza. And i found a Girls Hair in pizza i took pictures and made video but video can’t upload here for some reason.

Manjinder Chohan

This is the place I tried first time in Surrey and still using them even we moved away from their location. Try their Tandoori chicken pizza. Price is reasonable from last 10 years.

Riz Nur Saidy

This pizza place was recommended by my co-worker and i wanted to try it out. Ordered two large pizzas and the order wasnt even completed upon arrival. Apparently, the person who took the call left my order near the phone. Cashier claimed it wasn't their fault lol..The pizzas were not that special. I will definitely choose Great Pizza near KPU over this pizza place, which also has similar prices.


I have eaten from here many times. Half of the time, there would be a long line outside of the pizza place. This would result in me having to wait about 10 minutes. The pizza there is also never "predictable" sometimes it is top tier and sometimes it is not. When I eat there, I usually place an order about 45-50 minutes before their closing time. It always tastes really good that way. I would assume that it is like that because they use the ingredients they have set for the next day. Overall, it's a 3.5 for me.

Jason W

When this place first opened (Newton Location) the pizzas were tasty and toppings were bountyful. I also loved their prices. My last few orders there is barely any toppings and you see just alot of sauce and a little cheese. One pizza I counted like 4 mushrooms on a large pizza. One pizza was also over cooked charred on top. I also think they use a bigger pepperoni on the Canadian then on the regular pepperoni pizza which is weird. The pepperoni on Canadian is much bigger and tastes better to me. The staff has never been rude to me always polite. I think I will be looking for a new option.

Kazal Arora

It was my first time trying veggie pizza from this place. It’s soooo good!!! Wish they have tip option too. Genuinely reviewing any place for the first time without anyone’s request. Impressed by the girl’s way of communication! :)

Deep Mann

Really love their pizza,always fresh and yummyand uncle (turban man)at front really kind person always take orders with smile ?

Vinni Khan

I've been a loyal customer of Select Pizza for 10 years. Pizza quality is great and economical pricing. Uncle ji(Turban Man) always takes order with a smile and serve them with pride. He is a very humble and kind person. Overall Pizza stuffing is great and we always enjoy it.We always order in person and the same thing for pick up!


Absolutely horrible, ordered off Door Dash and received uncooked, raw wings that were pink inside. Kids got food poisoning and fever the next day. Wouldn't recommend to anyone.

Sim B

I ordered cheese pizza today. It was so good. Thank you to the team loved it. Also, please send ranch next time. Also, if the person who took my order would be a little friendly & welcoming that would be great.

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