Farmer's Apprentice Restaurant

1535 W 6th Ave, Vancouver
(604) 620-2070

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The small place really provides justice to its name. Cool and really friendly place.. quick service and the delicious food served. The atmosphere was really cozy. Food is also served with wine pairing. Overall the experience was really a great one. I would love to come back ✌️

Brock Aura

I tried their takeout during and it was great. I got their Red Fife bread with gochujang butter (which was awesome...sweet savoury spicy), the pork rice bowl and egg sandwich. All the little details bring the food to life. A little costly, but I’m happy to support local business during this time.

Veronica Court

The food was good. Flavourful. And fresh service was good. Nice dining in experience.

Sherry C

We decided to let the chef decide what to bring on the table tonight. And what a surprise! Every single dishes taste so good. My favourite one was the salmon. It’s so crispy outside and juicy inside. Oh love the salad too!

Ben Young

Small but tasty brunch menu. As the name might indicate local ingredients and many items offer a home made or local touch.

Ngan T.

First time here and we tried their 6 course tasting menu on Valentine's Day. Great portion and execution on most of them. I love the salmon dish with citrus dressing, very refreshing and flavourful. Duck breast was moist and skin was super crispy, sign of kitchen actually rendered the fat well! This dish is on their main menu too. Our server was attentive and polite. The only small thing we didnt know is that the tables are very close to each other. This means that most likely your neighbors will get all your jokes. Other than that, I must say I am a big eater but I left very well fed.

Kristi Klassen

Excellent food and service. Highly recommend.

Sophie L.

We have gone the last 3 years for Valentine's day for the chefs menu and we were extremely underwhelmed and dissapointed with our experience this year. Food was not great and wine pairings did not match the food. The last two years we left very happy and raved about your restaurant, after this time we left questioning if we will ever go back as we left saying "that was not worth it". Every dish tasted the same, except the duck which came with four bite size pieces. The portion would be fine if the other courses were also good - however every other course consisted of root vegetables with very similar, boring flavours. If I was to compare last year to this year - I wouldn't even think it was the same restaurant. We always finish our food or atleast take it home. However, we only finished 1 / 9 courses as we did not like and got bored of all other courses and came home to eat. Not to mention that the effort we got in explaining the dishes and wine pairings were as bland as the courses we received. Very unfortunate experience. 0

Sabzi 79

Terrible food. Waste of money. Nice service

Dean K.

Honestly this was the best lunch I have had in years. We made reservations for 1ish on a Tuesday but it was only 1/2 full so no fear if no reservations are in hand for at least the early week lunchtime. Close to Cheesecake Etc, the location is convenient and the interior is light and welcoming. An open kitchen lets you see the chefs in action, and the waiter was friendly and unobtrusively attentive. Ordered the 3 course set menu which lets you choose 1 from each of the selection of 3 small (appetizers), 3 large (entrées) and 2 desserts. My wife had the roasted squash and burdock to start, followed by the monkfish and for dessert the apple crisp. She has a small appetite so this was quite filling, I had to volunteer to help with the appie and the dessert, life is tough sometimes.. My order was the carrot soup that came with a delicious rustic sourdough bread and butter, the monkfish and the apple crisp. Monkfish was nicely proportioned and served with some roasted potatoes. Seasoning was spot on, could not have done better myself! At $40/person the set menu is on the pricy side for lunch but it was well worth the price and made for a great lunch date. We were so full we could only have a light supper.

K Mc

Excellent meal, service, and atmosphere.

Ben Pearson

Amazing vegetable-forward food. Worthy of multiple visits.

Anna P.

I can't recommend this restaurant enough, it's my favorite in Vancouver. The food is delicious, the service amazing, the ambience perfectly balanced: feels intimate but not crowded. We've had the same waitress each time we've gone and she's absolutely lovely. She even put a note in their system of my food allergy (shellfish) so when we go she remembers to substitute another dish if shellfish are on the menu. The cost is a bit out of our normal range (it's $60 per person for the 6 course) but it's well worth the splurge for us. My husband and I always go here for special occasions, anniversaries, birthday dinner, etc. Oh and one more thing: the portion sizes are perfect: not too large or small, so you're able to eat each course and enjoy it without feeling overly stuffed. Overall a top-notch restaurant. Kudos to the staff!

Lindsay K.

Some hits and misses here tonight! My friend and I started out with the bread and a kohlrabi dish - picture ravioli made of thinly sliced kohlrabi, with some sort of cream cheese inside. (Sounds weird right? It was.) My main though was excellent - duck confit with beets, farro, fig, and arugula. Loved that the richness of the duck was balanced out with some more summery ingredients; they all worked together fabulously. The service was not amazing. Throughout the evening we had two servers, which in itself was a little confusing, and neither of them were super warm or friendly which was a little disappointing. The restaurant is lovely and cozy with a nice atmosphere. Overall a nice evening out with my friend but a few things could have been a little better.

Morgan-Sean McCright

The Farmer's Apprentice combines an original menu with delicious farm to table ingredients.

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Farmer's Apprentice Restaurant

1535 W 6th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1R1
(604) 620-2070