Farmer's Apprentice Restaurant

1535 W 6th Ave, Vancouver
(604) 620-2070

Recent Reviews

Anna P.

I can't recommend this restaurant enough, it's my favorite in Vancouver. The food is delicious, the service amazing, the ambience perfectly balanced: feels intimate but not crowded. We've had the same waitress each time we've gone and she's absolutely lovely. She even put a note in their system of my food allergy (shellfish) so when we go she remembers to substitute another dish if shellfish are on the menu. The cost is a bit out of our normal range (it's $60 per person for the 6 course) but it's well worth the splurge for us. My husband and I always go here for special occasions, anniversaries, birthday dinner, etc. Oh and one more thing: the portion sizes are perfect: not too large or small, so you're able to eat each course and enjoy it without feeling overly stuffed. Overall a top-notch restaurant. Kudos to the staff!

Lindsay K.

Some hits and misses here tonight! My friend and I started out with the bread and a kohlrabi dish - picture ravioli made of thinly sliced kohlrabi, with some sort of cream cheese inside. (Sounds weird right? It was.) My main though was excellent - duck confit with beets, farro, fig, and arugula. Loved that the richness of the duck was balanced out with some more summery ingredients; they all worked together fabulously. The service was not amazing. Throughout the evening we had two servers, which in itself was a little confusing, and neither of them were super warm or friendly which was a little disappointing. The restaurant is lovely and cozy with a nice atmosphere. Overall a nice evening out with my friend but a few things could have been a little better.

Morgan-Sean McCright

The Farmer's Apprentice combines an original menu with delicious farm to table ingredients.

Bob Corson

Spectacular on steroids! Tastebud dance party that one must experience.

Lindsay Spencer

We returned to this restaurant after not having been for a couple of years. We liked the set menus in the past, but the options on the a la carte menu were good too. Meals were presented beautifully, but a little expensive for the quality. The ambiance in the restaurant is enjoyable, but the service is just average. Our server was nice enough but didn't pay much attention to making our experience an enjoyable one. There was little effort to connect with customers on a personal level. Also, my husband inquired if a small change could be made to a dish and the response we receive was a flat "no". The server didn't even attempt to inquire if that was a possibility for the kitchen. We had a nice evening there, but this probably wont be in our regular rotation given the service and price points for the quality of meals.

Julie K

Service is good, courteous but not personal -- which I actually prefer (I really dislike fake chit chat/small talk when paying). Memorable dish: their summer vegetables appetizer. Plating was beautiful, ingredients were fresh, and the price reasonable.

Curtis Jung

Farmer's Apprentice used to be one of our favourite restaurants in town. You could tell that each dish was well thought out, with balanced flavours that really showcased each ingredient. Unfortunately the dishes don't feel as well balanced anymore and are mediocre at best. Maybe the chefs have changed.

Dawn Myers

We visited Farmer's Apprentice for our date night out while visiting Vancouver and had a nice evening there!We did the demi tasting menu, which is 4 courses rather than 6, with the wine pairing. The tasting menu consisted of a salad, a main course (duck for me, stuffed pasta for my dinner buddy), a vegetable (asparagus for us), and the dessert, along with freshly baked bread with smoked paprika hummus

Karen F.

We have been going to the Farmer's Apprentice since it opened but stopped going the last few years when the set tasting menu format was introduced. Thankfully, they are back to a la carte and just as awesome as ever! We were seated at 8:30 pm on a Wednesday table for 2 in the corner. Lots of privacy. The cocktails were excellent. Our rad waiter recommended a red wine by the glass and it was the perfect pairing with our meal. Had it not been Wednesday I would have ordered another. We started with the red fife country bread and spruce butter and god damn, best bread in a long time. We were eating vegetarian so had the charred treviso with anchovy vinaigrette , romaine caesar with nori mushroom crumble and ate every morsel. I always remembered pasta here being top notch and handmade and yep, killed it. Potato agnolotti with cherry, smoked mushroom and sour cream. I love that they support local farmers and have tons of veggie options. We will definitely be adding Farmer's back into the rotation!

Cole Barlow

I love farm to table and typically relish the thought of a meal at a restaurant like this, but I would say my brunch at the farmers apprentice was mediocre at best. I payed $18 for a small disjointed bowl of smoked salmon asparagus, and a couple pouched eggs. Even though I enjoyed my meal, it did not fit the bill of what I call a good brunch. That aside the prices are way to overpriced for what you get. I'm not saying no to this place all together, but it may be a while before I chose to go back.


Portions are small and perfectly crafted. Every dish is interesting and creative. Great place to share so you can try lots of different things. A wonderfully small and special place.


We had brunch, small+large+dessert. It was delicious! Best coffee, good cocktails. Small place with good ambiance. I had the sour broth with mushrooms and the noddles. Made a reservation, Friday morning was slow but you might need one for the weekend.

Megan Laven

This place is the best. It has such a cool vibe, a great patio and the food is delicious. Also has a great selection of natural wines which is something that I love personally. If you are into any of that stuff you will love this place.

Lindsay Elizabeth Donovan

SO GOOD! The halibut was prepared so perfectly and the flavor pallets were so fresh, subtle and complimentary. Great wines. Adorable little patio. See you again soon!

Douglas Cross

This quaint establishment has excellent food and outstanding service. The food and drink is of the highest caliber. The music is provided from an eclectic range of vinyl LP's on an warm sounding system. I would recommend highly for a romantic night out, or special evening.

Nathaniel Moore

Very nice. Fresh, inventive and tasty dishes that were delicious and well cooked. Quick and friendly service too.

Veronica Chase

Great atmosphere, small, friendly and farm fresh. The menu is always changing and everything made in house. Watch out for their tasty doughnuts, made fresh and only 8 at a time. They are made rarely as the chief feels the need. Last month only 3 batches for three days were made!

Elizabeth C.

We visited Farmer's Apprentice for our date night out while visiting Vancouver and had a nice evening there! We did the demi tasting menu, which is 4 courses rather than 6, with the wine pairing. The tasting menu consisted of a salad, a main course (duck for me, stuffed pasta for my dinner buddy), a vegetable (asparagus for us), and the dessert, along with freshly baked bread with smoked paprika hummus (they accidentally gave us double the bread). The food was all tasty (I especially enjoyed the duck with morels) and fresh, although I wouldn't go so far as to say it was mindblowing. The wine pairings actually ended up being the highlight of our meal, and I am now a natural wine convert. The atmosphere was lively without being overwhelming, and the staff were really lovely. I will say that the ventilation inside the restaurant could be improved, as everyone more to the inside of the restaurant got really warm, whereas we near the door (which was kind of broken and would swing open everytime someone entered and wouldn't close unless someone, usually me, pulled it closed) were freezing cold.

Marzena Preis

Nice place. Superb food. Beautiful service. A bit on the expensive side but truly worth it...Very nice atmosphere. Highly recommended.

Jenn W.

EXCEPTIONAL TASTING EXPERIENCE I love love love the concept of a tasting menu and wish my hometown of Portland had a larger variety of modestly priced options. The Farmer's Apprentice has fantastic service, innovative you delightful dishes, and a price tag most folks can splurge on. My review photos are regretfully missing the smoked pork (ham), cheese, and dessert courses. Every single dish meshed flavors perfectly with multiple umami experiences. I can't say which is my favorite. The wine pairing was a winner even though I was unable to finish my own pours.

Fabiano PS

What a gem!

Kamal P

Interesting dining experience. We enjoyed all of the set meals. Apparently the menu changes daily and is never the same. Thatâ??s impressive. Many reviews state the portions are small and they are but after five courses we were all full and the restaurants policy is to not have you leave early based on feedback from them to another reviewer. I do recommended this place the meals are unique with ingredients you wouldnâ??t normally think would work based on a description but they pull it off.

Francesco Belladonna

Amazing place. Price around 70$ per person, food quality was incredible with every dish being a whole experience of so many ingredients. Best of it? They change the menu every night! I'd love to have more. Staff was extremely nice, helpful and we met people from the other table. Great experience!

Janet S

The meals are served as a series of courses, including vegan, meat, fish and vegetarian. We shared a 6 course pescatarian and a 5 course vegan offering. Every bite was totally delicious.

Brian L.

Called. The don't do take out so we drove to the place to eat there. Asked if they were open until 2pm and the. Drive there but they were closed 1 hour early. Never mentioned this on the phone. Not nice in a rain storm.


Just loved our dinner. We got to try one of everything and it was all delic. Really had a great time. Service was perfect warm and friendly and knowledgeable. As Bay Area foodies we know good creative food and theses guys have it.

Michaela Marie

we have been a few times and it's always exceeding our expectations ... mmm so yummy !

Gunes Tasci

Great food and hospitality

Greg M.

Consistently nails it without trying too hard. Plates are "simple"'in the sense of not being overly fussy with too many components. Perfect example: last night's amuse bouche - a single oyster with compressed (forget what) and a few sips of basically squash water with Kirin. A ling cod with emulsion that channeled misoyaki black cod was phenomenal. Other winners included kabocha squash with brown butter (laced with vinegared shreds of more squash) and an imposing hunk of Vancouvers obviously best sour dough. Wine pairings follow a militant organic ethos that prizes narrative over hedonic value, but most work well enough.

Veronica Sanchez

This was a perfect farewell dinner after visiting family in Vancouver. We enjoyed the omnivore menu with a refreshing cocktail. What an art it is to make salmon and turnip interesting. This places turns ordinary ingredients into fine dining. All of the dishes were well presented and described by the friendly staff. I fully recommend this place!

Cindy M.

We had the tasting menu + wine pairing as part of our super indulgent anniversary trip. The wines were incredibly paired with each dish. Don't skimp just do it. I told them I loved orange wine but not a huge fan of white and she adapted the tasting without batting an eye. The wines poured were outstanding. Service was top notch. It's not in a particularly happening area so we didn't luck out trying to find a cocktail/wine spot after dinner. Not a deal breaker obvi but good for you to know. Then the food was great. Truly exceptional. The menu is seasonal. The fish was excellent. Pork neck was inventive and delish. But then we ended on a navy and string bean salad which we thought was a bit odd. A 5 course tasting with only 1 protein seemed a bit of a letdown. But the whole experience was worth it. Def a must try. We may come back on our next trip and just keep our fingers crossed navy beans aren't the closer �

Emmo S.

Food is creative and interesting, but portion sizes all around were pretty small. Flavours were ok, but left everyone wanting. At the prices charged for brunch items there's little to justify the value here - pretentious foodie dishes for brunch need to hit it out of the park. This landed squarely on the outfield behind second base. Now, on to the service which was polite, friendly but unbelievably slow. 2 hours for a party of 4 in a half-full restaurant on a Saturday. Took forever for drinks. Took longer than forever for food. Took forever to get the bill. I think this falls between both kitchen and front of house. Anyways, for all the accolades I've seen about this place, I gotta say I was sorely disappointed. I don't think I'd be back for brunch at least.

Grace A.

No joke, this was the best meal I've ever eaten. My husband and I both got the tasting menu with wine pairings - I got the omnivore version and he got the vegetarian version. Everything I ate was bursting with flavor and just tasted so fresh and so good. My husband also loved his - we only had a few overlapping dishes so he had a bunch of different things going on. I would HIGHLY recommend the wine pairings, especially if you're going for a special meal. We tasted some really cool wine that we probably wouldn't have ordered on our own. By the end of the meal we were stuffed and had to (*gasp*) turn down the cheese course before dessert. We also had amazing service the entire time and felt super cozy and relaxed the whole time. If I lived in Vancouver I would definitely go back here often.

Sharon F.

The Farmer's Apprentice prides themselves on organic, local, and fresh ingredients. Everything is from Canada and they even tell you on their seasonal menus. They also opened Grapes and Soda which is right next to Farmer's Apprentice with more snacks and cocktails. This is fine dining so don't expect big portions. Enjoy the flavours and it'll eventually sit in. They have an omnivore and herbivore prix-fix menu so we got the omnivore menu. Overall, great flavours and lovely presentation but I don't think I would be paying this much for such incredibly small portions of vegetables with minimum wow factor.

Andrew C.

My fiancee and I had dinner here on a Saturday evening while on vacation in Vancouver and both agreed that it was one of the best meals we've ever had. We opted for the omnivore tasting menu and were beyond pleased. Each course was timed beautifully, and the description from wait staff was excellent. We will definitely be back the next time we're in Vancouver!

Abe L.

My wife and I had the 6 course tasting menu last week. We had some lapses in service - a missing fork that took a while to replace before we could eat our first course and a 30min wait between finishing one course and being served the next - but overall we thought the food was petty good until we noticed something late in our meal. This is a small restaurant with an open kitchen so many diners get a view of the food preparation. As we watched the head chef at the pass, we noticed that he would use one spoon to taste multiple sauces from multiple dishes as he was plating the food. So we spent the last part of our dinner watching this spoon go from a plate, to the chef's mouth, to another plate. We watched this happen over and over with dish after dish right before they were served to diners. I don't care whether I'm at a fast food joint or a Michelin starred restaurant, I don't want the chef's saliva in my food.

Lauren L.

You know for me, despite the local ingredients and the top quality with which everything is prepared from farm to table. The best thing for me was the bathroom doors and the record player and the amazing Motown choices of music that was playing that night. The Service very good and the flavours of each dish were executed well enough that each bit did leave a smile on my face. The only problem with my meal was when my dinner friends got their meat dish. I pretty much got about 4 leaves of cabbage fancily grilled around the edges with some nuts and a very nice sauce. Yes, I got the Vegetarian set dinner and yes I just compared it to my friends dual omnivore dishes which was served at the same time as mine. I couldn't help but to feel like I was the one at a loss then and there. For the price of a paltry $65.00 for a 6 course set dinner, I felt a bit like wanting to shout out #metoo!? What's a girl got to do around here to get something of more or equal substance? So like any above middle aged woman would do. I accepted my terms and made the best of it and told myself how lucky I was to have had my cabbage. I told myself not only was it organic and locally grown and harvested by the farmer, but it was delivered by a Tesla in haste so as to not diminish the freshness of a freshly plucked cabbage no less than 4 hours old from harvesting. Alas, we came to the desert which I had none of that and instead requested if they had any cheese of the stinky variety that could make your breath overpower a dragons flame or like the sock that was worn during 10 consecutive gym classes to develop the malodorous scent of blue cheese fresh from it's brine. Yes I like things like stinky cheese, of the goat or cow variety. Most especially sheep. It came presented simply and without pretense as one slice on a wooden board with a dollop of honey and a side of shaved sourdough crust like scabs. You might not think so, but this was my creme de la creme when it came to finishing off any set course meal that I am able to sink my teeth into. So how was my meal? I had the Vegetarian Set course dinner for $65.00 and excluding the price for it's portions, it was very good. Factor in the price and I would simply opt for a salad elsewhere. I'm just being honest, no filters here. I did enjoy it and I would really want to come back and try the four course meal but something with a bit more substance next time. I think if were anymore like Oliver Twist, I too would be asking "Please, sir, I want some more." All jokes aside. I really did enjoy my meal and the food was spot on in flavour and the service informative and professional. On a nice summer evening, I would love to enjoy a simple meal here. The ambiance can be quite impressionable for a couple looking to have lovely wine pairings and a twinkle in each others eye for conversation. As I always end with each review. Typo's are free of charge because I'm all thumbs when it comes to typing things with my toes.

Clara Y.

I like it here. A friend of mine took me here for lunch as I wanted to eat something clean. He said he usually comes here for brunch on the weekend so the menu is very different. They dont have a big selection. 3 mains, 3-4 salads, 3-4 appies. They do have a combo of appie, main and dessert for 27. They come by and ask if you want distilled or sparkling water to start. We ordered the potato and leek angloti and chicken legs. The potato and leek angloto was delicious! It had greens in it and the sauce was amazing. Not too much sauce, but still saucy enough for the anglotti to have flavor. I will definetly be back for this specific dish. The chicken leg had polenta and side greens. Its not as savory and flavorful as the anglotti, but it was either this or the salmon dish which is lighter. We ate this dish first as we both enjoyed the anglotti more. Will be back for the anglotti for sure!

Teresa Chung Hwang

We had the set lunch with different main course, the food was well prepared and presented. This is a special lunch treat by a dear friend, but we'll definitely be back again in the future. Love the idea of farm to table and the support of all the local farmers.

Joss R.

I'm not one for the fancy brunch but this place is reaaalllyy good. It's going to be hard to recommend a dish because they seem to change their menu weekly. I went here for brunch and at the time they served 4 different dishes to offer at that time and and we had the potato & tuna mash, ham on sourdough rye and brown rice porridge with pork belly and they were all so good. The waitress gave us a free apply on the house - it was a scone along with butter and blood orange marmalade. The atmosphere was very causal and overall everyone seemed to just be having a good Saturday afternoon brunch. I will definitely come back here again!

Farmer's Apprentice Restaurant

1535 W 6th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1R1
(604) 620-2070