Tim Hortons

3954 Shelbourne St, Victoria
(250) 721-0104

Recent Reviews

Omar Plascentia Garcia

Open 24 hr At Shelbourne location on Saanich! If you are craving a BLT or a hot cocoa!!Food: 5/5


I get that these places have staff shortages. However what staff are there don't work well as a team. Waiting 45mins for a coffee in a line of 7 with 8 staff . One person operating cash and having to serve mobile orders is ridiculous.Another location on Borden Street same thing. 5 people Waiting for their orders 5 in line and 5 staff.The coffee girl forgot to make coffee .... I left after 15 mins as I could see these people were not trained to work as a team.

Garry Groth

2 stars as they had my order wrong and I waited 15 min for a coffee and sandwich.

ace of mase

The coffee at Timmy's just gets worse and worse.

sean solberg

It's tims

Aldo Molina

Great place

Mark A.

Your basic Timmies inside the Esso station. Take-out only. Good for a quick fill-up.

rock carson

Will definitely go back to this Tim Hortons. No errors

Alan Sorensen

Was at the store today at 10:20 pm got a large coffee the server filled up to the brim so when I took the lid off in the car I got hot coffee on me. I went in and asked why they filled it so high an she said sorry. Now I will have to go home and change. Will go back to this Tim’s again

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