BReD - Organic Sourdough

206-2067 Lake Placid Rd, Whistler
(604) 967-3838

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Hands down my favourite place to get sourdough bread! I've learned it's best to get in as early as possible since my favourite items sell out fast! The Pullman Tin, Country Grain, and Fruit and Nut are my faves.As for the other treats, my musts are their sticky buns and the carrot cake! I can't believe the cream cheez frosting is vegan.Every trip to Whistler means a trip to BReD for me <3

Leisa Craddock

Took an end of summer trip to Whistler and stopped in to BReD twice it’s that good. We loved the oat porridge sourdough loaf. The cinnamon buns with tofu based cream cheese are a must try if you can get one. We also brought home some of their other sweet treats and this beautiful peach scone. If you’re looking for delicious vegan options Ed’s BReD is a must if in the Whistler area

Roma K

Really enjoyed this little bake shop in the original Whistler village. Their food has a unique flavour, I loved their twist on the usual artisanal baked goods. Service was pleasant, coffee was delicious, food was tasty. Recommend the jammy sticky buns with eclectic toppings. Today I had a blueberry jam filled concoction topped with glazed hazelnuts, cream cheese frosting and local basil. Bonus- it was enormous, so good value for money!

Skye Peterson

My absolute favourite sourdough bakery ever!! I’m from Vancouver but I drive up every once in a while JUST for the bakery ? It’s all properly fermented so I can actually digest all the breads even though I have a gluten intolerance. You have to try the sourdough cinnamon buns & tartines, I miss them already ?? Also the staff are always soo friendly:)

Rr T.

Easily a rival to purebreads in the village. However bred is located Creekside and does an incredible job with loaves of bread, baguettes, and the like. Highly recommend the pecan cinnamon roll and a hot chai made with coconut milk. Fantastic place!

Laura I.

Bred is one of our family's favorite spots in Creekside! Check out their specialty breads on Saturday, but be sure to get there early before it sells out! My favorite is the olive sourdough bread. Bred also sells delicious pastries (sticky buns and scones!). Bred is an absolute must, enjoy!


Bred is one of our family's favorite spots in Creekside! Check out their specialty breads on Saturday, but be sure to get there early before it sells out! My favorite is the olive sourdough bread. Bred also sells delicious pastries (sticky buns and scones!). Bred is an absolute must, enjoy!

Sam Goode

Was recommended as a place to get a good coffee and that did not disappoint, great to have a flat white at a good temperature. Now the sourdough loaf was lovely and the cookie was nothing like I've tasted before and was exceptional... Oh and it's all vegan !

Laura Wittenzellner

I always stop in when I’m in Whistler. Everything I’ve tried at BReD has been absolutely fantastic - the cinnamon buns, sticky buns, different loafs of bread, the focaccias and tartines. The coffee is equally great here. Vegan or not, a must-stop if you enjoy good bread and delicious treats.

Sahil M.

Solid sourdough! Limited selection of anything else though was a bit disappointing but it's a bread place and they do that really well!

Mie Manniche

Delicious bread + coffee. We really loved the sourdough + oat milk lattes (with maple)! The sourdough was still warm when we got home + made for the perfect simple breakfast and sandwiches later in the day for lunch. We also loved the cinnamon roll. We will definitely be back next time we are in Whistler!

Tammy Brimner

We have been spoiled during the lockdown by a friend who made us homemade sourdough bread. When in Whistler, BReD was recommended by another friend as a very good option. We couldn’t agree more. Friendly service. Its location is almost hidden inside this Creekside shopping district but a short walk down the stairs from the parking area will get you there — just follow the sign.

Anony M.

Organic deliciousness- you can tell and taste the love that is put into all of the offerings here. Had the cinnamon rolls, strawberry almond sticky bun, strawberry rhubarb crumble- and then promptly came back 5" later and got a fresh out of the oven olive focaccia. Gluttony at its finest but so worth the calories!! Love that everything is organic, local, small business - to the people complaining about a lack of space to eat your treats- there are plenty of places outside and wouldn't you rather have their square footage dedicated to baking (which is entirely visible when you enter the shop- a definite plus) - this is not Starbucks or factory food and coffee. Staff was very helpful and enthusiastic. Our poor focaccia was devoured before it could even cool down- currently trying to ration the last bites of sticky bun and rhubarb crumble.

Liana Majed

I love this place so much and definitely coming back! The cinnamon rolls were so yummy and were absolutely perfect, in terms of sweetness and texture.. I also bought couple of loafs of bread to freeze and the delicious olive focaccia was out of this world. I wish we had a place like that in Vancouver :)))).. Thank you so much guys! Oh and the ladies behind the counter were so friendly and helpful :) x

Tazim Damji

BReD is such a gem and lovely place to stop for a treat with coffee or to grab a load of sourdough bread to eat later. I picked up some sourdough bread and wish I’d thought to buy a few more things like the sourdough cinnamon buns which look amazing! I got home and immediately cut a slice of sourdough bread to eat with strawberry jam. So delicious!! I also enjoyed some as a side with some lentil soup the next day. The bread is so soft inside and crisp on the outside…perfection!!

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