Mongolie Grill Whistler

4295 Blackcomb Way #201, Whistler
(604) 938-9416

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This is the first time as a family we have been to a restaurant like this. The choice of food and drinks was comprehensive and the flexibility of the menu ensured that all of the family were happily catered for. Will definately go again.


Make your own bowl and add your own sauces. It can’t get simpler and tastier than this.


Always enjoy our time here. We go eventide we make it to Whistler.


I went here by myself and nearly got taken out when I saw that a small bowl for just one person was over $50. I have been to 3 different types of "Mongolian" grills in Canada and 1 in the states. The price was a STAGGERING difference. Yes, I know this is a resort town and everything is more expensive but I went to two other restaurants and got waaaaay better food for half the price. It's classified as "fine dining" for price range but the food is far from it.

tony l

It is a while since my last visit here , every time I am in Whistler for business , I never have the opportunity to drop in for their delicious health food , lucky I am in Whistler for two days meeting by myself , this restaurant been open since the later 90's , the good old days , my kids love it so much , we all way go see a movie and dropped in for dinner or lunch , had a good lunch yesterday by my self , not busy at all , great way to unwind , their concept is you choose your flavoured food , lot of fresh quality selection , only sliced meat is frozen , food is pay by weight and you take it to the chef with a large round Iron / Steel griddle , he will happily cooked it for you , very professional and friendly , delicious and filling , it is not a necessity any more , if you are on budget , maybe little expensive , but these day since the Covid , every restaurants been tough mentally try to stay above the water and average meal around $25 , as long you happy with the quality of the food and services , it is not the same since before the Covid , so just enjoy the food with open minded , it is time to relax , also different strokes for different folks I had 7 restaurants before my retirement , it is not easy to run a restaurant , over all , not a bad place for family dinning . Kids love it also this location is independently owned and operated , that's why the quality of the food lot fresh and friendly ! I had a great meal . nothing complain about , friendly staff , leaving full and happy , give it a try if you visiting Whistler .


Amazing food and awesome staff. My favourite place to eat in Whistler!

Iris Chen

Overall, I think it's a good experience to try even though it's a bit pricy (my plate in the picture ended up being almost $30 before taxes). There's a variety of veggie, fish and meat options on a clearly labeled menu (and carts) to choose from and it all seemed well prepared and fresh. You pay for the ingredients you choose by weight. I would suggest to the restaurant to stop charging for the sauce's weight, it might discourage customers from putting on more sauce which then affects the taste of the dish. The best part is when the chefs cook up the food right in front of you, and some of them are quite talented at spatula flipping and juggling tricks. The chefs, server and hostess were all very friendly and attentive. The food itself wasn't the best I've had, I guess I was hoping for stronger flavours and textures coming from Asian style cuisine. I would also suggest to the restaurant to offer chopsticks if your menu is made up of stir fries/noodles/rice. The experience and showmanship is worth it as long as you're not expecting authentic Asian food.


I have been in this restaurant before and every time I have been in Whistler I’ve gone there for a meal or two, always friendly stuff and good food.

Bryan F

My wife, myself and my teenage son were in Whistler recently and were trying to decide where to go for dinner. My wife and I had been to the Mongolie Grill before in the lower mainland and really liked it. We decided to go here. This is really a self serve style place. Yes you have a waitress who seats you and takes drink orders but the rest is up to you. The idea is great. You choose what you want in your stir fry from proteins, veggies and the sauces. Then it gets handed to some people to cook on a large surface while you standby waiting and watching it cook. You receive it then return to your table with it and start eating. Not complicated. But as I said, alot of self service. Be prepared for some sticker shock because the food is served by the weight. It is around $25/26 per pound. I only used chicken in mine. I didn't go overboard with it. In fact there wasn't as much chicken as I would have liked. The portion size also was not that big. Yes my bowl was packed but no more than it would be if I had simply ordered a dish at another restaurant. Bill came and mine alone was $48 plus tax and tip! Same with my sons. For a simple stir fry. Jeesh. We had no appetizers. No desserts. One glass of juice each. For three people the bill was $162. Yes the food was good and tasty. Thats not my gripe here. My challenge is that you have to tip when really you don't get really get regular service because it is mostly self service. We felt bad wanting to leave as soon as we saw the prices so we stayed but when you consider all of the other options very close by that may have been cheaper or better value, why would anyone knowingly go here?? Just saying. Really surprised that their overall reviews are so good to be honest. We can't be the only people who felt like they were hoodwinked. At any rate... we would never return here and would suggest that you look elsewhere as there are too many other options that I think would be better value. ***IF YOU LIKED THIS REVIEW PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT AND INDICATE SO***

James W

Great food and staff. Select your food and then it goes on a large grill. Comes with rice and it’s all very filling. Good range of drinks. Staff very cheerful


With so many options, This is a fantastic choice for a restaurant at Whistler. Considered premium casual on the Whistler app, you choose your ingredients and the chef cooks the food in a Mongolian grill. Outside dining is available. Beverage options have an entire menu!


The restaurant is located upstairs in the centre of Whistler Village with seating inside and out. After seating and ordering drinks we were given metal bowls for us to fill with our chosen raw food from the counter. Numerous sliced meats, fish, fruit, salad and vegetables were available plus various sauces. Once selected, the food was cooked for us by a chef while we looked on. The whole selection was then served as a stir fry on a plate. All was cooked to perfection and tasted great. Our server was super efficient and friendly throughout.

Martin B

We used to have a Mongolian barbecue in England and it this place is very similar. You choose the food you want to eat and someone fries it for you. My companions really enjoyed it, I quite enjoyed it, may be I chose badly...the chefs were very friendly and the view from the balcony was excellent. A change from burgers!


Fresh ingredients, excellent service all around will definitely recommend.Different and excellent concept cooked before your eyes

Rob S

my wife and I loved the experience and food so we went back twice, you pick out your own stir fry ingredients over 30 options and your own spices and the cooks fry them up right in front of you and pricing was hidden gem in Whistler give it a go

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