Peaked Pies Whistler

4369 Main St #105, Whistler
(604) 962-4115

Recent Reviews

Samantha N.

First time here and I highly recommend them! Personally i found them big and quite filling. So price per portion was acceptable! Definitely can be shared between two people. The restaurant is cozy with only a few tables so you order, sit and quickly eat! Be mindful of other people waiting for seats, if there's a line up! The pie and the cake were tasty! Check them out it you are in the neighbourhood!

Erin M

Love it, always a tasty meal. Brought some frozen pies home for the family.

Sarah jane Moir

Delicious pies, tasted like a home cooked meal. I’m not normally a fan of mash and gravy but it just all worked together really well. Reasonably priced too. Loved trying a lamington as well.

Theo Bologa

If you're hitting up Whistler this is the place to eat at! Really tasty pies with many different flavor options inside (whether it's vegetables, meats and vegetarian proteins, carbs like potatoes, etc).


Nice little place that serves Australian pie and dessert. Got to try the kangaroo meat pie. You can also buy the frozen pie to enjoy later.

Keith P

Enjoyed the breakfast pies so much that we returned later in the day for some dinner pies. Friendly service and great coffee. We had the Hopper (Kangaroo), Steak and Mushroom, and Chicken and Leek which were great. Will be back on our next trip.


Delicious! Lots of flavours to choose from. Very filling ... if you're a light eater, you can share one pie between two people. Friendly staff. Mostly take-out, only a very few tables.

Ryan Smith

Good service and my traditional Aussie was filling.. not as meaty as I would have expected, though.

Christine Lo

Steak and pepper pie was a delightful breakfast. Go in the AM before all of them are sold out! We also had the brie and chicken. I preferred the steak - went better with the gravy. :)

Tori Twine

Tasty pie! Visited this place for lunch and enjoyed the classic pie. It was hot and fresh. They also have a great selection of pastries and some coffee, which I will have to try on my next visit when I’m in Whistler.

Susan7 Si

Lots of fillers. Hardly any chicken or mushroom. To be more honest, it should be named mashed peas and potatoes pie. The dough, a flat let down.Pity. I wanted to say "I was wowed by a peaked pie from Whistler." But it was no better than any common supermarket shelf pie.


"Nothing" is the answer. And at this place you can have a lovely pie for breakfast. A great tradition to follow for all certified Northerners out there.

Cindy Ng

This place is so good! The Rise and Shine and Ned Kelly breakfast pies are delicious. The lunch and dinner pies are also delicious! Order your pie “peaked” to have it topped with mashed potatoes, mushy peas, and gravy. You will not be disappointed! The staff is wonderfully friendly.


Stopped by for a dessert in the afternoon and it was very good. We got the carrot lava cake and the apple crumble. Hope to stop back by for the meat pies.

Ketan Patel

We ate lunch here today they were celebrating their 10th anniversary. Met the proud papa of the proprietor and enjoyed the butter chicken and vegan pies. We got them with mashed potatoes and mushy peas and gravy! Delish!!

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