Island Taqueria

1513 Park St, Alameda
(510) 749-7018

Recent Reviews

John Velasquez

Great food burrito ?? was delicious ??

Mary Hall Patrone

Absolutely delicious! My husband ordered the Carnitas Super Burrito. Gone! I ordered, for the first time, a Carne Asada Tostada. It was amazingly fresh. I've been a customer since 1997 when I moved to Alameda from SF. I've known some of the Employee-Owners since then. They are kind, hard working, gracious, and very generous to all their customers. Please help this business stay open during the pandemic. EAT LOCAL! (Photo: I added tomatoes and requested whole beans with toppings on the side). P.S. Their green and red salas are addicting!

Crystal S.

Your cooks are being irresponsible and not wearing masks as their daily routine, walking around in the morning playing with scratchers and gathering with others without masks outside of 7-11. I will not be going to Island Taqueria ever again for their lack of care of getting others sick. This is very irresponsible. Very disrespectful to the people who lost their lives.

Richelle Wilkerson

Nice people and good food!


Pretty good Shrimp/Carne Asada Burritos

Masseh Jami

Probably the best place for Mexican food in all of Alameda. Go check it out.

Matthew Martinez

My go to spot for a shrimp burrito. They de-vein their shrimp (some joints don't do that-gross) and it's we'll seasoned.

Carmen S.

This taqueria is by far the best on the island. Ingredients are always fresh, meat is very fresh as well no fat. It has all your basic, but good Mexican dishes, cooks and workers are always friendly! It's your to go to taqueria from the neighborhood and is also very clean!

Taj S.

Always fresh food! Staff is very nice and generous with the portion sizes! Best Mexican food in Alameda.

Marie C.

Been here three times any each time the food is delicious! Best Mexican food on the Island!!! Portions are very generous.

Michelle Robbins

This place really has held it together for us during this trying time! Full menu, great customer service, great take out containers that don't ruin the quality of the food!! 10 out of 10 every time!!!

Juan Monterrosa

Great Mexican taste food .You will love it.

Olga Sanders

Everytime I have ordered from this restaurant, there has been a problem. Most of the time its either over charging or not returning the right change. Also not getting the order correct. They know their prices on the internet are incorrect. Why dont they update them? I think so they can over charge you and then say, oh sorry. Cause thats all she could say was im sorry. I dont know about the prices. Everything has gone sorry. My foot your sorry.

Kit Lorelied

Loooots of good food for cheap.

Lori C.

Ok I had to leave a review. I rediscovered Island taqueria recently, been here before but not for quite a while and don't think I had ever tried their chili rellenos, well let me tell you the absolute best chili relleno I've ever had hands down! I grew up in LA and we have some good Mexican food there, so have been on a search for good Mexican here and no one has come really close, so glad I tried this restaurant again!! Have to have their food at least once a week! And always speedy and friendly service!! Thanks guys!!!!!

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