Island Taqueria

1513 Park St, Alameda
(510) 749-7018

Recent Reviews

Andrew H.

I've been a patron of Island taqueria since they started and they are not only my favorite but the entire family's! They're food has variety is flavorful and most importantly consistant! It always delicious! The entire family has been going to there for years and will continue to do so. Highly recommend

Shannon J.

Unfortunately, you can't live in the past at one point this was my favorite taqueria in Alameda.I got the super carnitas burrito, I love a good crispy carnitas. They used do this extremely well back in the day.... But, again you can live in the past. The size was a good value for the price but there was no wow factor. The pico de gallo didn't seem made that day fresh. So if your just looking for something to fill you up but not amazing, this spots for you.

Michael C.

Great food and service Now tried again and they have there mask on !!!Still great food and service as all ways one more thing. Very friendly too.

Eric H.

Great staff, great food. Reasonably priced and always consistent. Let's not forget the integrity of the salsa! Green is mild but with a nice kick, red has that extra kick without being overboard. Solid burrito place With a great vibe. Go for it!

Chris Kelly

Sweet service, good prices, fantastic food!

Mary C.

Was going to try this place out.. but they are not following mask protocol.A lot of customers in there with NO masks on. Standing around... hanging out together... spreading germs all over.They need to have a set up at the door and serve people that way.Block the door with a table and take orders there and/or pass out orders across the table at the blocked door like Ole's is doing next door.If they're letting people in with no masks on, are the cooks wearing masks?????No thank you.

James T.

Ordered over the phone on a Saturday 6pm during COVID. Was quoted 15 minutes and there it was waiting for me. Alameda just created a bunch of free 15 minute parking spaces along Park Street for pickup which fit my bill perfectly.I ordered super carnitas nachos, super chicken burrito, and a combo plate of chili relleno and chicken enchilada. My wife whose no fan of Mexican loved it all and said she would order the same again. I however am a fan of Mexican food, eat it a lot at work, and so I am more critical. I knew that Carnitas Nachos (or anything with a saucy topping(s) should not be ordered for takeout because of the of soggy chip factor... These are COVID times and I roll the dice: a good balance of carnitas, guacamole, and sour cream... and the chips are firm enough to hold the toppings which is a thumbs up. I know the avocados are on sale everywhere right now and this place is overloading everything with guacamole. My daughter was a little put off by the amount in her super chicken burrito. The chilli relleno was bland and didn't have a great texture or flavor and the chicken enchilada was just average. For the three item with no drinks and free chips was about $35. Solid 4 Star.

Michael G.

Great tasting food, generous portions, super friendly staff, and cheap. So good.I have eaten hear a lot over the last year and it is very consistent. Never had any issues and I'm sure if I did, they would be quick to fix it.

Karly K.

I did some take out here recently and the food was quite delicious. I ordered a chicken street taco and carnitas street taco, along with some crispy chips. The tacos were not too big, and there was not too much filling, which I really like for street tacos. A lot of places will put a mountain of meat on the street tacos, and I'm like no, stoppp!I definitely preferred the carnitas over the chicken. They were flavorful, a little on the dry side, but I actually like drier meat. The super burrito here looked AMAZING. It was really big and the ingredients all looked superbly tasty. I did not taste the super burrito, but next time I come here I am probably going to order a carnitas burrito or a chili Colorado burrito, which is the one my brother got. Speedy take out service! A great place for take out during the stay at home, don't dine out era.

Jaye P.

A solid spot to get your Mexican kick. I usually roll with the Super burrito and it does the job. Check it out.

Simon L.

Foods are ok, but workers are not clean when handled and prepare your order . The owner need to training for your workers to complying foods safety.The worker as cashier also a foods prepare without wearing gloves and working the food station and touching the foods it's so bad.

D-a-v-e's C-r-a-v-e's ..

Meh...I was craving Mexican-American food and dove into Island Taqueria after some people at work raised their eyebrows with excitement in recommending dishes and the quality of food. The set up is really cool. Lots of paintings and a huge picture resembling Christ the Redeemer... I'm not sure that's it because that statue is in Brazil, but it's a beautiful picture nonetheless.The people working here are awesome. Kind, just taking orders from patrons and plugging away. Super clean, masks, etc.I ordered a chicken super burrito. Then went outside and waited. It was ready in less than 10mins. Hopped in my car and peeled the foil on the burrito back like a banana. Smelled super fresh and looked amazing. But when I took a bite it just didn't taste like anything. Wasn't old, or salty and gross like a lot of "Mexican" food in the Bay Area is... but it just tasted like I was eating a void. It was weird, like nothing of flavor was there. I literally was bored eating. I never take back food because it's incredibly wasteful, I ate it. But I also probably will not come back for a while.Wasn't pissed-off or anything. Just bored and it was like $12 . So I was a bit bummed I could have spent the money better

Arlington H.

I was in there Saturday June 27 and I ordered a burrito no sour cream and they got my order wrong. l took it back and got no sour cream it still wasn't good as it use to be. I think they have new cooks and young guys in the back now.

Marris D.

If you're looking to see if this place is operating under quarantine still, yes! They are! This is the best Mexican food my boyfriend and I have found in Alameda. We're both from San Diego and it's taken us a long time to find something we love. We ordered through Uber eats and they followed our notes all the way! We loved our meals and definitely will be ordering from here again whenever we crave some carne asada fries/burritos. Haha. We also enjoyed that they packed us chips on the side, with no charge! Love when places do that!

Jenell H.

Great food portions so large you could share with another Even during covid they are making sure to no disappoint people

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