1364 Park St, Alameda
(510) 521-5815

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Tu-Anh N.

WHEN: Saturday @9am

I don't drink coffee. I rarely do Starbucks.  But darnit it's so convenient, and they have breakfast sandwiches and pastries.

What really nice is I can order everything from the app, swing by and just go in, and pick up my order from the counter!  It's SO easy!

Here's what I had the last time I was here:

The savory Impossible™ Sausage Made from Plants combined with a cage-free fried egg and aged cheddar cheese on an artisanal sesame ciabatta bread. It's everything you love about a classic sausage breakfast sandwich but now with plant-based sausage.
Okay, this is the real reason why I came to Starbucks for breakfast.  I've been curious to do a taste off, and it was quite delicious!  If I wasn't eating it the same moment as their regular breakfast sandwich, I wouldn't have really noticed a difference since I had nothing to compare.  And the price isn't bad!  It's worth trying given how convenient it is to order!  For the price, having something served in a ciabatta bun seems quite fancy!

A savory sausage patty, fluffy eggs and aged Cheddar cheese served on a perfectly toasty English muffin.
I got this to compare with the Impossible Breakfast Sandwich.  It was definitely tasty, and when you think about it, its actually cheaper than McDonald's breakfast sandwich!

This citrusy, buttery, moist lemon pound cake topped with a sweet icing creates an amazingly refreshing cake like never before.
This was overall fine.  I kind of tastes like something from the bakery of grocery store--which isn't bad!  I'm just comparing to the other sweets I've had at Starbucks.  I'm just glad it wasn't dry!

So far the last 2 times I've gone here, I lucked out on parking right in front, but I doubt that happens often.  Go with someone to drive you so you can run in and out super fast cuz you are smart for ordering ahead on the app!

evelyn y.

5 star is for the female employee that working this am. I ordered my mobile ordered at 9:55 & waited till 10:20. Thank you for making sure assisting

Brittany P.

There were four people behind the counter and they were acting like they were hell a busy when there was maybe a line for people long I ordered a white chocolate hot chocolate with almond milk because I am lactose intolerant and I get all the way home take a sip of my hot chocolate to find out that they just made me a normal ass hot chocolate which makes me sick to my stomach so thank you Starbucks for making me a drink that I cannot drink and also they have nice little appetizing fruit flies in with all of theirFood that's on display I know they have a separate section for the food that they actually serve but once they run out they take the last piece from the display window because I've seen that happen more than once and I've also seen fruit flies in there more than once and I find it really disgusting that they can't keep that clean

Aaron Jacobs

There is a coffee shop across the street called "The Local"Way better coffee with real baristas.Shop local.


Great customer service in the store is nice and clean. You can mobile Order ahead or pay in store and get your orders.

Rachael B.

Great location but team makes my drink wrong, every single time. I order a beverage from their menu, with no modifications. I've worked for the company, so I'm quite familiar with workflow, and it's frustrating that they are continuously inconsistent.

Courtney Mckenzie

Filled me up in no time. Menu is like a cafe in Boston I loved.

Pamela B

Nice people

Melissa F.

This is my go-to starbucks shop whenever I'm in alameda. It's conveniently located on the corner of park at and i usually find parking without problem. The baristas here are always really sweet and helpful. I'm happy that they're open during covid, so I can still get my caffeine fix!

Crystal S.

Starbucks on Park Street used to be my favorite location however once Mac left everything went downhill. The place is ran like an absolute circus and the coffee and tea tastes like toilet water. I have completely switched my location to South Shore and I'm happy to drive out of my way to enjoy a four dollar cup of Joe properly. Too bad you guys left Mac to leave because she major entire store!

Maria Aguilar

Wait was very long

Ariel R.

Daniel over talked me and was pretty rude. Coffee was coffee just how I like it. Daniel on the other hand, was not

Yuri V.

I went in for the seasonal pumpkin spice drink. After waiting for a while 10+ minutes, for two drinks and one sandwich, it was disappointing. It seems like mobile orders are top priority to orders made in house, so they kept calling out orders for people who were not there. They did not seem short staffed at all, but my drinks were not good. Bland tasting, milk not steamed right, couldn't taste the espresso. Cold sandwich. Should've gone to Peet's.

Shirley B.

thank you for being open!!! during these covid 19 times, as a suggestion, the front doors should be kept open to increase airflow. and with just one door to get in and out of the building, it is very hard to not walk past someone. if you have to option to order on the app, please do so! there should also be a limit of people in the building. there are some people who wait inside for their drinks and it tends to get crowded. you have 10 people in the building and everyone is standing in their own space but it still seems claustrophobic because everyone is hovering at the pickup area. aside from all that, there is hand sanitizer right when you enter and plexiglass at the cashier and the pickup area.

Al L.

During these Covid times, Starbucks resorted to ordering from the app and picking up your order at the front door. Now with the next phase of reopening, you can now enter the store to place your drink or food order. Safety shields are in place at the cashier and order pick up area. No inside seating and tables are available inside but now you can utilize the socially distanced tables outside. We're one step closer now in the trek towards normalcy.

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