Bowl'd Korean Rice Bar

1479 Solano Ave, Albany
(510) 526-6223

Recent Reviews

John L.

I used to like coming here but it's kinda dirty. The bathroom was disgusting and had no toilet paper or soap! Does that mean the staff don't wash their hands?? Their food tastes good but don't want to return until they take cleanliness seriously. I also saw they received a "conditional pass" from the county health department.

Dennis H

Not recommended for delivery. Thanks to Doordash's GPS tracking, I know that my food order was prepared and picked up from a different address (in Berkeley, not Albany) and it was prepackaged/microwaveable. It was definitely not prepared fresh to order. I want my money back!

C L.

Went there not so long ago, the place, the staff, the FOOD! Is just too amazing for me to pass on a good review for them!

Karen Y.

What? I never reviewed this place?!?! Outrageous. They are amazing. This is my favorite Korean food restaurant in the Berkeley/Richmond/El Cerrito area. Their food is really good, duh: the soondubu (sp)? soft tofu basically, grilled meats and that funky muddy drink with the almonds in it (you should try it), and of course, all the side dishes, so fun to eat here!! Wished we didn't have this stupid COVID crap so I could go there again in person...sigh.

Ashley F.

This place was super disappointing.... ordered here for lunch and the meat was super greasy (literally sitting in a pool of grease not juices and flavor) and had absolutely no flavor.... even salt and pepper couldn't help it.... it was a total waist of money.... i had a coworker who ordered with me and their food was just as bad.... Not what's going on here but I wouldn't order here again at all...

Johnny P.

Can't complain the only choice for korean around this area and it's not bad. We always get the ice cream fish for dessert, yummm!

Thuy N.

I love Bowl'd - it's delicious and consistent. Every time I order, it's a struggle because I want to get my favorite things but also want to try new things but can't handle all of the food!! I definitely recommend the kimchi stew, wings and the kimchi fried rice! Their stew is so flavorful and loaded with kimchi and other goodies. The wings are covered in the most delicious sweet spicy sauce. I always take my white rice and mix it into the leftover sauce once I finish the wings :) Definitely order from here if you want some reliable Korean food!

Lisa W.

This place used to be sooo good. Cannot put my finger on it maybe the owner doesn't work there anymore? Sadly the service just isn't as good. If you've been going here for awhile I'm sure you will have noticed.

Tiena L.

This place was so good. I love getting little appetizers and this hit the spot. I got the spicy wings and I didn't feel like they were spicy. They had good flavor and were still crispy even though I took a while to pick them up. I love kimbop so I was excited to see it on the menu. It ended being really good too. I got the bbq beef one and I loved it. I would definitely come back in the future. There are several locations so be careful ordering on the website because it defaults to the one in Albany even though I was closer to the Oakland one.

Ronald B.

Good food at a reasonable price. I especially like that the bowls are heated so your food stays hot. Too many places in Berkeley are cool, and the food cools off just when you're really getting started. Thank you Bowl'd.

Filipe F.

My order was wrong, there was not a single dish right. The Dasher, Mr Govinda D, came back and picked up the order from my house to return it to the restaurant. The restaurant would not pick up the phone and it was before 9pm. When the driver got to the restaurant, it was closed. Right now I do not have my order or not even the wrong order. I asked the driver to return, but he does have other deliveries to make. This is a cluster of mistakes. (and now I am dealing with some very moody/hungry kids)

Summer W.

This place is so so. I ordered bimbimbap through take-out and they forgot to rice. My dinner in experiences have been better. My feelings are pretty neutral overall.

S M.

awesome fast casual restaurant. love that you get a full complement of little bowls of bites of this and that just like in korea. i usually go for the excellent bibimbap. bummed that they stopped offering an organic option though.

Hugo D.

The wings are amazing! And the service is fast and wonderful. Definitely worth going back !

Emma W.

Another delicious Korean spot in the East Bay! One thing I love about the Bowl'd is there 1 page double-sided laminated menu, which keeps things concise and makes ordering easier for an indecisive foodie like myself. My friend and I stopped by on a Saturday afternoon and the restaurant was about half full. We shared the bulgogi sizzling pot and tofu stew dishes, which were both delicious. I particularly loved the mixture of everything in the sizzling pot with its veggies and flavors. The mixture of banchan (small dishes) they offer is great. My favorites were the spicy tofu and seaweed. Note that you can always ask for more free of charge!

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