Bowl'd Korean Rice Bar

1479 Solano Ave, Albany
(510) 526-6223

Recent Reviews

Angie D.

The food was really good, but portions were small for the price. On top of expensive prices for the food, they charged my group $25 for a service fee. The service was mediocre at best: the table was sticky, and there was hair in my soup. Would not recommend unless you want to bust your wallet for food you can get anywhere else for half the price.

Jayanta Dey

Very good bibimbap and kimchiis. The service is very good and the portions sizes are great. The salmon may have been a little over cooked but it was still very flavorful

Steve U.

The food is consistently good and service is a step behind but what led to this 2-star review is the secret, 22% service charge for parties of five or more patrons. We weren't made aware of the extra fee until the bill arrived at the table. Even then we had to ask what the charge was. I get it, small businesses are trying to recoup their losses from the pandemic but at least let customers know ahead of time. We won't be back with more than four in our party.

T P.

My favorite Korean food spot. The spicy beef stew and the bowl'd wings are amazing, I always order them every time I come here (forgot to take a picture of the wings XD). This is my first time ordering short ribs, they were ok.

Jen S.

Wow, this place was very good. Best Korean I've had in a long time. Beautiful presentation. Big portions, friendly service & tasty!!

Neda O.

I got the bulgogi rice bowl with wild rice. The food was perfectly made and fantastic as a to-go meal too, which is what we did. It was very well made and I'm sure it would have tasted better. I highly recommend this place :)

Stephen Hokanson

This is a nice spot! Lots of good spicy Korean comfort foods. Everything I've tried here has been up to standard, and sometimes when the mood strikes, I'll go out of my way to come here for the Spicy Rice Cakes.

Jun Ro

Outstanding service! The staff never hesitated to fix the problem so quickly and now I don't even remember what the issue was.

Yan Yang

I wanna claim beforehand: I offered to help solving the delivery problem happened to us by using my own time contacting Doordash. I have verified there was no miscommunication and therefore their purpose is not to get their financial loss for preparing the food back. They just don’t respect others.Back to the business, the one star is for they take customers as scapegoat and outlet when a dishonest Doordasher took their food without delivering it. Talked in a rude way.I was patient enough and waited on the phone for any explanation about why it’s inconvenient to prepare another order, too. (Apparently, a new order cannot happen to be assigned to the same Dasher.) They offered nothing but kept talking combatively and hang up the phone without finishing our talk.Glad to know their manners from remote. I will never go to their physical address for dining.

Jasmine C.

Quick service delicious food . Knocked off one star for the lack of ingredients in the dishes. The friend that recommended me to this place also said that there has been a. Price increase since Covid. Gosh e ordered tofu stew with beef and octopus stir fry. The soup was probably regular size but the stir fry I didn't see much squid :( banchans are good and they don't charge you for extra portions

Christian L.

Honestly it's so good. I've eaten here twice and both times it was great. I recommend it if you have gone on a run the previous day and need to replenish your carbs.

Serge B.

Probably the worst experience i have ever had in a restaurant. I've been eating at Bowl'd since 2019, service was always jus okay, but on Friday the service was bad. The server refused to wait on myself and my colleague... for reasons that were inexcusable and dare I say, racist. I called 15 minutes prior to confirm their last call and their dine-in policy - myself and my colleague had an entire hour+ before the restaurant closed. When I arrived the server refused my service, and was pompous and unfriendly. Please do not waste your time and money here.

S N.

Wow their soondubu is delicious and I love that I can have purple rice with my dish. The galbi was also very delicious. All the banchans were fresh and yummy. No complaints. I've checked out the bow'd on telepgraph and it's not the same. Banchans were dry and old, soondubu was watery and flavorless, bulgogi was dry and undercooked, and the vons chicken wings were flavorless and not like the vons I had in Fremont which were crispy and garlicky.

Kaushal Sanghavi

Excellent … vegetarian options(!) bibimbap, kimchi fried rice and the pancakes. Loved the sides they serve on the table too!


The best Best Bibimbop in the Bay. I’ve spent the last month sampling Korean BBQ Bibimboo in the East Bay, South Bay, North Bay and Peninsula. Flavor profiles are insanely solid, even the purple cabbage! Twice as much as others and worth every penny!Every bite damn good~

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