China Village

1335 Solano Ave, Albany
(510) 525-2285

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Joel B.

Good spot for Chinese food at a descent price. We even asked for some things that weren't on the menu (due to dietary restrictions) and they happily accommodated us. Centrally located and modestly priced, too. We'll be back!

B W.

Ordered take out twice in the past 6 months. Food was about 30 minutes late each time. Some dishes seem really overpriced. Don't plan to return.

Julio C.

This was a good place. Now they are not. I ordered their classic chow mein combo and they changed the noodles to flat noodles, no combo meat and shrimp, just vegetables and the sauce is not flavor full. Their short ribs are terrible with no sauce now. And their sesame chicken is not tasty.

Yueping Xu

Food quality was OK but the portion was so little for the price

Choi Johnny

I ordered 3's like they made 3lunchrs with 1 ...worst ever!!! ..never seen this kind of restaurent..!!!

Noah A.

Very average. Nothing good to say. Service was bad. Food was very underwhelming. They definitely skimp on the portions. I had some chicken chow mein to go and they gave it to me in a surprisingly small container. Probably a quarter of what they would usually serve. Not to mention the food wasn't filled to the top (sloppily put together.) Of course there was no sauce or utensils with the order.

Ms S.

My favorite chinese in the Bay Area, even better than SF. Try the pork shoulder and 1000 chili pepper soup. I wish they delivered, but I bet they don't have to with all the business! Run, don't walk!

Adrian Merry

Great selection of dishes, some rare treats. Not afraid to add the heat either!!!! Good lunch specials.

HaiYing S.

The most arrogant restaurant I have used so far. We ordered takeout on CNY Eve and The dish we used to order often was made very substandard- much smaller portion though price has  increased from 14 to 18.xx and it has much less vegetables to  go along. When I called the restaurant on the same night, the staff told me I have to talk to the manager when he comes in. When I called again today I was told he won't be in for another two days, so I told the lady who picked up my call but she basically dismissed my call by saying so what do you want us to do after you have eaten it!! Wow. I think the restaurant like this should go out of business quickly so that others who are willing to put an effort can have a chance!!

Hai Y.

Spicy pork shoulder, still pretty good, but not like before? Used to be more melty in your mouth, it's somewhat rougher texture now.
Cumin lamb, could order again, but it's small portion, not too fat.
Seafood pot thing, had hardly any seafood and was pricy.
The mixed noodle with various items, i think to go the noodles get hard really fast, and something tastes different when getting to go. I def want to try it again when things reopen.

Anon D.

China Village has the worst takeout system I've ever seen. The woman at the front is super rude. They make the customers wait in line and ask if they're food is ready. If not, back to the end of the line. They could simply poke their head out and call out whoever's food is ready, but they've chosen this insane system instead.

Tal Rosenberg

Love that place! Great food, and great service!

Lola Jiang

Pork shoulder is soooo tasty ?

Erica S.

I came here for takeout, and the food was incredible: mapo tofu with dungeness crab and lamb dumplings were both delicious. I called ahead and placed the order without any issues, and it was ready for me when I arrived. I can't wait to come back!

Y C.

This was literally the best Chinese Food I think I have EVER had AND I grew up in the Bay.  How it took me this long to finally try China Village is mind boggling.  The food reminds me of the authentic spots we used to go to in The City when I was a kid.  Wow, mind blown!

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