Clarine's Florentines


1287 Gilman St, Albany
(510) 528-4005


Yelp Yelp: 5


Reviews for Clarine's Florentines

Sam S.

These are simply the best Florentine 'cookies' available anywhere! They are very similar to the ones I had as a boy growing up in Berkeley that were available at a Telegraph Avenue bakery that were made fresh every day. It was a treat as a child to go to Moe's Bookstore and then have my parents, professors at UC-Berkeley, take me for a special treat of Florentines. Clarine's Florentines bring me back to my favorite childhood delight. I love these! Enjoy.

Heather W.

I recently had a party and immediately thought of Clarine's Florentines for dessert. They were a huge hit with the guests. They are a nice size, they are crunchy but not crumbly, the chocolate and almonds are paired perfectly. They are also beautiful and elegant for nice occasions.

Samantha S.

I just bought a package of these florentines today at Le Beau market in Nob Hill.. and now I'm obsessed!!! These are absolutely delicious - a perfect balance of flavors and not at all too sweet. I'm now trying to figure out how long their shelf life is, so I can plan accordingly for holiday gift baskets for friends and family. They're too fantastic to not include!

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