Gordo Taquería

1423 Solano Ave, Albany
(510) 528-8226

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Dark Heartz

I used to really love this place. However the last few times I’ve ordered there the food has been blander. I don’t know if they maybe got a new chef or something but it’s quite disappointing.

Perla Madrigal

The service sucks! The cashier Roxana was mean and yelled out to my husband. We always support our Mexican food and we come a lot to tacos Gordo but definitely this was our last time buying food here.How can you help your community if they don't treat you well?Las personas nos gusta los lugares Mexicanos por su comida y la calidez de las personas!


Price went up but not too much. Get a great burrito every time. Been going here for over thirty years. Been good every time.

Green Frog

This Gordos seemed to want to rush people in. as quickly as possible.! I'd expressed my disappointment rather loudly in a non professional manner because the gentleman did not listen to my request!I'd tried to apologize several times but due to his demeanor in face and body language was too upset to acknowledge my apology? He'd refused to make eye contact and loudly spoke Spanish to the girl ringing up the order. I'd waved my hand tried to get his attention and he made a point to ignore me..also the burrito He got wrong had rice on it ..He'd proceeded to abruptly throw the rice back in the heating unit while turning his back to me and again chosing not to me trying to stop him from doing such an angry motion.He got mad and even though verbally he said nothing the whole attitude lacked customer service!Gordos in general is better than this! There are many ways to lose a customer.Customer service should not be the reason.Solutions might be:.1.slow down2. Listen3. Stop shouting ..creating anRush unfriendly astomsohere!4. When a customer is talking to any employee please listen and leave the attitude for later.Thanks

Esmeralda Villa

Can't say much about this place , Small ok for a quick bite , Pico de Gallo needed salt , person at counter taking orders was inpatient, rushing customers to order quickly, and spoke unpleasantly loud , I ordered the Chili Verde plate , food was not very warm , after paying no receipt was offered, I was given a bag with no Fork no napkins no salsa beans and rice ok at best Chili Verde meat lacked spicy flavor , a person was visiting the Staff which carried a Very loud conversation which Irritated the other guests in the small dining area, I will not be coming back.

Paul Agustin

Best burritos I've had and done a lot of traveling in my time.

Ana B.

Awful service I ordered two super steak burrito and asked for sour cream and everything , dude only added to one and didn't want to add it and told me it was too late.

P A.

Great place if you value quantity over quality with a side of rudeness. The guys working the counter are not hospitable and very sarcastic when responding to customers.

Chauncey R.

Today was one of the most worse experience i have ever encounter in my life. I'm not from the area, My sister asked if i wanted to eat at Gordo Taqueria, i said sure. Who doesn't love Mexican food. We go in and my sister starts ordering her food, the man taking her order talks to her in Spanish, it was fine as we are half Mexican and also raised around the culture our hole life. But my sisters Spanish isn't the best but who cares AS LONG AS EVERYONE CAN UNDERSTAND WHAT SHE IS SAYING( RIGHT). Well not everyone! There was a worker there who was so disrespectful; her name is CATHERINE! and she was so nasty to my sister. She told my sister don't speak Spanish because you sound stupid you don't know s**** then my sister spoke up for herself and the girl had the nerve to act like she wanted to fight her....I cant believe the manager only sent her home for the way she talked to my sister. I feel the manager should terminate her. This makes me sick. I do HOPE this review goes to corporate.

Mark H.

Shrinkage has arrived! Prefer they keep the same size and raise prices. Still excellent taste and great options

Jade W.

I've never been impressed with Gordo. The food is really expensive for what it is: flavorless and greasy. The carnitas are always too fatty and have no flavor. The grilled chicken is okay but nothing special. Very bland. I tried the chicken plate and the corn tortillas were incredibly soggy and and had sort of a bitter taste. The beans always taste watery, and in general there is no flavor in any of the food which makes for a rather unpleasant eating experience. I've tried to eat here many times because I keep thinking maybe it was just an off day, but I am consistently let down.

Iris H.

Huge disappointment! I ordered a super burrito, carnitas, with guacamole. The tortilla/burrito had no cheese! The guacamole was impossible to see, once I opened it up to be sure. I called in and they offered me a new burrito, to make it right. I appreciate it. But it's too much travel time for now.

Raya B

I ordered the grilled chicken and carnitas plates.Bland and dry food, unfortunately! Even the sauces on the side didn't help. I had really high hopes for this place though. Disappointed ☹️

Ian Larry

Best burritos to eat as you support your local business in the community.

Kitkit T.

I've seen Gordos since the 90s when I used to work at the BofA on Solano, but I never tried it. Over 2 decades later, I finally wanted to buy some burritos! What a pleasant surprise! The burritos are so good ! It's one of my burrito spots now!

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